Tuesday, July 5, 2016


if you will like to receive update notifications on adventures of johnysky episodes, please identify onmy whatsapp“Johny are you sure you should be going today, i thought you said it was tomorrow” Mama said a little
pinch of sadness and dimming eyes, miracle clutching her tightly by the shoulder.“Yes mama, i just remembered i left my most important holiday assignment in school and so i really need to go get it and finish up before tomorrow, its important” i replied still packing my clothes into my back pack at least what is remaining of my clothes after Ugo has taken half of the clothes i came back with.“what about Vincent is he going with you?” Papa asked calmly seated in his usual seat..“Aaah papa No, not Vincent he shouldn’t even knowi have left” i retorted.Papa peered into my face looking into my eyes “Johny are you sure this can’t wait till tomorrow?” Papa said again..“No sir it can’t its very important. Papa don’t worry i will be alright the school must have been packed already” I replied packing my personal effects into the pack.I sneaked to the bathroom making sure i avoided Vincent’s searching poke-nosing eyes, hurried over the Sunday rice and tomato sauce mama made for the sunday then took my back pack and made to leave by 3pm.Miracle started crying mama carried her off into the bedroom, papa slipped a wad of #5000 into my hands for my transport and pocket money which i secretly gave Ugo and asked him to take #1000 andmake sure he give mama the remaining #4000.Ada was in front of the yard waiting when i got outside having told her i was leaving that day, just as we were about leaving the yard for the roads where i can find a taxi my named was blaring through the air in quick succession like i was in a battle field.“Jesus please let it not be Vincent” i prayed even though i knew it was pointless being quite sure thatwas unmistakably Vincent.“Sky where are you going?”“you are going back to school?”“why didn’t you tell me?”“Wait let me go and get ready so we can go together” He blared out in an outstandingly quick succession. Ada’s mouth was twisted to a pout andshe was rolling her eyes continuously hissing lightly.“Vin i am not going back to school” I replied ..“Then where are you going all packed up when school is resuming tomorrow” He blurted out stepping a bit closer.“I am going to Ebuka’s house, his parents invited me so we will be heading back to school from there” I said again getting a little more impatient to leave the spot.“What about me?” He came again.“Seriously Vincent am not your twin, we must not go everywhere together find your way to school tomorrow” I blared out impatiently might have revealed a bit of blurry anger.Ada took me by the hand and we walked out towards the main road to get a taxi.The taxi dropped me inside the school compound a little more than 4pm, the evening was slowly approaching, the environment was calm and could see few students alighting from few cars that brought some back to school.I looked around as i walked towards my dormitory, the compound especially the field was a bit breezy and only few students was around most are not yet back.The security guards were seen here and there seated in their posts mostly chatting away the time enjoying the serenity less students provided.Greeting and waving past some students i met i headed into the Andromeda house and into hall-B.Hall-B was more or less like a deserted house, only 4 students were inside and Somto was still unpacking showing he was just arriving.Mensa and Felix were playing whot on Mensa’s bed,they seemed casual cus they were the only B-hallers who didn’t go back for the holiday having being from Ghana.“Sky you are back!!” Felix threw at me leaning as he got up for a greeting hand shake.“Una deh enjoy na” I replied as he held me in a slight hug, i left some cans of soft drinks i bought on the way for them as they devoured it while going back to their whot playingI sank deeply into my bed looking at Dave’s bed thatwas just right beside me, it lay still and undisturbed..I picked my phone and went straight to the sms ..i typed and sent to Miss Anita’s number holding my breathe as i equally held my phone tightly. Anxious at why she wants to see me and even more so to the fact that i have been meaning to see her too even though i have no idea why.I shut my eyes tightly, my heart was beating heavily and the phone in my eyes seemed colder than usual.My phone beeped and it was an Sms, with an unsteady hands even more unsteady wit i clicked tocheck the content of the message maybe it contains the reason why she asked to see me.[Text health to 6983 to get tips on how to stay healthy…………….]from Mtn stared back at me on the screen.. “Habaa”i sighed out throwing my phone down on the bed asi slumped back into the bed.“God punish mtn” i moaned ..Another beeped came almost 14 seconds after and i picked up my phone almost immediately opening the sms at the same time.[Welcome dear, come to my office now am over there]“I hope they have not unburied my fight with Victor” I said to myself getting up immediately to pack my back pack into my ward rope, grabbed a biology textbook and exercise book and headed out into the mist.“Sky where are you going with your books, you just got back?” somto asked in a surprised tone looking at me in unbelief.“The biology teacher asked me to see her immediately i get back” i replied, could see he still bad a lot of questions bolted inside but he just shrugged and resumed his unpacking business.I stepped into the mist taking long strides but a pensive and stale air lingered on, i walked towards the office block the main door to the complex was open, it was usually locked on sundays as i recall.i walked in making towards Miss Anita’s office, could feel my palms sweating and my breathing heavy as i approached the door, just before i could knock the door swung open.“I saw you coming and heard as your foot steps approached”she smiled at me motioning me in as she locked the door behind her.She was clad on a white plain trouser that was tightaround the waist as usual, a white singlet with a tiny strap serving as a spaghetti sleeve, a white packet shirt hung on her chair behind her table.“Good evening ma” I greeted dropping the books onmy lap.She brought an orange juice from the mini fridge, poured some on a glass and handed into me seating right next to me.“Sky i always knew you did but never knew it was this intense” She said touching my hair.“I don’t understand ma, did what?” I asked looking at her, the only make up i could point out from her face was a shiny eye shadow and lip gloss.“Sky stop the pretense i always knew you liked me but no this much” She said in a much more blunt way, i tiled my face down to the glass in my hand, i couldn’t breathe and i have lost the ability to speak.“You rushed back to school on sunday instead of monday just because i told you i wanted to see you” she chuckled running her hand from my hair towards my neck making me shiver.Her boobs were held only by the flimsy singlet and the signature of her hard Nip on the fabrics was outstanding, my eyes kept beaming down to her heavy boobs held only such a flimsy a material.“Do you like what you see sky?” She asked beamingher gaze down her chest. I nodded feverishly swallowing hard.“I don’t know why but i have never felt so strongly about anybody like i do for you even in my university days” she whispered biting her lips.My member beneath couldn’t conceal it’s situation as my trouser was thrown into a huge tenty bulge.Her hands were holding the sides of my face. “You caught me apparently” i said smiling coldly into her face.“You were so transparent” she whispered back as her lips hit mine and both locked in an electrifying kiss.My whole body seemed dead to me, my mind couldn’t believe the dawn of this unthinkable reality.She grabbed me by my shirt collar and dragged me up while standing too, our lips still locked together and her warm breathe smearing all over my face.My hands travelled towards the back grabbing those two stupendous a-s i have tormented me all these while, she twitched and whimpered as i squeezed her bumz as much as my hands could grab..She undid my shirt in one breathe running her hands all over my back, i delve into her neck with my lips, her breathe became heavier and a pinch of uncalled moans.“Sky the bell will ring anytime soon, students are not allowed out after 5pm during this holiday period” she moaned into my ears yanking hard at my belt..I pushed her towards the table my hands now grabbing the boobs that have gazed at me for a long while now.“Sky do it” the moan was getting heavier and her eyes were shut tight.I undid the button to the trouser and peeled the trouser off like i was fighting with the piece of cotton material.there was only a piece of see-through white pantiesand a huge wet smear on the tiny fabrics.Shifting the tiny piece of pantie aside i delve into her p---y with all ferocity, she pulsated and quaked on the table with my head buried deep into her p---y and tongue assaulting the c--t.Her legs were thrown in the air then clasped aroundmy neck choking me a bit, the books on the table were all pushed to the floor by the uncontrollable waves of her hands.The digital clock on the wall read 04:32pm on a bright red LED lights. I undid my belt and pushed down both my trouser and the belt down in one swing.Resumed the kissing duel and my fingers pinching her nips a bit caressing the boobs in quick succession.With a little bit of guidance, i slowly slid into her an uncontrollable groan escaping from the back of my throat as the tight feel of warmth engulfed me.I couln’t help it, she was far tighter than even Ada. My whole body was shivering slightly as i slowly raised my waist up and then went in again.she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me back the neck pushing me deeper into her, the tempo and length of my t----t increased with the count of the minute.The smell of sweat and lust filled the air with a butter of unorganized meaningless moans from her and sudden groans from me every now and then.My name flew around the room unchecked as my tempo increased all the more faster and the intensity of my t----t became harder.Her legs quaked and shivered so badly and the walls of her p---y gripped me tighter than ever, suddenly my loads were erupting without caution managing to pull out in a jiffy, crazily thrown into a dizzy dance of an outstanding orgasmic bout.I slumped hard on one of the seats, she lay a bit on the table gasping for breathe. she stood up smiled at me and walked into the mini-bathroom inside heroffice, a little run of water and she came back on herpanties and singlet.Sat heavily on my laps which was rather painful but i didn’t mind, she kissed my forehead and held my head on her chest.“sky this was the first time i have done this since after my youth service” she said in a whisper..I looked up into her face not hiding my surprise “what about the Maths teacher?” i asked bluntly yet in a whisper “he visits you and looks like you too are…..!”she laughed hard.. “what? Segun?” she laughed again “Segun is just living in fantasy since the first day i was employed here”the school bell blared out immediately jolting me out of my ecstatic euphoria.“Jesus, its 5pm” i blurted out as she got up and i tied my belt again and made to dash out.“sky come back she called after me” Grabbing me again into her for a kiss. “don’t forget your books” she said smiling.“Oh my god i almost forgot i said grabbing my books and unlocked the door.“Hurry before the dorm masters get you slipping in after 5pm” she called after me who was already making it out of the door.....continues
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