Thursday, June 9, 2016


An occasional but consistent high-pitched beep sounds visited
Blessing in her dreams. It became so loud and consistent that
even though she wasn’t yet awake, it irritated her. She shifted
in her bed and tried to shake off the sound- all to no avail.
Then suddenly, without her wanting it, her eyes opened.
Slowly at first, then they blinked repeatedly as they tried to

adjust to the light. It wasn’t pleasant.
She felt a hand on her arm, then a voice saying, “She is
awake.” It was a female’s.
“Shh,” a male voice hushed her down, “do not make noise.
Quick, call the doctor.”
“Hang on dear.” The female voice said and Blessing could feel
her arm being tapped by the hand.
She closed her eyes again and was drifting back into
dreamland, but a hand, different from the one that touched her
arm, slapped her gently on her cheeks. The hand appeared to
be sticky.
“Wake up, wake up.” She heard a different voice- the owner of
the sticky hands, commanding her with a deep feminine voice.
There was a struggle between her soul and her body as she
turned and stretched but not willing to wake up. She groaned.
The high pitched beep was now very high and fast- she could
hear it, but everything was dark. Then suddenly, she felt a
rush of air in her chest- somebody had maybe, tore off her
shirt. The first hand that touched her arm now grabbed it, she
could hear her shout and panic, but did not know why.
On her bare chest, something cold were placed, she could feel
it and it sent an electric shock into her brain. It seemed to lift
her up slam her back on the bed. Her brain became so loud
that the high pitched beeps sliced through her brain. She
shuts wide, her eyes, but the sticky hands forced her eyes
open and then she saw a light- very bright, directed right into
her eyes.
She shoved her head away and for once, she could make
sense of everything.
The sticky hands held a small touch in her hands- she was a
doctor and she wore a rubber gloves. Bukky’s hands on her
arm was still firm and there. She could see her- panic was
written all over her countenance. Then she saw Ade behind
Bukky, he held her shoulders- he looked happy.
“She’s okay.” He said with a smile.
She turned her head to where the high pitched sound was
coming from- no wonder it was so loud. It was right beside
her- a heart monitor. And right beside it was a defibrillator-
she guessed that that was what sent the electric shock
through her chest.
“Where am I?” She asked in a dead voice.
“You cannot recollect what happened?” Bukky asked, scared
that her friend may have lost her memories.
Blessing shook her head. A headache ran across her forehead.
She tried to touch it but her hands were strung up with a
rubber-like strings like a puppet’s.
“Don’t move,” The doctor said, “just a few more drips and you
will regain your strength.” She said as she injected more
yellow liquid into the big bag that supplied the hollow rubber
strings connected to her arm.
“What happened?” She asked again.
“You need to leave now.” The doctor ordered Bukky and Ade
who were eager to tell Blessing what happened. “You guys
can come back tomorrow, okay. Your friend is stable now.”
She ushered them away with a friendly smile.
Bukky waved.
Slowly, Blessing watch them leave, she drifted to sleep. As
she neared the dark world, she could recollect vividly, how it
all happened.
Blessing had alighted with Bukky, in front of the gate of a very
lovely hostel, with Ade, who had brought them there.
“You mean this is where Emeka is?” Blessing recollected
asking Ade who reaffirmed her fear. What Ade failed to tell
Blessing was that Emeka was with a lady- Hannah, a known
prostitute from her class.
They met two half-dressed ladies, Rucks and Sarah, as soon
as they entered the gate and she could recollect one of them
telling them to wait for Hannah, who had gone out.
After the three of them had waited for fifteen minutes, one of
the ladies came and told them that they could now go
upstairs- “Hannah is back!” She said.
Blessing, Bukky and Ade were surprised because they did not
see any Hannah enter through the gate. Nevertheless, they
climbed the stairs to Hannah’s abode and Ade knocked on the
beautiful door.
“Come right in.” Hannah’s voice had invited them in and they
did just that, only to be met with the horror of their lives.
Hannah’s plan worked!
“Emeka!” Blessing recollected screaming. “Why are you doing
this to me?” She screamed as she saw Hannah and Emeka on
the bed, both half-naked.
Emeka broke free and screamed back, “Because I don’t love
you! Leave me alone!”
Blessing couldn’t believe her eyes, she watched as Emeka
wrapped her arms around Hannah, who did the same with a
conceited smiled.
Without any announcement, Blessing had blacked out!!!....continues in chapter 6
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