Saturday, June 11, 2016


The ceiling fan rotated slowly. It let out a shriek of creak
every time it completed an oscillation. The window, opened in
half, let in a gentle breeze with a low whistling sound.
Everything else in the room stood still- including Blessing, Ade
and Bukky. One could almost conclude that they were
Bukky cuddled up to Ade, who, seeing this as a life time

opportunity, wrapped her up in his arms like his breath.
“You know,” Bukky turned to Ade, “I still couldn’t believe he
slapped her.” She whispered.
Ade sighed, “You were there, right? So was I. The sooner you
believe, the better you help her stop this madness.” Ade
whispered back.
“She is beyond help.” Bukky said. “She still insists on keeping
the pregnancy.” Bukky said with worry.
“Maybe, it’s what you girls know as love.”
“Why am I not been affected by that disease?” Bukky asked
“What disease?” Ade asked.
“Love! Why am I not been enveloped in the madness?”
“Maybe you lack affection.”
“No, try ‘wise’. I am not a fool. I have a reason for living and I
have priorities. That is what differentiates me from idiots like
Ade rolled his eyes. She is truly wise, he knew this. “See,
enough of us. How do we help Blessing?”
“Even with a black eye, she still professes her love for him.
This all strange to me. Is she crazy or what? Maybe Uncle
James already bewitched her.”
Ade asked Bukky to forget about Uncle James. “He is not that
type of person.” He argued.
In all, Blessing sat, dead silent, lost in thoughts, sad without
tears. In her hand, she held the picture of Emeka, even with
her swollen face. Right within the whispers and the silence,
she reminisced about the event of two days ago…
They had arrived at Uncle James’s place to know about
Blessing’s fate, since he already promised to talk to his
nephew. But on arriving at his place, Monica, his first
daughter, told them that her father traveled for an emergency
event. It was a meeting of the herbalists and being the
general secretary, he had no choice but to be there. Even
though it was impromptu.
“I overheard him talking to Emeka though- he said they will
talk when he is back from the meeting.” Monica told Blessing,
whom she was worried and concerned about.
“So, when will he be back?” Bukky had asked.
Monica said she couldn’t say, but assured them that Uncle
will never support Emeka’s decision to let Blessing abort the
pregnancy. She asked Blessing to be patient.
“Talking of Emeka, where is he?” Ade just realized they
haven’t asked the question.
“He’s not available.” Monica said.
“I thought you said he came home some days after we left?
Blessing asked.
“Yes, he did. He said he had an accident.” Monica replied.
Blessing had sprung from her feet in fear. She asked many
questions at once. Monica assured her that he is now fine. He
just went to see some friends. Blessing was relieved, Bukky
was angry at her friend.
Few minutes later, as they were about leaving, Emeka had
showed up. Blessing rushed to her feet to meet with him after
seeing him in a bad shape. Plastered forehead and a sling to
the neck. But it was a surprise to everyone when Emeka met
her goodwill with a wild slap across her face. This sent her
flying to the left. She banged herself against the wall with a
scream and fell with a thud- silent.
Everyone had frozen in horror- everyone except Emeka who
churned out threats and warnings to Blessing who lay still on
the floor.
“I have told you and I will keep repeating this, stay away from
me! I don’t want you or the bastard inside of you!”
He had walked inside and ignored them all.......continues in chapter 10
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