Tuesday, June 14, 2016


on getting to my room i didnt even know when i opened the door like say na fast forward. i dropped her on the bed like just a bag of cement and she chuckled as we started kissing like tomorrow no deh. her hands were already helping me remove my shirt and at the same time i was almost tearing her top. who said alcohol is not good hehehehe. i flew her top away and dove head on at her bossom sucking and squeezing harder than i have ever done before. she was moaning slightly and her hand was on my head pushing me harder into her bossom which left me gasping for
breath later… nibbled at her n-----s and threw off her shorts. she turned me round as she made her way down to my belt removing it with alien-like speed. she took off my trousers all together then took my boxer down to my knee level before she started doing hand justice to my d--k which was already harder than rock. she stroked my d--k furiously, choi e feeling was great i closed my eyes as i savored the feeling. i felt somefin wet and warm engulf my d--k **wow she has already sat on my d--k** i tot. i opend my eyes and saw her hungrily sucking my d--k as if it was food. wow so it was not p---y after all. the waves after waves of pleasure running down my spine left me shuddering as i clenched my teeth and curled my toes as she blew me like a p--n star. omo if u see as d gul take deh look me in d eye as she blew me eehn i nearly faint, she knew she was doing me strong finx and dat i wuld c-m soonish and dat made her devour my d--k even more hungrily asvi felt my o----m building faster than pure water machine. in a little more than two minutes i tapped her hard on d back and she knew i was cuming she removed her mouth and stroked me till my thick fluids spurted on my bed and laps. wow the feeling was beautiful. i hissed got up and went straigh to clean my laps. my d--k was still as hard as rock and i was still strangely h---y. i got a condom and condomized my d--k as i looked downon her with her legs open looking at me with keen interest.i rushed to her side as i roughly pushed her back onthe bed, used same momentum to part her legs wide. i couldnt understand the roughness i was exhibiting but by d looks of finx i culd see she was loving it.i position my d--k in front of her p---y and in one fluid movement i jammed into her hard. she gasped and clenched her hand around my bed sheet as i started ramming her hard and merciless. she was wriggling, moaning almost shouting, was occassionaly grabbing my back or my head or my a-s. i digged her wit utmost speed and hardness dat within a short while her juices was all over my d--k spewing down onto my sheet. D--n it am so gonna wash this bed sheet before sleeping on it again” i cursed under my breath. i continued ramming her hard even when i noticed her legs were now very weaked i just held dem uo with my hands as i ploughed her p---y. after about 19mins of hard f-----g i came hard inside d condom and it was still yet as powerful as d first o----m. my wholebody quaked as wands of semen spewed into the condom.i smiled to mysef as i collasped onto her and she held me tight like a baby. we joyously went into a beautiful sleep. who said its not good to cure conji. not until i heard a soft knock on the door and saw my phone light dimming i checked my phone and saw 3missed calls from chinwe.chineke!!! is that chinwe is that on my door.....continues in episode 8
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