Saturday, July 2, 2016


Closing the curtain well i made sure i lingered withinthe door to hear Vincent’s footsteps fading away as he walked out towards the inner yard.“Oh my God mama, sky has a phone!” Ugo yelled out holding the shinny white device in his hands like a trophy.My back has already being emptied by Ugo where he sat in the sitting room and he must have openedthe little pack behind because that’s
where i kept the phone.Mama’s eyes popped and she looked at me. “Johnythis school really changed you a lot” she said.“Sky can i play 2go?” Ugo blurted out excitedly still observing the phone keenly.“2go kwa? do they play 2go?” I asked a bit lost.“Yes na, Malachi has a nokia phone and he plays 2go with it, this one can do it okwaya?” He asked trying to get the phone off sleep mode.“Yes it can, but Ugochukwu you don’t play 2go you chat with it. Moreover i am too old to have that now,we only have whatsapp and bbm reigning in school” I answered with an air of pride growing within.“Wow oya can i play whatsapp and bbm too?” He asked again almost like yell.“Mumu you don’t play them you chat with them, in fact where is my Psp?”He dropped the phone on the chair and made to go out as fast as he could, i was sure my PSP game was history, in fact what ever is left of it should be fossils by now and belongs in a museum.One month was too big for Ugo to spoil anything…I packed my clothes back to my bag and took it in, the room looked a bit strange to me now, the fading blue colours of the wall, white ceiling with brown patches due to water leakage from the roof.The piles of clothes on the side where mama hung her dresses on a line with hangers, Ugos clothes laycarelessly around most of them unwashed.The mat i slept on with Ugo rolled up at a corner beside papa and mama’s bedpost.Dropped my bag, slipped out my neat white towel with a pokemon image on it tied around my waist then undid my clothes and walked out to get water for my bath.Mama was in the kitchen which was in the back of the yard with the bathroom a few meters from it.Mama served the egusi soup with a hot bowl of Garri, had to eat behind closed doors or Vincent might just show up now and ruin my whole life.“Papa is back!!” Miracle yelled running out..It was evening, the usual bleak pale evening fog were sipping in and the hood seemed cooler than normal to me, Ugo told me Abacha – One of the most notorious gang leaders within the area was shot few days back by the police.Papa walked in slowly as usual wearing that blank tired after work face.“Papa Nnoo!!!” I said standing up, i watched his facelit up in a smile as he took me in for a hug, his eyes glancing all through me like a police scanner.“Bobom you look good” He said running his hand through the thick foreign T-shirt i wore and a white track with one of those expensive new Slippers Diamond got from Lisbon.“Thank you papa”“Come tell me about the school, i can really see you are coping even more than us” he said taking a seatbeside the chair on the left side of the television.Somehow that made me sad.“Papa it is a very rich school meant for rich people” Isaid sitting on another opposite.“I can see that and from the looks of it you are already blending it, I don’t remember buying you these clothes or do they have a boutique there?” Heasked beaming down a “Please explain” look.“Johny came home almost like a new person, i barely recognized my son. all his clothes and everything he came back with are new and looked expensive” Mama chipped in standing at the corner.I can still see her eyes still wore that questioning void look.“Agu nna how did you manage to get these?” Papa came again.“Papa the school is filled with rich people and manyof them are in my own dormitory, i have a lot of rich friends and they give me these things, many of them have no use of the clothes they have” I said sounding as casual as any other person.“Papa Johny has a new phone too?” Ugo threw in, i wonder when he walked in.“New phone kwa?” Papa asked in surprise.“Yes sir” I slipped my hand into my pocket and retrieved the white gracious phone, nobody needs asoothsayer to know papa’s expression was a mixture of doubt, surprise buttered into question.“How come?” he asked.“Princewill my best friend got a new phone from his parents on his birthday and he decided to give me this one he was using before” I answered.“I can tell you really have good friends in school, i am happy my son is in good hands” Papa said relaxing a bit.“Only God will bless them for us” Mama added.“Amen mama” I said.The evening drew near coldly, everything was slow and the atmosphere wore a stale tilt.The night threw it’s cover like a huge veil of dark-bluish cloth, moonless yet quite starry in the cloudless clear sky.I sat down on a lone corner just before the outside door imagining what we could have been doing nowback at McGonals.We could have been having a pillow fight in hall-B now or shouting over Whot game or maybe Dave giving us analysis on how Chelsea could have won the match, but we all probably would be expecting Bell-ring for dinner call.“So you came back and didn’t let me know sky?” A voice whispered coldly into my ears.Turned sharply and Ada was squatted just beside me, in the euphoria of my thoughts i had failed to notice someone was there initially.“Ada how did you know i came back, more over i didn’t see you when i got home?” I said trying to sound surprised on seeing her.“Vin told me you also came back with him and told me you would be here?” She said drawing herself up to seat beside me.why am i not surprised.Ada was my yard girl friend, a fair complexioned, tallgirl with slim frame worked into a little pair of boobscomplimented by an out of the world a-s.Ada’s lustful effect on me since i clocked into adolescent-hood have been humongous, we have pulled many sexual escapades together including one her mum nearly caught on in her house.“Sky you are looking so nice now, you almost changed” She said throwing her hands around my should her jaw resting on my right shoulder.tilting my face to my right could see her wearing that naughty smirk, those radiant eyes beamed down lustful glances into mine, her lips shivered slightly under the caress of the evening chill.“I missed you Ada” I said looking deeply into her face.“I missed you more sky”Her lips delved deep into mine, noisy deep breathescomplimented by heavy rising chest and down.I reached out my hands and grabbed her neck into me pulling her lips deeper, her lower lip were tuckedin between my lips and my upper lip in between hers and our tongues twirled in a heavy lullaby that induced an enchanted feel.Could see tiny faint lights pass but i knew we were well covered in the deep shadow of the moonless night, my fingers traced from her neck down a missionary tickling journey down her spine, could feel her whole body quaking and her breathe gettingheavier by the minutes, deep atmosphere of swirly lust.My hands now travelled upwards to her perky but yet soft boobs, giving the n-----s tiny pinches. Her mouth flew open and i could make out my name from the tiny groans she let out.“Ehhh here is sky”That was Vincent!!! “Christ!!!” I blurted in dismay letting Ada go immediately as she quickly uncreased her rumpled top, returned her face to normal but a lot of bolted in disappointment and anger couldn’t be denied.Before few minutes Vincent was right there stuffing Akara into his mouth.“Sky you guys are here?” He asked slapping my head in a playful gesture.It took a whole lot of restraint to withhold myself from landing a massive blow on his nose now for this painful slap he called play.Vin offered us some Akara from the black nylon he carried which we rejected in one breathe, Ada rolled her eyes and hissed a bit softly.“So Ada did you ask sky how he got these injuries?” Vincent asked out of the blur?“What injury?” Ada asked rather coldly but had a bit of a surprise.“These ones” Vin replied pointing out my swollen face which i am sure was impossible to make out inthe dark, the white bandage on my neck, that am sure Ada saw.“Jesus sky how did that happen?” She intoned.“It was nothing, i…..”“He fought with one Victor over a girl!!!” Vincent cut in immediately.“What???” Came my voice and Ada’s voice almost atthe same time..“Aaaah sky, was it not because of Princess that you both fought?” He asked pushing me a bit.Ada’s eyes were popped and her mouth open with her gaze fixed on me as if expecting me to say something right now.“No Vincent it was because he insulted me” I said not hiding the anger in my Voice.“But Victor told some of my Hall-mates that you punched him because Princess liked him and not you but some are saying you are the one she likes and not Victor” He sang on dreamily throwing another pitiable akara into his mouth.“That is untrue, i didn’t punch him because of Princess he insulted me” There was no jokes in my voice now.“Sky who is Princess?” Ada spoke for the first time in minutes.“Princess is sky’s classmate, she is an ambassadors daughter and some say she and sky have a crush on each other” Victor relayed out sharply.Sometimes i wonder if this guy ever notice what he say when he is saying them.“How can this idiot not notice i have a thing with Ada and he is talking this rubbish” I cursed under my breathe clenching my fist in anger.“Ugo even told me sky came home with a new phone which sky never cared to show me his friend when we were in school, maybe princess na im giveam the phone” He chipped in more fluidly.Before i could say anything my phone rang loud in my pocket, dipped my hand in and brought it out, it was an unsaved number.Ada gazed at it and Vincent just let out a wow..“Oh my God, samsung galaxy!!” He intoned.Not saying another word, i picked the call knowing fully well the night already have gone too stale for me and Ada and what ever i say might complicate issue more, i will have to explain myself later without Vincent.“Hello” i said into the phone.“Hello” Came a silky familiar female voice”Sky it’s princess”“Princess!!!?” I blurted out in a subconscious reflex..“Oooooooh!! i no talk am?” Vincent said laughing..Ada got up cast a long cold look at me then Vincentwho was still laughing that he was right about Princess, Then walked away without saying anotherword.“Sky give me phone let me talk with princess!!” Vincent said drawing a bit nearer..I withdrew the phone from my ear, covered the mouth piece with my hand.“Guy thunder fire you!!” I cursed on him with a hard waka gesture before walking angrily away to finish my call.....continues
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