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MANSA season 2 (episode 16) final episode

Mrs Amposah stood up and before she could open her mouth to talk, a team of policemen led by Riri invaded the meeting.
Upon seeing the policemen together with Riri, Mrs Amposah knew they were after her.
"Riri, what is the meaning of this?" The chairman asked
"Good day woman, are you Mrs Amposah? Turning to Mrs Amposah, a Policeman asked.
"Yes i am, how may i help you?" She answered
"You are under arrest" the policeman said getting ready to handcuff her.
" Hold on officers. I can't allow this to happen. What has she done? The chairman said trying to stand up for Mrs Amposah.
Before the policeman could answer or make a move, Mrs Amposah pushed him away and used the emergency exit which was right behind her.
The policemen quickly ran after her. Mrs Amposah knew her way around the church very well so she outsmarted the policemen.

She had her way out of the church premises. She ran into the street just adjacent the church where she was unfortunately knocked down by taxi on a top speed.
She got knocked down which made her unconscious. The police rushed in on her and immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital.
Kuu took Mansa home after rescuing her from the hands of Asabea and her accomplice. On the other hand, Asabea and her accomplice were also arrested.
As soon as they got home, Kuu gave Mansa an aspirin to ease the headache she had as a result of the torture she had in the hands of Asabea.
Kuu took her to her room, sat beside her as she laid in bed.
"Mansa, how are you feeling now? Kuu asked.
"I'm ok, Kuu. Thank you for saving my life" Mansa said.
"Mansa, don't worry i owe you more than this" Kuu said.
" I don't understand you, how do you owe me?" Mansa asked.
" Mansa, there is something you need to know, i have to tell you this Mansa" Kuu said.
"I also need to tell you something but I'm really feeling sleepy now, lets do this when i wake up. " Mansa said.
Kuu understood her. Before he knew it Mansa was far asleep. He wanted to leave her to sleep but his thought made him forget.
As he watched her sleep, he began thinking.
" So after all Mansa is not my sister. I am not related to her anyway. It still doesn't justify my actions. I raped her and i have to ask for her forgiveness. I will leave town with my biological mother as soon as I'm done, Only God knows if she will forgive. Please touch her heart. " Kuu thought.
Mansa on the other hand was fast asleep. She had a dream. This time around, she found herself at the church, kneeling in front of the altar praying.
She suddenly felt that she wasn't alone, she turned to her left side and to her surprise, she saw Mr. Amposah also kneeling and praying with her. He looked cheerful.
"Mansa my daughter, i told you never to seize praying. Now God has answered your prayers through his servant. I can rest in peace. " Mr Amposah said this and went behind the altar.
Mansa didn't see him any more. She started calling his name out hoping that he will come back only to hear Obed's voice from the exact place she first met him when she came to pray at church.
"Mansa, I'm done here. I have to go back" Obed said.
"Go back where? where have you been all this while? All along you knew my mum, Obed. Who are you? Mansa asked heading towards Obed.
"Mansa, God answers prayers in so many divert ways and in His own time. Everything has a reason. Now to answer your question of who i am, is it not clear enough for you to know. Anyway, i will meet you at the hospital today" Obed said and within a blink of an eye Mansa didn't see him anymore.
"What hospital is he talking about?" She asked but was awoken by Kuu.
"Mansa, are you ok? You were talking in your sleep" Kuu said.
" Its Obed" Mansa said
" Yeah Obed. I saw him, he said i will meet him at the hospital today" Mansa.
" Seriously, Obed is freaking me out lately, we don't even know his whereabout and now he is appearing in dreams" Kuu said.
"He has been really helpful. It's a mystery i don't know who he really is. Kuu, you wanted to tell me something? Mansa asked.
Kuu's face changed suddenly. He stood up from the bed and knelt down.
"Kuu what are you doing, what is this? Mansa said trying to get him up but Kuu kept kneeling down.
"Mansa, I'm the one who raped you" Kuu said.
"what!!!! Mansa exclaimed.
"I got carried away, it wasn't meant to be so, i didn't know the handkerchief would weaken you. My lust took over the love i have for you. I did that to you Mansa and i ask that you forgive me. " Kuu said.
Tears began running down Mansa's cheek. Mansa out of pain and anger slapped Kuu.
"Am sorry Mansa, forgive me, i don't care if you tell the authorities to arrest me, all i want is for you to forgive. I love you Mansa, and that was not the right way to express it. Mansa am sorry" Kuu said crying.
Mansa was speechless. The truth was hard for her to take. She kept silent. Her silence was killing Kuu. The silence of a woman speaks louder than a political campaign. Her silence ma
Her silence made Kuu feel guilty more than ever. All he needed was Mansa to forgive her.
Mansa went towards him and knelt right infront of him. They were both kneeling and facing each other. Kuu couldn't stop himself from saying sorry. Before he knew it, Mansa landed a kiss on his lips.
It was passionate and sensational. To Kuu, it was like a dream. He wanted it to last forever. He didn't believe it.
Mansa stopped kissing him and said
" You took away my pride as a woman. You hurt me so much but i can see it in your eyes that you're sincere about the love you have for me. Kuu, i know my mother and Mr Amposah is my biological father. Obed was behind all this revelation . " Mansa said.
"What, are you sure of what you're telling me" Kuu asked.
"Yeah, i will explain everything to you when my mum gets here. I will be calling her soon. Kuu, what was Riri doing in your room if you claim you love me" Mansa asked.
"Mansa, she came on to me, i didn't allow her, Mansa she was even the one i met today. She made a confession to me. Riri is in jail now as am talking to you" Kuu said
"what, for what?" Mansa asked but they were interrupted when the house boy came knocking at Mansa's door.
Mansa opened the door and saw the houseboy.
"what is it? Mansa asked
"I just got a call from the police hospital the Mommy had been rushed there. She was knocked down by a car" the house boy said.
"0h my God" Mansa said. Kuu also heard what the houseboy had said and without wasting time, they both left the house and went to the hospital.
On thier way, Mansa called her biological mother to meet her at the hospital where she was going.
They got to the hospital and immediately, they were directed to her ward. They got surprised when the saw two policemen righ at the entrance of the ward. They ignored it and went straight into the ward.
Kuu and Mansa saw Obed at the ward. He was there together with a doctor and one nurse.
Mrs Amposah was in a critical condition. She was talking weird and was just laughing for no reason in particular.
"Doc, whats wrong with her? Kuu asked.
"Her condition is critical, apparently she was running from the police and eventually got hit by a vehicle. The impact of the fall may have affected her skull. But for her talking and laughing, i can't really tell until a psychologist attend to her. I will leave you with her. " The Doc said and left.
"Mansa" Obed called.
Mansa came in and hugged him " Obed, where have you been, whats going on here?"
"Mansa, her cup is full, listen to her" Obed said.
"Hahaha, " Mrs Amposah's kept laughing
"I can see my dear husband, hahaha, why didn't you allow me to get rid of Mansa, I can't let her get all the properties." She said. It looks as if she was crazy and was seeing things that actually was not visible to anyone.
"Hahaha, my dear husband, its all your fault, Chris and i deserves more than this. I want it all for myself hahaha. If only that Riri good for nothing girl didn't betray me. After all the monies i paid to her from the Church's coffers" Mrs Amposah was on top of her voice now. She was going crazy.
"So its true" Kuu said " Riri told me all this"
" Yes, take everything, are you happy now hahaha. No my dear husband don't take me yet, don't take me hahhaa" Mrs Amposah said.
They all stood there and kept watching her as she talked. All of a sudden she started shaking very hard like the reaction you get when you are electrocuted.
Mansa out of pity couldn't see her suffer, she called the doctor immediately to come to Mrs Amposah's aid.
The Doctor came to see her still shaking with a white foamy substance coming out of her mouth, just like what happened to Mansa.
The Doctor instructed that they all wait outside the ward. They went out and coincidentally they saw Mrs Lokko coming towards the OPD.
Mansa rushed towards her and hugged her in tears.
"what is it my daughter? She asked.
"Its Mrs Amposah, she is dying mum" Mansa said.
"Don't worry my daughter, its going to be alright" Mrs Lokko said.
"Obed, where have you been" Mrs Lokko said
"Obed, where have you been" Mrs Lokko said.
"I have been with you, my sister" Obed strangely said.
Mrs Lokko was surprised that Obed called her, her sister as young as he looked.
"Kuu, come closer" Obed called Kuu.
"Kuu this Mansa's mother" Obed told Kuu.
"And Mansa, i thought you had a question to ask? Obed said and took her hand.
"Follow me" he said and walked with Mansa towards the exit of the hospital
"Mansa, I wonder why you still asking who i am. Have you forgotten the forth person, that stood among Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fire furry. God answers prayers in different ways. Your duty is to keep doing good to your neighbour and never seize praying. You don't know who you may be helping. Go back inside there, I believe you have something to tell Kuu" Obed said.
Mansa got goose bumps all over her. Before she could turn and go back to the OPD. Obed was no where to be found.
Somehow she wasn't frightened. She smiled and said to herself "Thank you God"
She went in to join Kuu and Mrs Lokko her biological mother. To Kuu's surprise, Mansa took his and told her Mum that...
"Mum, this is Kuu, my husband to be" Mansa said.
"Wow, you have my blessings " Mrs Lokko said.
Kuu was so surprised of what he just heard.
" I know how you may be Feeling now, but i realized i love you ever since i saw Riri come out of your room that night. Kuu i love you". Mansa said and they hugged each other.
It was at this moment where the Doctor came back looking dull.
"Doc, how is she? Mansa asked.
"Its unfortunate, we did our best but she didn't make it. She has passed on" The Doc said.
Even upon all what Mansa had gone through, in her hands, she still loved her like a mother. She cried bitterly.
"I suppose you're Mansa? Before she passed on, she told me to ask for your forgiveness on her behalf. That was her last words. " The Doc said.
"Doc, I've already forgiven her" She said while still in tears.
Kuu comforted her and together with Mrs Lokko they left to the house.
On the other hand, Chris had been processed for court and eventually was found guilty.
He then subsequently jailed for 15 years with hard labour.
Few weeks after the death of Mrs Amposah. Mrs Lokko took it upon herself to look after Kuu's Mother. She gave her the house that Obed and Mansa once lived in. With Kuu's educational back ground and Mansa's rich Mother, they both studied each other and grew into loving each other until they were finally convinced to get married.
This brings us to the begining of a new story Shades of lust
shades of lust (episode 1)
In front of an uncompleted one storey building, stood a
boy of about twenty three years old. He was standing in
front of a fresh grave, holding a candle with his right
hand as tears fell from his eyes.
My name is Jude Ibeh, a half Nigerian, and half American.
Yes I used the term because my mother was a white
American while my father was a Nigerian, however I never
got to know my mum because she died when I was two
years old leaving me solely under my dad’s care who did
a good job raising me up. All I inherited from my mother
was her skin color and smile.
I grew to love my dad with all my heart even though we
disagreed on many things because he was so traditional
and had a sort of old school mentality. He believed a lot
in tradition and wanted me to accept all his beliefs which
never went down well with me.
I was forced to return to Nigerian for my university
education after high school without caring for my feelings.
Yes Nigeria is a great country but the temperature,
attitude of the people and everything about the country
never suited my lifestyle.
I was admitted into Imo state university to study
industrial chemistry and it really was hell for me. The
lecture rush, the intonation of lecturers, the overcrowding
of lecture halls, the noise and the struggles really left a
sore taste in my mouth. I simply managed to pass over
to my second year with lots of carryovers and yes the
second year was equally stressful but much better
because I was slowly adapting much to my dad’s
But on my third year when I was finally about becoming a
full time Igbo boy, my dad left me all alone in the world.
He returned to Nigeria on March 1st 2012 for a little
business but never lived to see the next day. You can’t
imagine the shock I had when I got a call from one of my
uncles that my father was dead. That he died in his
I simply couldn’t believe my ears. It sounded so unreal
and unbelievable but on getting home I found out that the
only person I had in the world was gone. My life instantly
came to a standstill. I just felt like killing myself and
leaving the world as well.
My dad’s burial was quickly organized by my uncles who
didn’t give me any say in the matter since I wasn’t yet
recognized as a man. I knew my dad was murdered but I
had no evidence. I had no money. I equally wasn’t *man
enough* to challenge anyone.
I simply was in a tight corner and all I did was observe
and cry out my heart.
After the burial, I was left all alone to manage and cater
for myself. I just didn’t know what to think or where to
start reorganizing my life. I wasn’t good at any type of
hustling. Menial jobs just weren’t for me and my uncles
never seemed to care.
My dad equally never left much for me apart from the
uncompleted building at home and the little he had left in
his bank account after the burial ceremony.
As I stood before my father’s grave, crying out my heart.
I was at lost. I was so empty and alone. I never knew life
could be so difficult and mean. I badly had the urge to
abandon my studies and return to America but none of
the options before me looked easy.
I felt a strong hand land on my shoulder. I turned to see
one of my senior cousins smiling at me. I looked at him
and swallowed hard. Kelvin was the only person who
cared of my well-being during the course of my father’s
burial but then his father was equally one of my uncles
that I was suspecting over my father’s strange death
which made me not to trust his kind gestures towards
Kelvin was around twenty eight years old. He looked quite
rich and had two expensive cars that rolled people’s eyes
but then no one could say exactly the business he was
into and he never cared what people felt about his source
of wealth.
‘’I know how you feel right now. I know you think the
world is nothing but hell. I’m here to help you. I’m here
to turn you into something you never imagined you would
be. Stop crying for your dad. He is already done. It’s now
left for you to continue his legacy. You are going back
with me to the city and I will teach you how to survive in
a Nigerian way.’’ He said with a smile while I curiously
stared at him a bit confused over his words.
‘’How to survive in a Nigerian way’’ I muttered over and
over to myself as I stared at him.....continues in episode 2
The author of the fan fiction does not,
in any way, profit from the story and that all creative rights
to the characters belong to their original creator(s).
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