Sunday, July 10, 2016


Back to the dormitory we were greeted by angry Hallsupervisors glaring at us Bulldog most of all.they had to spare us the punishment for the time being owing to the fact we were not in good shape, Dave even more so and Ebuka’s limping was becoming more and more
obvious by the minute.The whole Hall-B blew up as we stepped in, shouts rented the hall and questions fell from every angle which we promised to answer later in the night afterschool and rest.“sky what happened to you arm?”“ebuka why are you limping?”“Dave did you break your ankle?”“what exactly happened and where have you guys been?”Ambrose was at the fore-front of asking the questions while most nodded and chanted “yes” in support of his enquiries.We ate breakfast before heading to class but not after dave had gone to the school clinic to have his leg looked at again, revisions were on going as exams were just next week before the Christmas holiday sets in.Princess’ held on to a questioning look through out the class session battering me with questions with her eyes gestures which i did not reciprocate.After school i walked down to the teachers quarters carrying some books Miss Anita dropped on the table with the instructions that i should bring down to her.I knew i could not tell her the truth of what happened but what to tell her was still very far fetched.She was standing right in front of her door when i approached the house, wearing the American bum shot and tank top had a lustful smile beaming towards me.I went into the apartment but not after looking around for the maths teacher in case he sees me and comes barging in again.She locked the door behind me, went straight to seat on the long sofa and crossed her legs revealing as much thighs as can switch off anybody’s brains in a split second.I sat opposite with my eyes glued on the open gloryof the soft skin, her lips were tilted in a lusty smirk and her eyes glistened with dreamy moist.“So sky can you tell me where you boys went to andwhat happened?” She asked leaning towards the right part of the sofa with her hand supporting her head and more skins flashed at me giving my D large impulse of uncontrollable desire.I gulped hard and tried refocusing my wits to the questions.“We, we went to………. ” I was lost again, both in the vacuum of what to say and in the euphoria of raginglust that now battered my mind.“Just spill it”“Ehhm we went to a night club, it was my first time but we didn’t know police will raid the club.. we all got lost in our attempt to escape police” I managed to conjure sighing slightly in full appreciation of myself in conjuring up such lie at the needed time.Her eyes grew wider, she stood up and smiled.“I hope you have had your party fun because i don’t ever want to hear you went out again” It was both a command and a plea.She walked straight to my seat her eyes glued on the bulging tent that was drawn on my trouser and a washy smile .. she sat beside me putting her handon my hair and the next on my chest.“am sure you must have had a tough time escaping the police, let me ease that pain” she winked at me before lowering her lips into mine in a deep kiss.Her hand slid down to my crotch region massaging the bulge through the fabrics, breathing into my mouth heavily and the glistening skin of her thighs throwing off more glow.She jumped up with a jiggling bounce of her bums which made my d--k throb hard, she offered me her hand which i took and she walked ahead of me into the little passage way and no doubt into the bedroom with her bums bouncing heavily under thelight fabrics of the bum shots.My eyes were glued to her bums as she led me into the bedroom like a hypnotized goat.I went back to the dormitory a little more than one hour in Miss Anita’s house.She was still lying on the bed naked tiredly while i peeled on my boxer, trouser and shirt hurriedly.Her skin glowed in the shady light of the room and the sight of the goddess-like body lying naked in front of me rekindled more fire of lust deep within me making me wish i could stay back a bit more buti had to get back to avoid getting into more troubleswith the supervisors i already had enough on my bag as it is.I climbed on the bed and kissed her one last time before running out of the room with her resounding laugh trailing behind me..Made sure i buttoned my shirts and reshuffled my creased shirt and trouser before stepping out into the dryness of the hot but yet chilly harmattan.“Hey Sky what are you doing here?” A tiny female voice blared into my ears startling me from no where.I turned sharply towards the voice and Geography Aunty stood in front of the house 17 just one house after Miss Anita’s looking at me. Her thick body wrapped in a sweat shirt and a tight skirt.“Uuhm good afternoon Ma!” I greeted in a subconscious fearful reaction.“Eheee good afternoon sky, what are you doing in our quarters by this time?” She asked again.“I…. i brought down our class assignment for Aunty Anita” I said pointing back towards Anita’s door.“Is she In? i never knew Anita was in” She said ..“Yes but sleeping asked me to drop it on the table and go back” i said again getting a flow of lies coming in.“Ok i will check up on her later” she said before heading into her own apartment while i sped off to my dormitory to avoid meeting anymore teachers worse of all Mathematics.The day crept by dully and coldly as the night approached, my encounter with Miss Anita kept me ruminating over more fantasies and wishes if only i had more time, the bank Alert of 200,000 that came within the evening spiced things up more for me, Ebuka and Dave.At last there have been a silver lining in our worst escapade ever, the pains seemed to have lessened by the possibilities the money opened.Night came, dinner was noisy and exciting being a meal of dipped chicken and rice, the whole refectorywas up in exciting chatter and smacking lips of appreciative souls.The bell tore into the night for the general reading time, i packed some of my books and headed out into the night leaving Dave behind, i have never seen Ebuka go to the reading hall so never botheredto ask.Princess was standing right in front of the door clutching her books in one arm while a pen dangledon the other and her eyes peeled sparkly reeling towards every end.She saw me coming and smiled walking a couple ofsteps to meet me.Her eyes were again drawn to my arms and the wound under my eyes, the questioning looks appeared again.“Sky what happened to you and where did you go for 3 days?” she asked just as we were about to seat down in a fairly lit corner of the hall.I pretended not to hear her and went on shuffling out the text books she came with.“Sky answer me right now, where did you go and what happened to you?” She said this time in a firm tone touching my shoulder hard.“I was given permission to go visit papa in the hospital, my bike had an accident when i was going home from the hospital” i said going back to reshuffling scooping over again the ones i have seen before.Her eyes were glued on me in disbelief but she still said nothing.I reached into my pocket and brought out the Exit authorization card and handed in to her, she skimmed through it in a jiffy and her looks turned from disbelief to concern and pity.“How is papa?” She asked holding my shoulders.“He is fine now” i smiled back patting her hands.“what about mama?”“mama is ok she even asked about you” i saidShe smiled and blushed a bit looking into my face in a searching manner.“Oh she is here!” Princess intoned making me look at her questioningly.“who is here?”“Agatha!!” She replied nodding towards the door. i held my breathe as i watched Agatha walk towards the corner i usually sat with her then turned back towards the center of the hall looking around and then saw us and started walking towards us.“Sky again today?” She washed out on coming to the spot.“Agatha please i have some important things to learn tonight” I replied.“Oh yes like disappearing for days and reappearing again” she blurted out getting more furious by the minute.“Please princess lets resume with the maths” i addressed princess making to ignore Agatha who was standing in front of us in the hope that she will go.“Am i not talking to somebody!!!” Agatha yelled yanking me by the shoulder.Princess stood up immediately still maintaining her calm facial expression.. “Agatha please we are about to read some thing now” She said to Agatha looking squarely into her face in a calm manner.Agatha looked up at Princess and a resounding slap followed her eyes and another on princess’ cheeks tearing through the hall jolting up curious students who scampered towards us to catch a glimpse of what was happening.Princess sat down immediately holding her cheeks and tears followed.“Agatha you are lucky we are in school” i yelled out at Agatha pointing frantically at her at the same time weighing my odds of getting into serious troubles if touch her, my cup was already over flowing.“Both of you, we shall see” she snapped her fingers and walked out of the reading hall with students murmuring in slight confusion all around us.I sat down “Am sorry princess, please don’t cry” i tried to console princess before another figure appeared in front of us.“Victor what are you doing here?” I asked looking at Victor with the face of the devil himself my hands on princess’ shoulders patting her.He laughed calmly and then whispered “this is just the beginning” and walked away chuckling.I ignored Victor’s remarks and turned towards Princess again who looked up into my face with streamy tears flowing down her cheeks then replaced her face back into her palms with me patting and begging her to stop crying.“Agatha just drew the line…” I cursed under my breathe.....continues
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