Friday, June 10, 2016


Emeka got home very late in the evening- he appeared very
tired. Uncle James had asked him to see him for an important
discussion. That was exactly four days after Ade had left with
the girls. Although, Uncle James had called Emeka
immediately the guys left, but, Emeka could only make it
home, three days after.
Uncle James was mixing some concoction when Emeka
emerged. One of his eyes was swollen while the forehead was
plastered. Uncle James dropped what he was doing and ran
to meet his nephew, who also has a sling around his neck for
his left arm.
“What is the meaning of this? Who did this to you?” Uncle
James bellowed in anger.
“Good evening Uncle, I am sorry I couldn’t make it home three

days ago.” Emeka answered, evasively.
“That wasn’t my question, Emeka. I said, who did this to…”
“Nobody, Uncle James. It was an accident. I fell off the
stairs.” He lied. He couldn’t have told him about his encounter
with Pastor Hulk. His Uncle would have been ashamed that
he got a beating because of a girl.
“Well, I hope you are fine?” Uncle James asked and Emeka
said, “Yes, I am. Thank you.”
“Now, you may go inside while I finish this medicine for a
client of mine. Bathe, eat and sleep- we have something
important to discuss- maybe tomorrow.”
Emeka nodded and dragged himself inside.
Bukky and Ade watched as Blessing pasted her phone against
her ears. She has been on that call for fifteen minutes. Bukky
and Ade were eager for her to be done with the call so as to
know the next step- Blessing listened with rapt attention.
“I think it will work out.” Bukky whispered and smiled to Ade
who only patted her while his eyes were fixed on Blessing.
Blessing shook her head slowly and she readjusted the phone
with her other hand. After a while, she was done with it. She
gently placed her phone of the table and looked at Bukky and
Ade whose eyes were asking, “How was it?”
Blessing shook her head slowly. Bukky took a quick
disappointed look at Ade who happened to do the same.
“You mean…?”
“He denied!” Blessing interjected Bukky.
“Is he crazy or what?” Ade shouted and stood up abruptly.
“I think you need to talk to your friend. He cannot deny this
pregnancy!” Bukky said to Ade..
“Blessing… please, relax, I think I need to see Uncle James. I
will be back.” Ade said and left.
Bukky sat closer to her friend on the bed, “What did that
bastard say?” She asked annoyingly.
Blessing replied with rains of tears. Bukky tried to pacify her.
“He… He… He said…” She sobbed, “Can you imagine Emeka
calling me a prostitute? Can you?” She asked Bukky with a
faint voice.
“He did what? Is he crazy or what? Let me ask you, was he
not the first guy?”
“Bukky, you know me.” She cried and placed her hand on her
chest, beating it softly. “You know me, you know Emeka is the
only guy with me.”
“I know…I know. You know, guys are very funny. Maybe he
read a message on your phone or …”
“Bukky, you’re hurting me! What messages could it be? What
other guy? Ever since I gave him the chance, I ensured I am
as transparent as I could, just to avoid this type of situation?”
“Listen, Blessing, the best thing to do is to avoid this… this
issue of… erm… sex, completely. I mean, when all these is
Blessing looked at her slowly and shook her head, with her
forefinger in between her teeth, immersed in regret.
Bukky continued, “If a guy really likes you, let him wait for
you. If he is in a hurry, let him work hard and start preparing
for the wedding. I have never allowed Ade to go beyond
pecking and holding hands. If he doesn’t like it, he may leave.
I am not saying that virginity is chastity or good behavior, but
we all need to avoid these idiots who walk around
shamelessly with their third legs, looking for whom to
“Bukky, Bukky, please, I am not worried about all you’re
saying. It is too late already, what do you think I should do?”
Blessing sobbed.
“Well, I don’t know of your own plan. I can only advice you
based on your interests.”
“I can’t believe this is happening to me!” Blessing lamented.
“Like you said, it is too late already, we should talk about the
solutions- the future.”
“I don’t think I have one without Emeka.” Blessing said, much
to Bukky’s disappointment. “Bukky, maybe we should wait a
little and give him some time. Maybe he will come around.
What do you think?”
Bukky was lost in words, she opened her mouth and closed it
again- no word came out. Blessing continued in her folly,
“Maybe if you talk to him, he will listen to you. You know, he
respected you a lot. I believe he is still angry and will see
things the right way.”
“Listen, Blessing,” Bukky stopped her after she couldn’t take it
anymore, “Emeka had already seen things the right way- his
own right ways, and that was why he arrived at that
conclusion. You need to…”
“No, Bukky, no.” Blessing interjected. “You cannot just say
that. He may going through a major stress that…”
“Enough of this folly!” Bukky shouted her down. “Why are you
this insane? What has Emeka done to you? I hope he hasn’t
bewitched you with a love spell?”
Blessing sighed. “He didn’t. I love him. I am sorry that you
may not understand what that means.”
“Oh, I love myself. I love my parents and I love my family. I
love my future and I love Ade too. That was why I decided not
to be carried away in this ten minutes madness and
jeopardize everything I love!” Bukky clapped back.
“I didn’t mean it that way.” Blessing said. “What do you think
I should do?”
“I will be blunt with you- abort this pregnancy and continue
with your life. Don’t jeopardize your life by pitching your tent
with a guy like Emeka. He is already proving that he is an
animal. Even if you marry him, do not expect any special
“You don’t know that!” Blessing defended Emeka. “I told you,
that Hannah-of-a-witch could have bewitched him! Maybe we
should pray for him.”
“God forbid!” Bukky growled. She shook her head as she
looked at her friend with uttermost pity. “You should make up
your mind, and you should do that real fast.”
“I already did.” Blessing replied. She was looking out of the
“And that is?”
Blessing turned to face her friend and coldly replied, “Emeka
will come around. I will start praying and fasting by
tomorrow. I will keep this pregnancy.”
Bukky shook her head in anger and left for the lecture room.....continues in chapter 9
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