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This story was written by Kingwax Oluwadamilare
He is the sole  author of this fictional  piece. All rights reserved .
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Emeka’s eyes was like a brimstone- they owed that
to the many rounds of beer the holder of the eyes
has consumed. He did not seemed to worry him a
bit, but it worried his friend, Ade, who sat beside
him, trying to make him stop, after many bottles-
twelve, to be precise.
“I think you should stop here.” Ade pleaded.
Emeka looked at his friend without a word, but his

eyes pierced Ade’s soul. He tried to raise his hand
as a signal for another drink, but, Ade quickly
stopped it midair and brought it back on the table
with an angry slam that sent the empty green
bottles rolling on the table.
Ade, just realizing that he would be breaking some
of the bottles, tried to stop the ones that were
trying to find their way to the floor of the drinking
area, but he only has two hands and could only
hold two in his hands. The sound of broken bottles
drew all eyes to their position.
“You do realize you will pay for that, right?” Emeka
finally found his voice.
Ade balanced the two bottles on the table and his
eyes were quick to caught Emeka’s hand as they
were coming down. It was no rocket science, he
already signaled for another drink.
“You’re not going to have that drink while I am
still here, Emeka!” Ade got angry.
“And who’s going to stop me?” Emeka asked.
“I told you, Emeka, you are not going to have that…
hey, hey…!” Ade cut himself short and sprang from
his seat. He stopped the barman midway. “Who
has these drinks?” He asked the barman.
The barman scoffed and answered him reluctantly,
“your friend of course.”
“Which one?”
“What kind of question is this? The same one who
broke the bottles over there. You were talking to
him just now.” The barman replied.
“So, after you had bottled him down to thirteen…”
“What?” Ade asked.
“Twelve bottles, not thirteen.”
“And now, you’re going to add another four?” Ade
asked as his eyes bulged at the fresh green bottles,
sweating profusely in the basket the barman was
The barman shrugged and said it was his choice,
not his. Ade begged him to let him take his friend
home, but the barman asked if he was the one
“My friend, over there,” Ade pointed to Emeka,
“has a problem- a problem that he wouldn’t solve
even if he drank himself to death.”
The barman said it was not his problem. And
before they could continue, Emeka was right
behind them.
“What is the problem here?” He asked as he
balanced himself with the steel column at Ade’s
The barman explained to Emeka, who only smiled.
“Did you realize that he broke some bottles back
there?” Emeka asked the barman who said he
thought it was Emeka who broke them.
Emeka said it wasn’t him and he is not going to
pay for it.
“Well, then, I have to collect the money for the
bottle or the manger will have to deduct my salary.
And that will never happen” The barman stretched
his palm to Ade who looked at Emeka.
Ade whispered to Emeka, “You know I have no
money on me here. Why are you doing this?”
Emeka chuckled and said to the barman, “You
heard him?”
The Barman shook his head with a large frown.
“Well, Emeka began, “he said he’s not going to pay
a dime!”
“What…? Emeka, why did you….See,” Ade turned
to the barman, “he’s my friend, and he will pay
you, okay? He’s just joking.”
The barman looked at Emeka who shook his head.
“Listen, I will have to be a little bit rough with you,
my friend. Your phone will be held until you pay
back that money!” The barman coldly told Ade and
summoned the security, who appeared bored and
suddenly excited that he was going to beat someone
for the day’s entertainment.
Ade began to sweat. “See, I will talk to him, I will
get you your money.”
After Emeka was satisfied with the humiliation he
gave his friend, he finally agreed to pay for the
broken bottles, only if Ade is bounced out of the
tavern. Ade couldn’t believe himself, but he was
“Mr.,” The barman started, “I know you look like a
gentlemen, I will ask…”
“No need for that, I will leave.” Ade said. He
turned to his friend, “I want you to know that if
you destroy yourself because of a lady, you do not
have anyone to blame about that. It is on you!” He
finished and started walking out of the plank- the
name popular tavern.
Emeka scoffed and made to return to his seat, but
he slipped and fell on a nearby table, full of empty
bottles. The barman did helped him up, but not
without first chuckling at the foolish man.
“You have broken more bottles, Sir.” The Barman
said. I hope you…”
“How many?” Emeka asked as he was guided to his
“The barman looked back and scooped in a figure,
“Ten, I guess.” HE said and hoped Emeka wouldn’t
see it was only three.
“How much?”
“One thousand, five hundred naira.” He said and
Emeka said it’s okay, he will pay.
The barman clenched his teeth in regret and hoped
he had said the figure was twenty. Nevertheless, as
he guided Emeka to his table, he deliberately
placed the bottles at the edge of his table and
hoped he broke more of them......continues in chapter 2

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