Friday, June 10, 2016


Uncle James quickly wrapped up what he was doing to be
with the visitors he asked to wait for him outside his veranda.
“I hope you are not angry, my son and daughters?” He asked
as he sat in the chair in their front.
“No, Sir.” Ade and Bukky chorused- Blessing was silent.
“Ade, you know the nature of my job, I attend to a lot of
pressing issues from many people, every day. It is a pity that
my nephew is not around to help me out, he has been away
in school for months now. Besides, you guys said you are here

because of him, right?”
“Yes, Uncle.”
“Ade, I hope your friend is okay?”
“Emeka is fine, Uncle. But we are here because of this lady.”
Ade pointed to Blessing who went on her knees, sobbing.
Emeka’s Uncle and guardian, Uncle James, urged her to sit
down. He asked what the problem was. Ade told Uncle James
that they had reasons to believe that Emeka was responsible
for Blessing’s pregnancy.
“Really?” Uncle James was clearly happy, but couldn’t fathom
why Blessing was crying. “This is a thing of joy, my daughter.
If you are worried that my nephew has no job, do not worry
about that as I will take full responsi…"
“It’s not that, Uncle.” Ade jumped in. “I know you are a good
man, but Emeka didn’t want to see her again.”
“Why? Did she do something wrong?”
“I don’t believe so. But it appears that Emeka is dumping her
for another lady!” Bukky said.
“Even when he knows he had her put in a family way? That is
cruelty and I cannot take that from him!” Uncle James raged.
“Well, we just knew yesterday that she is pregnant. Emeka
broke with her several days ago.” Ade said.
Uncle James sighed and assured them that he will talk to his
“What if he didn’t listen?” Blessing sobbed.
“Listen, my child, I may not be Emeka’s biological father, but I
have been his father ever since his parents left this world
through a fatal accident, when he was just thirteen years old.
I am the one who has been his father since then. Listen to
me, my child, I also have children of my own, but Emeka has
always been to me, my first born and he hasn’t for once, go
against my advice. Relax your mind.”
Blessing felt comfortable, at least, even if it felt false. They all
thanked Emeka’s Uncle and they left. As they were going,
Bukky said,
“The man seems nice, don’t you think?”
“Of course, he is a very nice man. I knew him before I and
Emeka gained admission into the University. I used to sleep
over at their place sometimes.” Ade said.
“Is he a Pastor?” Blessing asked.
“A Pastor? Not even close!” Ade said. “He’s an herbalist.”
“An herbalist?” Blessing stopped abruptly! “Jesus!”
“Jesus what?” Ade said. “You better let that thought go.
Uncle James is one of the best and easy going ones. You
need to lay your mind at rest.”
Blessing sighed as Bukky patted her. Bukky asked if Blessing
really thought was really wise to let the pregnancy grow
instead of aborting it because of her studies.
“I don’t want to lose him.” Blessing said, rather disappointing
to Bukky. “I can always come back for my studies.”
“Well, if you say so.” Bukky, who doesn’t want to be seen as
an antagonist, replied her.
“Do you think that Emeka will listen to her Uncle?” Blessing
asked again.
“Well,” Ade said, “that is left to be known.”
“I am just scared, that’s why?” Blessing said.
“Well, I would be too.” Bukky said. “But if it were me, I will
abort the pregnancy and move on.”
Ade looked at her, but, she didn’t notice. She kept on talking,
“I cannot be allowed to be treated like I don’t have a choice.
No man is entitled to treat a lady that way. Not even when I
gave him my virginity like you did with Emeka. It is unfair.”
“I beg your pardon,” Ade came in, “but, she wasn’t forced to
give it to him.” Ade said angrily.
“Are you for real?” Bukky asked angrily. “Did you really say
“Of course, I did! You made it sound like both Emeka and
Blessing are kids who are not responsible for their actions.
There wasn’t any coercion!”
“So, what are we to call it when a guy keeps promising lies
and heaven just to get laid, just like you’ve always been doing
with me?” Bukky asked angrily.
“And did you ever give in?” Ade asked.
“Of course, I wouldn’t!” This is sort of thing I was clearly
“Hello guys,” Blessing finally said, “I think I am still here. You
guys can just direct the insults at me.”
“Sorry.” Ade and Bukky chorused.
“That’s not necessary. It doesn’t seems like this is your fault.
I think Ade is right. I can only blame myself.”
“I…I mean, we didn’t mean to make it sound like that.” Ade
“I am sorry.” Bukky added.
Blessing was silent, lost in thought. The rest of the journey,
back to the campus, was as silent as the graveyard.....continues in chapter 8
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