Tuesday, July 12, 2016


“Hello ma!” i sang into the phone ..“Hello my boy, how are you?” the female voice asked from the other end.“Am fine Ma” i replied anticipating her next words, it has been up to a month i talked to Mrs Diamond last and from the information Ebuka got from Miss Lola her husband was in town.“I got info from Lola that you boys ran into
some major mishap couple of weeks back are you alright?” she asked with a lot of concern in her tone.“yes ma we are very ok now” i replied.“Ok thank God, i miss you sky i want to see you before school vacates for this Christmas holidays”I paused for a while trying to figure out what next to say knowing fully well an invitation would follow anything i utter which i had decided to avoid for the remainder of the term.“Eeeeehm i miss you too ma” i replied coldly dreading every second that came with it.“I will like to see you this friday in my home sky” sheretorted.“Your home? this Friday?” i asked in surprise..“i thought your husband is in town why not Miss Lola’s place” i added in defence feeling my palms turn sweaty in a jiffy.“My husband has gone on a trip to abuja and shouldn’t be back till sunday, so i need you in my house this friday and you will be going home with Christmas goodies” she chuckled into the phone.“Ok…ok ma i will try” i replied running my eyes through the room trying to figure out how i am going to cope going over the fence all on my own for the first time.Dave’s legs is almost better but he still can’t run well and he told me his mummy travelled to PH to stay with her husband over there will be back later so he is not in anyway going for another unless he agrees to Mrs Femilola’s advances.An expensive woman that picked interest in Dave the first time i went on over the fence though has been told by Miss Lola that dave was already taken with a promise to get a another for her.Ebuka’s legs worsened in a bit and he too is out of the question so i am supposed to be going on this one alone.It has been 2weeks since our escape from the police and exams had started in Ernest almost and we have only mathematics to write before the exams comes to an end.Friday came faster than expected and of course was also the day of the mathematics examination, two events i dreaded most were linked together on the same day.The mathematics exams started just 9am on Friday,he walked into the excitedly nervous class carrying a bulk of bundled white papers undoubtedly the question papers.The papers was shared and answer sheets with the instructions that nobody should start answering of the questions until told to start.The physics teacher and Igbo language teacher were also part of the Mathematics invigilators for the Grade 11B class.“Hey you, yes you johnysky. stand up!!!” the maths teacher barked at me out of the blur.I stood up mopping at him questioningly trying to mull out exactly why i was asked to stand.“i thought i said nobody should start until i say so!!!” he asked pointing his fingers angrily at me.“yes sir”“then what are you doing you idiot” he came again, the whole class was silent and feverish, many already have come to realize the bitter romance between i and the maths teacher.“I wasn’t answering sir just writing my name on the answer sheet” i replied bringing up my papers to show him.He had me removed from seat and asked to kneel infront of the whole class with a small table placed in front of me to write with.I managed to answer 6 out of the 10 questions correctly compliment of my study nights with Princess, totally cut off with the rest of the class there was no way i could ruffle up answers for the remaining 4 questions.I could see Princess trying to tell me something with eye signs but surely it was impossible to lay out maths sums with eye signs, i had to look on in total dismay as the clock ticked away shoving the 4 unanswered questions to my face.I walked out of the class immediately after the exams without waiting to talk or exchange pleasantries with anyone most of all escape Victor’s boasts as he took who ever cared to listen how he cleared the questions without a hitch.Lunch came and passed and dinner too, seemed like the day was in a hurry to end and each passing second brought me closer to my solo over the fence journey tonight.Ebuka reminded me of my ‘Go time’ immediately it was 11pm but not without giving me instructions tobe back before 3am because dusts are high now in school and so nobody should ever be caught breaking the rules or there is no two ways about hisor her fate.Clad in a black chinos and a blue shirt i walked out into the hall, past the gloomy silent refectory and into the kitchen, opened the door with the master keys ebuka gave me and then crawled into the night.“who is that?” came a voice suddenly behind me ..I jolted up from under the fence just as i was about removing the cover to reveal the hole beneath, my heart sank immediately into my stomach and handswent cold.i turned and a shady figure was standing right there before me but strangely lacked the size and ferocityof the school security guards.“sky?” the voice came again with the figure moving two more steps forward reducing the distance between us to a little more than 2more steps.“yes?” i answered still unsure.“Sky it’s me Chidi from Hall-G” the voice said making me stick my head a little closer to look into his face letting out heavy sighs of relief when i saw his face.Who could ever imagine Chidi also went on over thefence journeys, he always seemed innocent and was at the fore-front of the school scripture union and led the moral instructions sometimes.“where are you going?” i asked as we crept out of the hole covering it up from the other side.“there is a happening party at my friends house in GRA, can’t miss it .. chicks yappaa. his dad is a minister” he replied.” what about you?”“Oh me?, i am heading to my Cousin’s place to pick up few things” i said looking straight into the road.He looked at me in disbelief then made to go on his way “see you tomorrow sky, be careful” he said before setting out towards junction farther away, i went to the one i usually hitch night cab with dave and ebuka. got one and gave him the house address as sent to me by Mrs Diamond.She opened the gate just as i called her i was in front of it making me raise an eye brow.“what about you gate man?” i asked looking back at the gate as we walked through the compound towards the house.“I gave him the weekend off” she said winking at me…She had it all planned out, her husband was out of town and she sent her gate man on the weekend offso she could be alone through out.the night was already turning up in my mind and thethought of the promised goodies made it even moreso.She walked me straight to the room touching me aswe walked the stairs, her hands were all over my crotch region heightening my senses and waking my beastful lust helped by the pills i threw in my mouth given to me by Ebuka before i went out.We barely reached the room before she pushed me down hard into the bed jumping on me with her lips buried into mine, her hands assaulting every inch ofmy body and her heavy bums resting on my crotch region.In a little more than few minutes my shirt was off and same goes for my singlet and then she yanked my trouser off intensifying her kiss on me.“yes baby, i missed you so much..” she moaned into my ears as i rammed into her into total abandonment. My back has been turned into a play ground for subconscious scratches which gave me more tempo to my already intense t----t buried deep inside her letting out groans impossible to hold back every now and then.There was a thudding sound from downstairs i paused immediately listening.“what is sky, why did you stop?” she asked looking into my face.“did you hear that?” i asked.“No, what did you hear?” she replied with a question.“think i heard a sound from downstairs” i replied in an unsure tone.“Its nothing nobody is here” she replied …then came another, it sounded closer and was like the bang on an iron door not to far away.she jolted up immediately heading towards the doorof the the room to check..“who is that?” she asked into the openness of the house.“its me honey” a strong baritone voice came from the lower floor and then sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.“sky its my husband, hurry get your clothes” she whispered to me in a frightened tone.I grabbed my clothes putting up my trouser in an unstable fast manner frightened down to my marrows, i could leave the room because the footsteps sounded to be getting very close and as such might be seen if i tried that.“Hide here” she said opening the thick curtains that covered the window which overlooked the back of the house, i could make out the white tall fence from where i hid behind the curtain, the sound of mychest sounding as if it was audible enough for another person to hear.The footsteps became nearer and louder until the door opened and it came inside.“Good evening darling” she greeted.“good evening honey” he replied, i looked through a tiny hole in the curtain as he moved towards the bed where she lay heavily covered under the sheets.He was tall but looked a bit frail and old, dark complexions and a pot belly.“Darling i thought you were coming home on sunday and you didn’t tell me you were coming in today” she queried ..“Honey i forgot the documents to the estate neededto seal the deal with Goldimoon Plc, i had to fly in tonight and get them i will be heading back first thing tomorrow morning to finalize my deal” he replied lifting his heavy flowy agbada.“alright darling, go and bath then come and rest hope you ate something” she said again.“Yes, please come and join me in the bathroom” he intoned tying a big towel around his waist and heading into the door on the right part of the room followed shortly by the sound of running water.Diamond got up from the bed, not to surprisingly still stark naked. she hurried to the curtain and tapped me gently . i walked out from behind the curtain looking like a confused fowl.“You need to go now, take the back door just behind the kitchen because his driver will be sitting right outside now am sure he didnt drive himself from the airport.” she said pushing me gently.“How did he pass the gate?” i whispered back, have heard stories of these rich men having preternaturalpowers and occultic affiliations, had to clear my fears.” he has the spare keys to all the doors in this place,now go i will wire 300,000 to your account on monday. please be careful”i tip toed towards the door while she walked towards the bathroom door to join her husband.walking out of the room i hurried down the stairs still trying to make no noise, peeped through a window in the sitting room that overlooked the compound surely enough i saw a G-wagon jeep parked in the compound with driver leaning on the steering wheel.I tip toed back and into the kitchen behind the stairs, the door was open and i opened it as little as possible to drown the groaning noise that came with it.Getting out of the house was like i just escaped a life sentence from prison, scaling the tall white fence that bordered the compound on the west flank which rather led into the street i prayed not to be spotted by anybody or vigilante group.Just as i made it safely into the streets i hurried away towards the road to get a taxi back to school.....continues
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