Monday, June 13, 2016

THE FAITH THAT NEVER WAS (chapter 11) last episode of season 1

Emeka didn’t mind colliding into anything or anybody as he
ran, all his thoughts were concentrated on how to stop the
impending disaster. He used the speed dial feature on his
phone once again, putting the phone in a speaker mode as it
rang; the result was always the same- no answer!
“No!” He shouted as he made efforts to run faster. “God, you
need to help me,” he prayed and kept the cruise like a bull,
avoiding obstacles in swiftness, and overcoming hurdles like
a skilled athlete. He should have boarded a cab, but this is
the time when bus-stops were stuffed up like a stadium

hosting a derby, and a tortoise is faster than the traffic.
Besides, his destination is just some few streets ahead.
“Yes, thank God,” he said within himself as Bukky’s hostel
became visible. For the last time, he speed-dialed her
number again and it was a dead end. He went right in and
straight to Bukky’s door. He dashed at the door latch- it
was firmly shut. He shook it two more times before he flung
it open with his foot. He slapped the wall for the switch and
the horror of the darkness came into light as he saw two
people fumbling for the duvet to cover their unclothedness,
but the surprise on their face was laid bared.
“No wonder she wasn’t picking up,” he told himself as he
went closer to the bed.
“What is the meaning of this?” The female’s voice tried to
bark. The male didn’t even talk; he concentrated on covering
his unclothedness with the bed sheet.
“Oh, I am so sorry.” Emeka shielded his eyes with his hands
and quickly moved back, realizing his mistake. “I thought
this was Bukky’s room.” He said.
“Get out of my room!” Michelle shouted at him and he
quickly fumbled for the door opening to make his way out.
He checked the room number on the door, “God, my
mistake.” He said as he looked for the right room number. In
a while, he found it and knocked. Bukky opened. She was
unmoving and necessarily cold.
“What do you want?” She asked.
“I am sorry to disturb you, Bukky, please, I need to see
Blessing.” He said.
Bukky scoffed. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Emeka.
Why are you still looking for her after what you asked her to
do against her will? Threatening her with text messages and
phone calls?”
“I’m sorry,” he tried to explain, but she cut in and said,
“Don’t be; she has been at the hospital down the street
since morning, she should be through by now. So, I guess it
is too late now, if you are even thinking of …!”
He didn’t bother to listen again; he dashed outside and
started running towards the hospital. It was just some few
blocks down the street.
He ran and jumped like a rabbit. He was surprisingly agile
and not tired as he ran the distance. As he ran inside the
hospital gate, ignoring the warning to stop from the security
guards, he saw Blessing, accompanied by Kike, Bukky’s
Sister- they were just coming out of the hospital. He
screeched right in front of her, with a smoke of dust
“How is my baby?” He asked her, panting, holding her arms
for support.
“What baby?” Blessing, though weak, asked. “I just aborted
it just like you instructed. You already said it wasn’t yours
and I believed you.” Blessing replied.
His hand slid slowly from her arm as he fell on his knees
with both hands clamping his head.
“Nooooooo,” he screamed.
Kike, who already got a call from her sister not to entertain
any conversation with Emeka, dragged Blessing along,
leaving Emeka right on the spot.
Emeka ran to meet them, but the security guards were
already over him to throw him out. He struggled free as they
bundled him to be thrown out of the hospital premises.
“You don’t understand,” he screamed. “I need to talk to her!
This is my life!”
Blessing heard his last statement as she was about to enter
the taxi that brought them to the hospital. She asked the
security guards to allow him to talk.
“What is it, Emeka?” Blessing asked. “How does this
becomes your life?”
“Listen, Blessing,” he went on his knees. Blessing smiled and
shook her head. “I will marry you” Emeka continued. “I am
sorry for all I have done. It was a mistake. Please, I know
you have a good heart. You have to forgive me.” He sobbed.
“I have forgiven you already, Emeka.” Blessing said. “You
were not the one at fault- I was the idiot, the fool, the one
who had no vision and no priority. I thank God for the good
friends like Bukky. Listen, Emeka, let it go, I want to face my
studies now. This is a second chance I will never squander.
Not many people had this chance.”
“Please, do not say that.” Emeka pleaded. “Like I said, I
promise to marry you.”
“Why are you even make marrying me sound like you were
doing me a favour?” Blessing asked angrily.
“I didn’t mean to sound that way, I…”
“Emeka, I can never marry an animal. When the time is
come- after I am done with my studies, I want a man and
not a kid. I want a human and not a beast who raises his
hands at his lady and ….”
Emeka grabbed her skirt and shouted, “Please, don’t do this.
Remember how we started and how…”
“Oh, I remember everything and I will love to forget
everything!” Blessing scoffed. She was now near tears, “I
can never bring myself to remember a thing about you. It
was a bitter experience all through!” She finished and
yanked her skirt from his hands. She entered into the Taxi
with Kike and while on his knees with stretched arms, Emeka
watched the taxi exit the premises.
The security guards watched him in pity and let him be. But
his mind went back to the shrine and the words of the
“You need to stop her now before she aborts the pregnancy.
If she did, first, no other woman will be able to bear you a
child- Not in this world! Even if you found a way to have
one, even by adoption, a strange illness will always take it
away from you before you ever becomes happy about it!
Unless, unless, without force, in her own volition, she agrees
to forgive you and marry you!”
I was just lying down in my house watching sonymax channel on our gotv. smoking gun world dumbest was blaring in the television set, i was not concetrating but yet my eyes were glued to the television set, i had someone call my name but didn’t even bother answering.Within a short while our door opened and my friend Nze walked in, he lives in my yard too but was mucholder than me at almost 27 and just graduated from d university, he was short from my own perspective standing at 5″5 in contrast to my 6″9ft freaky tall height.“John how far na” he blurted out.“bros am fine oo, how your girl na wetin deh?” i replied“i came here bcus of her oo i wan make u help me write waec for am she has tried it like 4times now which u know she didn’t make it, please john i need you to help her out” he said almost pleadingly.“guy so you love that girl too much reach like this?” i teased.we laughed it off as we normally do other stupid teases we indulge in.H knew i would do it, i was barely 21 but he saw me as his best friend not minding the age gap between us.FAST FORWARDeverything was arranged i even got my own uniformand all that. lied to my dad that i was going to my uncle’s house for a while, but i told mum the truth cus i knew she would oblige.the day to travel arrived and i got my things ready and went down to the lesson center where we registered for the waec exam cus the owner of the lesson center was to provide transportation and accommodation for every student that registered with them.“See girls choi!!! ” i almost said out loud as i got to the lesson center, girls littered everywhere, some gisting while others were eating snacks , guys were there too but the ratio of girls to guys was 4:1.. its gonna be enjoyment ooo’ i mischievously smiled to myself, bundled myself to a corner and sat down while we all waited for the bus to arrive....continues in episode 2
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