Wednesday, July 13, 2016


My journey back to school was haunting, the fear of an almost slim bust lingered on as i ran through thenight washed by the street lights bordering each side.Dogs
barked here and there and i had only met 2 people on my way running through the street to get to the main road so as to get a taxi back to school.The bus stop was lonely and silence covered the night, lights seemed brighter to me and my heart kept pounding deep within me.I waited on the bus stop with shivering breathe and peeled eyes looking up and down for a taxi or even a bus anything i can find.30minutes into my wait a huge man with a black sweater with a face covering hoody walked into the brightly lit bus stop, his height was well above 6ft and his body structure was heavy and huge recalling flashes of the police men that chased us into the forest.“Good evening sir” I greeted looking at him from head to toe standing just a few paces away from me.No reply came from him, just light groans and and ableak glare through the hoody which gave his face adark shadowy look.My whole body went numb with freight, i could feel my phone vibrating inside my pocket but i couldn’t touch it. Kept looking at the huge black man standing right beside me, my whole body was up in a quaking freight and the silence was deafening.His hands were buried deep within the sweat shirt and he kept looking into the night tilting his left to right every now and then.Within 20minutes of feverish stale numb wait whichseemed no less than eternity to me, the man in the hood left slightly groaning like he was in pain and his breathing made a light whistling sound.I looked on fixing my gaze on the figure making surei kept my eyes on him as he walked deeper into the night until i couldn’t make out his figure anymore in the darkness.The bus stop went unbearably lonely again but i preferred it to having the fearful man there with me.“When am going to see you again” A voice came just behind the bus stop.I was startled by the familiarity of the voice, it cannot be true. That was if i am not drunk or mistaken the voice of the mathematics teacher unless i was certainly high on some cheap drugs.I squatted immediately and slipped out of the brightly lit bus stop to a relatively dark corner beside it and looking out into the direction the voicecame from.The two figures walked from the poorly light corner upwards towards the bus stop and the bath of light revealed their identities.I covered my mouth with both my palms to avoid a letting out subconscious shout from my shocked vocal cord. The maths teacher unmistakably was the one standing with another shocking figure in the picture.Onobong!! Onobong was one of Miss Lola’s girls and one of her closest and favourite, she was beautiful with thick waist and stupendously thick boobs and a face that always looked like she was laughing.She only lacked in height but apart from that she was something of extreme beauty, once or twice had she flirted with both i, dave or Ebuka when we visit the mansion.“So i will see you after the Christmas when am back from lagos” The maths teacher said to her sliding his hands across her waist.I moved a bit backwards into the short wall that stood beside the dark corner i squatted.“Segun you know you gave me nothing the other day, and you of all people know i don’t deal that way” Obong threw at him making a face..“Bad girl too like money” he laughed dipped his hand into his back pocket and brought out a wad of notes handed it to her and she walked away sharplygesturing him to call her.He stood in front of the bus stop a while looking at her resigning figure grinning like an over fed baby, in a while he walked down towards the opposite direction past my hiding spot until he disappeared into the night.I came out of my hiding place still trying to swallow what i just saw, this is going to be the headline of my conversation with Dave and Ebuka when i get back to the dormitory, i don’t care if they are alreadyasleep or not this is just too juicy to wait till morning.I spent another 30minutes before i found a taxi coming towards the bus stop, the driver who was a middle aged man was a pain in the a-s showing his sceptic tactics asking questions how a young man like me was out in the night by the time.It took a lot of lies and outstanding twists to convince him, by the time the taxi dropped me almost 10 yards before the school gate, the driver gave me another suspicious look as i gave him his money and walked away before more questions followed.I had to stand in front of the bush at the side of the road pretending i was easing myself as the taxi stayed almost 60 seconds more before driving off.I dove into the bush and walked few meters to get to the fence, the hole on the fence was wide open already suggesting someone else might have just finished using it, the approach of the school vacation saw an increase in the number of over the fence escapades since most school security guard had grown quite aloof since the school vacation was nigh.I slipped into the hole and covered it from behind, walked in a squatted position until i got to the kitchen back door then dodged one hall supervisor just before the refectory before running into Hall-B relieved at how the night have once again saw me safely back.I didn’t waste time waking Ebuka and Dave up to tellthem tales of how the night played out, They were rather surprised i was back at that time which shortly turned into a laugh as i relayed to them how Mrs D’s husband almost caught me red handed.I told them about my Mathematics Teacher and who i saw him with.“Chineke!!! so that maga deh like ashi too” Dave blurted out carrying his hands on his head in surprise.“You deh mind the idiot weh deh come preach give us sometimes in class say woman bad” i said.“Chai i pity the guy o, Obong bad pass all Miss Lola’s girl” Ebuka said chuckling to himself.I no pity am at all joor” I retorted “Make she finish am i no send”.The night ended in a not too bad manner for me, themoney from Miss D i expected to be reality by monday and i found a bit of a silvery ray in a sandwich of dark clouds.“Wake up!!! wake up!!!” i heard faint shouts from my sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to a blurry vision of hall supervisors clapping and shouting “wake up, tothe orientation hall everybody” moving along the aisle of the hallThis is not how we usually wake up. ” who is shouting that?” i questioned Dave who was putting on his shirt.“Sky get up lets go to the orientation hall, everybodyis needed there” he said.“for what?” i asked seating up“I have no idea, some police men came to the school this morning and now we are being asked tothe hall” He said .I hurriedly put on a trouser and shirt and we walked down to the hall with Ebuka and Andrew walking behind us.The hall was packed with murmuring students throwing unsure questions at each other, i sat with Dave on a loosely packed side, ebuka still sat behind us with andrew talking about God knows what.Princess was seating at the other side of my own chair discussing and i could swear if Agatha had a gun she would have shot me dead from the way shewas glaring at me from where she sat.The Vice principal walked into the podium followed by one police man wearing a light blue shirt and black trouser. the whole hall went silent as the police man took the microphone offered by the vice-principal to address the student.“Good morning students”“Good morning sir” the whole hall thundered looking baffled at the police man who looked far more innocent and gentle than a police should look.“I know you must all be wondering why the police are here this morning, There have been a slight mix up somewhere, there was an incident the state police had a while ago and in the scene of this incident a phone bearing the name of one of the students of this school was found” the whole went into an excited chatter of questioning murmur.I froze immediately, Dave looked at me and we both turned and looked at Ebuka who now looked as paleas a ghost and was no longer discussing with andrew but had his gaze fixed at the police man, surely the pre-address caught his attention.“We don’t know how the phone got to be there in the first place and we know students hers are not allowed to have phone, so following police protocols we must follow the evidence where it leads and as such we will be taking one of you whose name and pictures appears on this phone in for some questioning” his voice rented the hall.Another bout of confused chatter came alive.“Don’t worry i can assure you nothing will happen if he is innocent, You students are the leaders of our country tomorrow”I held my breathe, my eyes were getting heavy strangely and Dave wasn’t anything better.“Please one Mr Chukwuebuka Iwuoha should step forward” He said bringing out the phone from his pocket..The hall erupted for the third and thunderous round this time, my fears were confirmed.Ebuka’s phone has been found by the police and this means i and Dave are not far from being implicated anytime now.Ebuka walked through the hall towards the podium after casting a knowing look at Dave and I.“we will be taking Master ebuka for questioning now, thank you all” the police man finished in the middle of the feverish chatter and shouts and utmost confusion entertained by the students.Two all black wearing police men walked towards the podium and escorted Ebuka out to their vehicle, Princess cast a long fearful look at me.I got up immediately and walked back to the dormitory without waiting to hear the Vice-Principaladdress the students.My worse nightmares are getting real before my eyes.....continues in the last episode,
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