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Bukky and Ade had slept off, tied to each other by their
hands. Ade snored slightly.
Blessing thought about her life, her family and future. She
knew if she kept this pregnancy and Emeka kept reveling in
denial, she is already a single mother- a state that has a
screaming level of discrimination in her part of the world. She
remembered when one of her friend talked about condom and
she was lying that she never had sex and wouldn’t. She
regretted she should had learnt more about the use of it,
instead of allowing Emeka to assure her that as a virgin, she
is still far from getting pregnant.

The doctor also said something about infection. But she
wanted to lie to herself that Emeka was free from it. She
loved him and she had allowed herself to believe everything
he ever said.
“If you love me, then we should not use the condom.” Emeka
had once told her when she brought up the issue.
She was dunce that she should have known that he would
say anything just to satisfy his selfish needs. And just like
Bukky had said, she has every right to protect her life and
She was glad she didn’t tell Bukky that she once contacted an
STD from Emeka. They had spent a fortune curing the
disease. Even when the doctor had said it was sexually
transmitted, Emeka had pushed the blame on her and accused
her of sleeping around!
She could also recollect the time she saw messages from
other girls on his phone- she approached him because the
messages clearly denotes he was having sexual relationship
with them. Emeka had went into a state of fury and warned
her not to touch his phone again. Since then, he always
locked his phone with a code.
Blessing heaved aloud and Ade and Bukky quickly unbundled
and ran to her side.
“What is it?” Bukky asked her friend.
“Nothing.” Blessing managed a smile. It was a first after the
whole storm had started. “I was just thinking of what
happened few days back. I wondered if Uncle James would
have been back.”
“You need to get rid of this pregnancy and move on, Blessing.
I am not going to stop saying that. You don’t want to live
with that animal.” Bukky said.
“I know.” Blessing started crying. “I just can’t believe I am
going to murder my first child.” She covered her mouth with
her clothes.
“I understand.” Bukky began. “But, you need to understand
that this is not yet a child. It hasn’t taken a human form.
Please, don’t let it become dangerous by letting it grow.”
“I am scared.” She snickered. “I can lose my life.” Her voice
“Of course, you could. But, that is only if you decided to drink
some concoction, use an overdose of certain drugs.” Ade
“So, do you know the drugs I can use?” Blessing asked.
“Drugs are not legal nor safe. We will have to take you to an
abortionist. A legal one.” Bukky said.
“Can’t we just visit the nurses around? They may be able
“No!” Bukky shouted her down. “We are not going to visit a
quack, Blessing. We are going straight to a certified hospital
for this.”
“I don’t have the money. I learnt it is expensive to have a
proper and legal one. They said the chemists can also do it
“Who have you been talking to?” Ade asked.
“Yes, who have you been talking to?” Bukky added.
“I…” she waited a bit and continued, “I lied to Michelle that
one of my sister’s friend is affected and wanted an abortion.
She said she will give me the phone number of a chemist who
has helped her many times.”
“Many times? Michelle?” Bukky was puzzled.
“Listen, she asked me not to tell anyone. She said it’s better
than the hospital where many eyes will see you.” Blessing
Bukky said she should have thought about the shame before
fooling around. Ade let her realized that because Michelle
walks around fine doesn’t mean she is fine. There may be
complications she wouldn’t realize until later. Infections, bad
abortion leading to infertility and so on, which will manifest
later. This scared Blessing who wanted another chance for the
future. She agreed to get an abortion and move on with her
Uncle James came back two days later and Monica was quick
to relay the shameful actions of Emeka to him. Uncle James
was very angry, but also scared that his nephew might have
taken the wrong decision that could jeopardize his future. He
called for Emeka, who without knowing, lied that Blessing had
decided to take an abortion. He also lied that she slapped
Blessing because she knew she has not being faithful to him
and that was the reason she wanted an abortion.
“Are you saying she told you herself that the pregnancy is not
yours, Emeka?” Uncle James asked again and Emeka said he
was sure.
“Let me warn you, Emeka. I consulted the oracle before
leaving for the meeting and I was assured that the pregnancy
is yours. This lady, Blessing, must not abort this pregnancy. If
she did, you are in a lifetime trouble.”
“But Uncle, why will you say that?” Emeka, who believed that
his Uncle was saying that to make him accept the
responsibilities he didn’t want, asked.
“I believe it will be best if you heard from the mouth of the
gods themselves,” Uncle James said, "because if you are the
one who coerced this lady, by your actions, to embrace
abortion, then you will suffer greatly for it!"
Emeka flinched and frowned. "Uncle..."
"Listen, my child. This world and the people we meet, even
the ones we never talked to, are all networked to each other.
Each, has a significant part in our lives and when we severed
a thread of this network through our stupidity, we already
disturbed the balance and struck the cord that vibrates
another sound through the network, thereby, affecting each
and everyone, but particularly the one who is the culprit."
"I... I don't understand, Uncle. But if Blessing decides to
abort, it should be on her."
"Did you tell her not to abort it?"
"I didn't ask her to abort it either!" Emeka lied. He was now
sweating, afraid for himself.
"Then, the repercussions are on her. The child that is coming
through may die or live. But no matter what, it is part of the
of the network and whether it lives or dies, it's already
contributed it's own quota. And when you tried to stop this..."
"But this pregnancy was a mistake, Uncle."
"There is no such thing as that. Things that happen,
happened for a reason."
Emeka ran his hands through his bald head, he sighed. "What
did you say the repercussions are if..."
"I did not tell you that there are any repercussions, the gods
"Okay, what did they say?"
"Son, I think it is besynyou hear from them yourself. Follow
He led Emeka to the shrine and gave him an ointment to rub
into his ears.
“This will make you hear from the gods.” He said. "Now, stuff
this into your ears." He said as he gave Emeka some cotton
Then he consulted with the oracle while seated around a big
glowing globe. He asked for the gods to tell Emeka the future
if the pregnancy was aborted.
First, there was silence. Then, Emeka started to hear some
sounds...then some words... and a clear statement from some
coarse voices that seemed to overlap.
"What did they say?" His uncle asked. Emeka was silent.
Emeka removed the wools from his ears and drop them on the
"Uncle, please, I will be back." He said and made a run for the
"Emeka! Emeka!" Uncle James shouted after him but he didn't
stop. Uncles Emeka ran after him, telling him to stop!
But Emeka wouldn't stop. He rushed into the house and
rushed out, towards the main road- his mobile phone clamed
in his fist!.....continues in chapter 11
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