Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Emeka sat with eyes swollen- he sniffed like a child whose
chance to play had been denied or whose candy has been
stolen. His handkerchief was wet due to frequent wiping of a
teary eyes and his stomach didn’t remind him that he hasn’t
eaten for a whole day. He had managed to bathe and had his
teeth brushed, but he was still with the cloth that was on him
since he arrived at Hannah’s place, three days ago. And every
night, against his fervent pleading, Hannah had always left
him at home every night to come back the next morning.
Hannah was indifferent to his plight, she sat behind a big fat

plate of food and ate on like her life depended on it.
Occasionally, she threw glances at the sulking man, but no
matter how she tried, she didn’t feel any pity for her. She
never liked him- as a matter of fact, she never liked anyone.
As a spoilt brat from a rich father who always travel around
the world like the wind, she is either into a man, either for
more money or sex. She wasn’t worried about this, not when
she had no mother-figure to guide her since her mother left
her Dad when she was four years old.
Now that things just got worse, Emeka was left alone at a
corner of the room to grieve. Hannah already told her that she
has another man- much older and a political thug who
wouldn’t hesitate to beat anyone he perceived as a rival.
Hannah had warned Emeka to let go, but it was almost
impossible for him to accept. When he broke down after the
news and secluded himself at a corner, Hannah had let him
grieve and maybe, he will get over it.
“I am not leaving.” Emeka announced after hours of
consulting with himself.
Hannah’s heavy silver spoon fell with a bang as it hit the
ceramic plate, she couldn’t believe she heard right. “You
“You heard me!” Emeka shouted. “I am not going anywhere! I
love you!”
“And I don’t! How many times do I have to reiterate that fact
to your deaf ears?”
“It won’t matter, Hannah. It won’t!” Emeka went on his knees
and started begging again.
Hannah was furious. She couldn’t not fathom why a grown up
man will be acting that weird. She had never been attached to
a man in her life and whenever she was done with them, it
always looked like she did them a favour whenever she asked
them to stop contacting him. Not many of the men ever asked
‘why’, and those who did ask, were not really interested to
know ‘why’. She knew she had no feelings for Emeka- she
only wanted a night stand because he was handsome. And
when they did went once, she loved it and wanted more- only
for Emeka to start getting attached unnecessarily. She had
never envisaged it would get as messy as it appeared.
“I love you!” Emeka sobbed. “Don’t leave me!”
Hannah stood by the window and wondered what else could
be done. At a point, she thought of the police, but thought
against it- it appeared too extreme. Maybe I could accept his
initial proposal of being together after he graduates, she
thought of just anything to yank herself free from this maniac.
Even if he had stayed for a week, she wouldn’t have bothered,
but for her new sugar daddy, who was in truth, a political
thug, she feared that Emeka might be hurt. Emeka being hurt
was never her headache, but it would be on her, since he was
her visitor. She doesn’t want that conscience on her poor
As she was about to turn away from the window to tell Emeka
her decision, she saw an opportunity as three recognized
figures alight from a taxi right in front of her hostel gate. She
immediately excused herself from Emeka, promising to find a
solution as soon as she gets back. She ran like a mad woman
down the stairs and banged her fist on Rucks’s door. Rucks
came out and Hannah whispered something into Rucks’s
ears. Rucks didn’t ask questions, she agreed to do as Hannah
has instructed.
Rucks is a randy student living at the ground floor of the
same hostel with Hannah. She shared a three bedroom flat
with two other students- Sarah and Mary. Apart from Hannah,
who wasn’t into direct prostitution, Rucks, Mary and Sarah
never denied their profession. Even as a student, the three
lived a life of luxury.
Hannah ran back upstairs to her flat (She alone lived in a
three bedroom flat) and slammed the door with her back. She
“I think I may have found a solution.” She said.
“I will do anything.” Emeka said.
“Of course, you will.” Hannah smiled back as she placed her
hand on Emeka’s cheek. “You once told me that no one
knows my place, not even your friend, Ade, right?” She asked
and Emeka said no one knows.
“Can you swear that that was the truth? Because if it
happened that you just lied to me again, that will be the end.
Do you agree?”
Emeka agreed and said he will swear. Even though his heart
pounds for the lie he was telling- Ade knows her place, but he
was hoping he would warn him not to ever show up. He
wanted Hannah and he was ready to lie to God’s face.
Hannah said he should swear with a bible, but they couldn’t
find one. So, Emeka opened the bible application on his phone
and swore with it.
Hannah smiled.....continues in chapter 5
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