Thursday, June 9, 2016


“What happened?” Blessing asked as she was brought back
to life.
“You blacked out,” Bukky replied with a worried face, “again.”
She added.
“Again?” Blessing asked. She had recollected that the reason
she was at the hospital was because she fainted at Hannah’s
place, but to say she blacked out again, was worrisome.
“Where am I?” She asked as she was helped to sit.
“You are in my office, Blessing. You need to take things easy.”

The doctor said.
“I blacked out again? Am I still in the hospital?”
The doctor nodded. “But, like I said, you need to take things
easy. You’re no more a kid.”
Blessing sighed. “Why…” She rephrased, “Is this how I am
going to be fainting every now and then?”
The doctor scoffed. “No. But, are you telling me you do not
remember why fainted right here?”
“I…” She rubbed the back of her neck, “I thought it was a
relapse of what happened at Hannah’s place.” She said.
“A relapse?” The doctor chuckled. “Ade…sorry, I think Bukky,
being a female, will be in the best position to tell you what
“Something else happened?” She sprang towards Bukky, who
nodded with a pitiful eyes.
“What is happening?” Am I infected?” She screamed.
“You need to calm down, Blessing, you are not infected.” Ade
patted her.
“You need to be scared of infections too, if you’re going to be
having sex without protection. Latex condoms are very cheap.
Didn’t somebody tell you guys?” The doctor schooled.
“So, what happened to me? What is happening? I could only
recollect I was being discharged after three days and the
doctor asked to see us briefly, right?” She asked Bukky, who
nodded. “So, I was given a result sheet for the test done
and…” She looked at Bukky in horror as she recollected
exactly why she fainted. She exploded into tears. “No, no.”
She screamed.
“I think we will find a solution, okay?” Bukky tried to pacify
her friend. She was also crying.
“Solution? Solution? Don’t you understand? Are we not
talking of Emeka?” Bukky wailed with mucus mixing with
“We will see her Uncle, okay. I will take you there by myself.”
Ade did his best.
“No, no, I am dead.” Blessing cried. “My father is going to kill
“No, you are not.” The doctor replied her. “Go think this
through and come back to see me, okay?”
Bukky and Ade thanked the doctor and guided their friend out
of her office.
Emeka had been begging Hannah since the trio came looking
for him. Immediately they left, Hannah had pushed him away
and asked him to leave her place for ‘perjury’.
“I thought… you were just holding me now.” Emeka had asked,
“Yes, that was before your girlfriend interrupted us.” Hannah
had replied. “And don’t forget, you swore to me that none of
your friends knew this place and it was funny that you even
used the Bible to lie.”
“See, Hannah…”
“See, Emeka, let it go. It is over!”
That was three days ago. Emeka hasn’t stopped begging
Hannah, who had it all planned. The whole swearing thing
was a trap she set for Emeka.
That day, while at the window, she already saw Ade, Bukky
and Blessing alight in front of her hostel’s gate. She quickly
excused herself from Emeka and ran downstairs to tell Rucks
and Sarah to delay the three incoming visitors for just fifteen
minutes- enough time for her to ran back upstairs to set the
trap for Emeka. Also, enough time to get both of them half-
naked so that the three incoming visitors met them in the
unholy position. She was glad when Blessing fainted.
There was a knock on the door.
“Hannah, your man is here!” Sarah popped in her head to
inform Hannah who was busy addressing Emeka. Sarah was
surprised to see Emeka on her knees. “Is this guy still here?”
“I have done all I could,” Hannah replied, “he just wouldn’t
“Listen, deaf guy, you better leave. Rucks is still trying to
delay her man by the gate. If he should meet you here, you
are a dead man!” Sarah threw her two cents into the bowl
and left.
“You heard her.” Hannah told Emeka. “Do not let Pastor Akin
meet you here!”
“Pastor Akin?” Emeka asked, puzzled. “So, he’s a Pastor!”
“He is not a Pastor in any way, dumbass! It was a nickname
given him for his gentle looks. But do not be deceived, he is
very dangerous. You must leave. I can always say you are a
delivery guy.” Hannah tried to help him but Emeka refused. He
continue begging.
Suddenly, the door creaked open and a hulk-looking guy
extruded himself inside through the opening. Emeka stood up
slowly. The guy sure looks simple, but his stature scared him.
“Who is this guy?” The Hulk roared.
Emeka trembled but turned to Hannah for explanation.
Hannah tried to put on a smile and said Emeka was an
intruder who has been stalking her all her life! Before Emeka
could recover from the shock of Hannah’s statement. The guy
was already red in the face, moving over to him.
Emeka decided to defend himself by saying he was just a
delivery guy, but before he could utter a word, there was a
crack in the air and everything went dark around him- it was
a slap from Hulk. In the darkness, he knew he staggered and
hit his head on the wall. His ears couldn’t pick a clear sound-
it was all a static sound. He shook his head to clear the
darkness and the static sound.
Then slowly, it was getting cleared. He shook his head more
frantically and the light was coming back to his eyes. He even
picked a sound-
“I swear, I don’t know him!” It was Hannah’s.
As he tried to see what was happening with the dark fog
around his eyes, there was another darkness and a static
sound again- he blacked out from the second blow!....continues in chapter 7
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