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MANSA season 2 (episode 13)

"I'm your mother, my son" she said.
Kuu looked surprised as he didn't believe his ears.
"What did you say? Am sure you are in the wrong house " Kuu asked.
"I know where i am. I brought you here" She said
This was getting weird for Kuu. He looked more confused and offered her a seat.
As she sat, Kuu asked her,
" Madam, how do you mean you are my mother? Am sure you know who my family is. Kuu asked.
"My son, i can explain only if you give me the chance to" She asked.
" Ermm can you hold on, let my sister join us, perhaps
she can understand you more than myself" Kuu said and without waiting for her responds he called Mansa out.
Mansa, who was already upset with him came still looking angry.
" I beg of you, can you please join us" Kuu asked.
Without answering him, she greeted the woman and sat down.
"Thank you" Kuu said thanking Mansa.
"Madam, you can now explain yourself " Kuu told her.
" I personally raised you up until you were a year old. Your father died when you eight months old and after, things became very difficult for me.
I couldn't play the role of a mother. I barely had enough food to eat not to talk of feeding you......" She said but Kuu interrupted her
"Hold on there, you said my father died when i was eight months old? kuu asked.
"Yes, my son" She answered.
"Meaning you claiming that late Mr Amposah is also not my father? Kuu asked.
"Yes my son. Your biological father died of a cancer" She said.
Mansa was completely lost by what was going on. She didn't understand anything but she could tell from the looks of the woman that she was being truthful and sincere.
" What is she talking about, Who is this Kuu? Mansa asked looking more concerned now.
"That's exactly what i want to find out. She says she is my mother Mansa. " Kuu said
"What? Mansa said with shock.
"Let's hear you madam" Kuu said then she continued with her explanation. My only option was to leave you in the care of someone worthy. That was when i saw Mr and Mrs Amposah.
They agreed to take care of you as their own, on condition that i kept this adoption a secret. They sent you away to the states until i heard you had returned upon the death of your forster father.
Kuu, you are my only son, i couldn't abandoned you just like that, i had to think of something. This was my only choice my son. Your name is Kuuku Antwi and am your mother." She revealed.
"Stop it, stop it, i can't take it anymore" Kuu shouted. He left her and Mansa and ran into his room.
It was too much for him to bare. He couldn't handle it. He was just confused whether she is telling the truth or not.
Mansa went into Kuu's room and found him sitting on his bed.
She joined him and took his hand. She rubbed her thumbs on his hand. This made him feel more relaxed .
"Kuu, i think you should take it easy now. Don't draw any conclusions yet. Its amazing that i also went through the same thing " Mansa said.
"What are you talking about, Mansa" Kuu asked.
Mansa brushed him off and said " i think there is only one way to find out if she is telling the truth" Mansa.
"How? How can we tell, by doing a DNA i guess? Kuu asked
" Nope, i think we should keep her here till Mrs Amposah comes, then we can confront them both." Mansa suggested.
Kuu felt comfortable as long as he remained be side Mansa. Even with this situation and the news that he had heard today, he still felt guilty for what he had done to Mansa.
Mansa however harboured what she had saw at dawn thus Riri coming from his room.
"Mansa, there is something, i need to tell you" Kuu said.
" I already know Kuu" Mansa said.
" You do? Kuu asked
"Yeah, i know you're going out with Riri, i saw her coming out of your room this dawn" Mansa said
"oh that, Mansa is not what you think" Kuu said
" This is not the time for this, lets go back and keep and the lady waiting until Mum returns" Mansa said and left Kuu's room to the living room. Kuu had no option than to also follow.
Mrs Amposah went to Riri's house after trying severally to get in touch with her but to no avail. Fortunately, She met Riri at her apartment.
It was obvious that Riri didn't want to see her. She didn't give Mrs Amposah a smiling face, however Mrs Amposah was able to persuade her into getting into her car so they could talk.
"Riri, why this attitude. You left my house without telling me, your phone have been off all this while. What is wrong with you? If this, is about your money then take it" She said taking a bundle of 50GH¢.
To her, surprise Riri refused it.
"Mrs Amposah, what do you even hope to achieve from this. I have done a lot and I can't keep up with this anymore. Excuse me, i don't want your money" Riri said.
"You must be joking right? This is a prank" Mrs Amposah said.
"You think so? don't ever contact me anymore, am done" Riri said and got down from the car banging the door right at Mrs Amposah's face.
She didn't believe what just happened. It was like a dream to her.
" She must be upset about something, i know she will be back. " Mrs Amposah said to herself.
Mrs Amposah went straight to the police station. She was not allowed to see her son Chris with a reason best to known to the authorities.
She couldn't bare it. She had to create a scene at the station for not allowing her to see her son. The only thing that restrain her from creating any more problems was the fact that she was threatened to stop her actions or will be arrested.
There was nothing more she could do. For the first time you could tell how frustrated Mrs Amposah was.
She had no option than to go back home. Her day just went bad. Riri rejecting her and now the police disallowing her to see her son.
In no time she got back home. As soon as she opened the door leading to the living room. She was stunned by shock upon seeing Kuu, Mansa and the lady who claims that she is the biological mother of Kuu.
To be continued in episode 14

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