Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Monday came with a bang, a total in flux of students coming back to school, the usual line of flashy cars that beamed back sun rays.Ebuka and Dave arrived just a little before 10am alongside many other B-hallers. The school was feverish, excited and the air was clear.I didnt waste time in regaling them the thrilling details of what happened between me and
Miss Anita on sunday, the more i talked about it the moreit dawned on me how humongous an achievement that was going by the looks on their faces which prompted me to garnish the story with more ingredients and what could be called dramatic effects.“Jesus, sky are you serious?” ebuka blurted out in an overly surprised tone for the first time in history he sounded more like Dave who was just looking at me like some kind of ghost without saying anything unlike the Dave i know.“Sky you are a lucky b-----d” Ebuka rang out casting that ‘i dont believe it’ look..“Guy am telling i still cant believe it happened” i said excitedly showing them the text she sent after the deed to substantiate my story.[Hey tiger, that was the best of it’s kind i cant wait tosee you again] Dave read the message out loud as i was nodding to the sound of his voice which sounded like music to my ears wearing an ear to eargrin.“o boy your luck deh over flow o, you don chop the golden egg weh person never chop here” Ebuka came again hitting me on my shoulder.“what do you mean golden egg?” i asked in a lost tone.“the biology teacher of course” said Dave who still had my phone in his palms looking at the screen.“How do you mean she is a golden egg” i asked again looking from dave to ebuka who wore a brightmischievous naughty smirk.“See sky, most of the teachers here are h---y goddesses, and they all have students to meander with” Ebuka started still wearing that smirk.“I have been involved with that our English teacher, and Igbo teacher sometime in the past, i heard Lawrence of Hall- E is the one bleeping the english teacher now, even Dave have managed the geography teacher” he was blunt and clear.“Choi see badness in excess!!!” I shout out jokingly tapping Dave..“Guy serious, but they have been one that always seemed out of reach, she has been the object of fantasy for most guys here but she always seemed way up her game and intimidating, And you lucky b-----d got what others can only dream of in a golden platter ” Ebuka was laughing now..The pride in my eyes could only be matched by the idiotic grin i wore, i broke a record no doubt.School activities didn’t need any more than 3 days to resume to normal mode with full force, activities intensified as the exams lurked around the corner making teachers to get more strict, bossy and full ofthem selves.Victor suddenly is playing Mr Nice guy, cannot believe Victor of all people covered for my quiz on was on Friday we just finished having mathematics session which inevitably the maths teacher saw me copying the board while he was explaining boring Pythagoras theorem.he had said that i must mow the grass lawn tennis court as punishment for breaking his class rule of no copy until after explanations.Had pleaded and pointed out to him we had a physics quiz just after that i would mow the lawn after but he gave me a choice of either the lawn or disciplinary room, God knows i am never going backto that room.reluctantly i went out to complete the task, the harsh sun of the harmattan afternoon meting out itsown dose on me. with trail of running sweat down my face and most of my shirt i headed back to class2hours later after completing the lawn mowing.“Physics quiz” was clearly written on the board as i arrived but the physics teacher was no where to be found suggesting he already had his session and left means i missed the test.Victor threw some calm waves at me trying to smilebut i could see him trying hard to conceal the gap inhis teeth.“Sky don’t worry you didn’t miss the quiz” he said ina little more than a shouty whisper.“what do you mean i didn’t miss the quiz” i retorted going to offensive mode knowing Victor real well, i didn’t hide the surging resentment i nursed within.“You didn’t, i wrote yours for you” He said this time quite calm and wasn’t trying to smile anymore.I didn’t know how to react to that but the look on myface sold it all, Dave who sat right next to me and caught all the yarn even looked more surprised thanme.“Thanks Victor” i heard myself say shifting my attention back to Princess who now have a simple straight hair plait on, she smiled and winked at me before tilting her eyes back to the text book in front of her.“So students i will like you all to write a 2 page quiz and discuss the similarities and differences between plant and animal cell and provide a full labeled diagram of a Euglena, paramecium… to be submitted on monday” The biology Miss Anita rang out as she concluded her session which was also the last session of the day.“Yes ma” we chorused.“And i will not collect late entries” she warned, packing her notes and wiping her washed hands with a clean pink towel.“Sky please these books” She threw at me pointing at a pile of Biology holiday assignments that have been submitted since two days now “Please bring them to my place in a few minutes time”Ebuka eyed me, Dave twitched winked at me and swallowed hard clutching his crotch through his trouser under the desk..“Yes ma!” i said standing up like a soldier newly deployed to Bornu.She walked out just as the bell rang signaling the end of today’s class sessions.I agreed to meet with Princess during the General reading time in the reading Hall before she walked slowly in her graceful manner out of the class towards the girl’s wing.“Jesus sky she wan see you!” Dave pounced on me excitedly immediately Princess walked out of the class.“Sky na your get this Miss Anita for your palms now i swear” Ebuka said but the looks in his eyes betrayed the lingering unbelief he held within.“Abeg make i go take the books to her, i go gist una wetin happen later” i whispered to them with a wink as i grabbed the huge pile of books on the desk andheaded out towards the teacher’s lodge.walked into the chilly sitting room with ‘melo melo’ by Olamide sipping out mildly from the speakers, i walked in fully looking around the silent room couldn’t hear a sound around, wonder if she was around yet.The door closed behind me hard with a bang i turned immediately and she was standing right there behind holding the door knob.My eyes popped and mouth dropped as the image in front of me cleared. She was clad on a see through night dress, the night dress had a short that was transparent enough to reveal a yellow lacy pantie and the flimsy transparent shirt of the dress blared everything above, she had no bra on and the two boobs beamed at me from the see through dress.An alien lone sweat tickled down my face, i gulped hard as the member between my thighs reacted to the sight in front of me.“Sky how do i look” she said eyeing me pouting her mouth to mimic a slight kiss in the air, looking the bolt of the door in one fluid flick of the hand.“You look outstanding” i breathed out feeling my d--k hitting the wall of my trousers hard.she walked towards me slowly savoring each step, her eyes beaming down a ray of lust and untamed need.Grabbing my hands which still held the books, she planted a kiss on my lips rubbing her hands on my stomach and nearing my crotch.“sky drop those books” she whispered into my ears recalling me back from my visit to oblivion as i have stood thee mopping like a statue.I dropped the books on the small glass table in the middle of the room and reached immediately towards her back grabbing her roughly on the a-s.She delve deep into me, our lips locked and tongues twirled into each other, heavy breathes andshaky limbs as the hold of lust intensified.she pushed me down into the couch this time climbing on top of me in a cowboy position, her lips delve back into mine and my hand assaulted the twin towers on the chest.My mind was shut off from my body and my d--k did thr thinking for me this time.Her moans became bolder and bolder by the minuteand the roughness of her hands on my body intensified.“Anita open the door” A voice came from the door and a banging knock following up immediately.“Oh jeez what does Segun want from me” She hissed in total dismay turning her facial look into a huge frown.I was thrown into a feverish panic, my eyes googledout in a frantic mode.“What should we do?” i asked her betraying the fear that battered me.“Oh please sky relax abeg” she said in an incredibly bold tone throwing more confusion to my already fearful mind, the maths teacher was in front of the door banging to walk in here any moment.She slowly slipped down from my body, hissed hardand walked into her room in very slow steps. I can’t imagine someone was actually waiting in front of the door and she was acting so uncaring she is obviously angry and disappointed.She walked out wearing a jean trouser and a blue t- shirt and walked to the door and opened it.“Segun what are you doing here?” She asked in a very casual tone, i twitched and winced on my seat trying to appear as normal as possible.The maths teacher walked in without answering thequestion, his eyes caught mine immediately and a pricking pinch of fear gripped me again.“Good afternoon sir” I greeted“Yes you what are you doing here?” He asked looking squarely into my face.. “Is this your dormitory you should be right now like other students?”“No sir, i brought our biology quiz books here on Aunty’s request” i said pointing at the pile of books seating on the table.“Eheee and you have what are you still doing here?” He blurted out.“Uuuhm eeeehm i…”“Segun i asked him to stay behind and help me, whydid you come here” Miss anita chipped in saving me from my stammering streak.“Please ma i will be going now” i said standing up, the maths teacher sat on a sofa on the left side without answering the question for the second time..The glaring angry eyes he beamed down at me was too obvious to skip.“Please get me some soft drink Anita” he said to Miss Anita who walked into her room.Just as i was about going out of the door, the maths teacher made an ‘i am watching you’ hand gesture at me as i left and closed the door behind me.Somehow i knew i was in for it and this maths teacher is watching my every move.......continues
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