Tuesday, June 14, 2016


i woke up the 8am the next morning to find out i was alone in bed, looked around and saw she must have left while i was still asleep.memories of the night invaded my mind as i saw all that we didin my mind’s eye, i had that evil smile on my face and for my mind i be like “o boy u be baaaaaaadt boy” i sluggishly got up from bed andmet ma lodge mates outside playing whot.They were all beaming with smiles near to
laugh. “tallest so na you weh no gree person sleep last night sheey” stone teased. Stone a hard looking guy with a stout nature and rocks the most beard out of everyone of us.“yes come deh bleep p**sy on top person ear last night, omo thatgirl sound track make sense die.. i almost faint for ma bed” non so intoned supporting stone.We all laughed. “idiots that day stone wan use bleep kill that Nkiruuna talk? mtcheeew make una go seat down for gutter jaree”i defended with laughter. they all wreaked of laughter as i left them to bath and make breakfast for myself.the days dragged by lazily, i visited chinwe a couple of times, we went out sometimes, went for walks together. then on Friday the students in the main lodge organized a party to cool off steam during the weekend.9pm on friday i took a cold bath and rocked my black pencil jeans, black all stars shoes and gucci t-shirt. exactly 10pm i arrived to the main lodge with my lodge mates. “fine baby girl” by sim19 was blaring thru the speakers that surrounded the floor as we approached. “where da f--k did this guys manage to conquer a speaker” i muttered to myself.The dance floor was already busy with guys and girls rocking their bodies to the tune of the music, some guys don even take style deh give them proper romance self. **hiss** guys shaa SMH.i scanned thru faces as i hoped to see Chinwe, Aftersome minutes i abandoned my quest, sat down at asemi-lit corner and kept myself busy with a bottle of HEINEKEN.“These guys sabi throw bash ” i muttered under breathe to myself as i sipped thru my 4th bottle of beer watching a slim tall girl rocking a relatively shot dude, her a-s rocked his chest instead of his crotch region even though she tried bending her knees.At another corner, there was a slight scuffle as a girl have dished out a platter of slaps to a guy who she was dancing with, i think he squeezed her b----t in the name of dance.“Tallest come and dance” i heard someone say, i lifted my head to see who it was. i saw a pretty sharp figure, dark complexioned nice boobs and a-s, in fact she was in uche jumbo’s category when it comes to looks.“I don’t know how to dance” i said running my eyes all over her. she let out a loud laugh. am sure i have seen this girl before around here but its normal shaa. i see a lot of the girls living in main lodge but idon’t talk to dem i just keep my cool and pass.she came and sat beside me collecting d bottle of beer from me as she sipped from it, my eyes were drawn to her cleavages clearly visible to me as she sat beside me. I was having an alcohol induced hard on which intensified at the sight of her cleavage visible under the dim shadowy lights that sipped into the corner i sat.she introduced herself to me and i to her. her name was Doris she was from imo and bla bla bla ish.I and Doris talked as we gulped down more bottles of alcohol together. 1am i was tipsy h---y and tired of the party i wanted to go home. i can see the population of the party has already gone down, probably all of them were already digging s--t. the thought of that got me even more h---y as i announced my retirement to Doris.“AH AH NA TALLEST PLEASE STAY MORE NA IF YOU LEAVE NOW WHAT AM I DOING HERE AGAIN”. she pleaded. “AM TIRED AND AM FEELING SLEEPY ALREADY I NEED TO GO UNLESS YOU WOULD WANT TO GO WITH ME”I jokingly added. to my utmost surprise she obliged,got up and readjusted her clothes and off we were to my house. my lodge was just a stone throw from the main lodge.On our way she was going on and on about exam things ish, i was not even interested in that, all my mind was bent on jumping into her pants. as i planned my move i gathered morale. “common jaree this girl want you joor na im make she accept follow you go house” i reassured myself.i slowly took ma hands to her butt as we walked. she paused but said nothing. i gave her a-s a little squeeze as my other hand wondered into her face to grab it. she read the message as she dove her lips into mine hungrily. “wow this girl was even more h---y than i was” i reasoned.she jumped on me with her legs crossing behind me as she kissed away like her life depended on it. a h---y girl was exactly wat i needed tonight. both of us were obviously tipsy. she kept on moaning into my ears as i gave her soft kisses every now andthen on her neck as i carried her to my room.....continues in episode 7
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