Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Episode 5i devoured the food in less than 10mins, took a full glass of water then laid down on my bed to rest. man need rest after that kind big work na .she was all the while patiently seated beside me wearing a dreamy look.I turned and faced her with an appreciative smile on my face, she blushed as i looked at her n tilted her face to the left. “thank you dear, you just saved my life hunger nearly wound me here today” i confessed. “eehyaa, You should h told me na and i would have been coming to help you often, don’t worry i will be bringing u something from time to time” she said with concern written all over here beautiful face.I patted her on d back then i lied fully well on the bed, shifted against the wall and motioned
her to come and lie beside me. she didn’t argue or say anything, she just gave me a questioning look then quietly laid her body beside mine on the bed.we talked about many things; religion, love, relationship, science and many others… it was like i got a sudden impulse to check the time as i realized we have talked for a long time, i quickly took a glance on my watch and it was 10pm. “s--t!!” i blurted out rising from the bed with fluid reflex.“what is it” she asked. “Its late already chinwe, you have to start going let me take you home”… she turned and looked at me. “whats the time” she asked again. “its 10:26” i answered. she smiled picked her phone and dialed a number. “hello Cynthia pls i won’t come back today i will sleep at tallest room” i listened carefully to her, could hear the girl from the other side of the phone say something i couldn’t make out then gave a long laugh.She just smiled and ended the call. what dah bleep?This girlwan sleep here tonight…choi nawao”. My mind raced hard.Just as if she read my mind she turned and said “i will sleep here tonight, tomorrow i will go its already late”.she took her bath, then changed into my basketball short and my jersey both of them hanging loosely oversized on her body.She resumed her previous position on my bed, my blanket was big enough to cover even 4 people comfortably, so we used it together, i played a film on my laptop and we started watching.she was so engrossed in the film, was laughing and making sassy comments on John Okoafor’s stupidity.1am i told her i wanted to sleep that she should shut it down when she’s done, she nodded and i went to sleep.“johny! johny!! i was hearing a mild angelic voice from beyond, i opened my eyes sluggishly everything was blur and i could make out someone standing in front of eyes adjusted to the environment as i rubbed sleep off my eyes, “am sorry for waking you but am very cold its been raining since” chinwe’s voice rang. i was still very sleepy, i just took her by the hand and dragged her towards me, she understood and slipped her body into mine as i wrapped my arms warmly around her and covered her well with the blanket.she shifted even closer crushing her body tightly against mine and her hand clasped around mine. her a-s was brutally assaulting my d--k as it involuntarily rose to life and was throbbing inside my pants.i closed my eyes and tried to sleep but she kept on tilting her body every now and then, i could tell she was feeling my d--k on her a-s. how was a guy supposed to sleep in this kind of situation na.After abt 30 min of frequent shifting and adjusting, she slowly turned and faced me. she took a long look into my eyes, i could feel her breathing tempo has changed and was feeling the warmth of her breath on my face, our faces was very close together.I lost it, i slowly took her face in my arms could feel her shivering slightly. then tilted her face a bit forward as our lips locked into a very passionate and long kiss.she was breathing heavily and her hand was at the back of my neck pushing my mouth deeper into hers. i slowly got up and she relaxed on the bed with her face facing up, i kissed her from her mouth up to her ear lobes then down to her neck, she shut her eyes with her mouth open.“omo make i cure conji ooo!!! my mind shouted. her hands were now on my back caressing it recklessly.i took ma face down to her bossom as i gently removed the Jersey she was wearing and of course she didn’t sleep with her bra on, i didn’t waste time in attacking the bossoms as hungry as i attacked the egusi soup.i s----d and slurped, teased with my hands squeezing it hard but gently. she was now letting out slight moans into my ears, body slightly letting out shivers.I took my right hand down to her crotch and smooched her p**sy thru the short she was wearing. she was throwing her head back gasping. I smiled to myself, i pulled out d short to reveal a white netty pantie she was putting on.Then i rubbed her p**$y thru her pantie and her juices was already all over. she was now yanking subconsciously on my shirt in a bid to take it off. i took it off as she attacked with her mouth, kissing, sucking my n-----s and running her tongue all over.i kept on fingering her p---y thru her panties as she pulled down my trouser and started rubbing my d--k furiously. i got up removed my trouser entirely. looked down as i saw her gazing at my d--k which was quite big standing at almost 8inches.her p**sy juice made her p**sy to glisten under the light of the electric bulb and it got me going crazy. i hurriedly searched thru my bag with the speed of light retrieved a condom and slipped it on like flash.I got down in between her legs as she slowly parted them her eyes gazed lustfully on my face judging from the sparkling dreamy look she wore.i positioned my condomized d--k at the entrance of her p**sy and rubbed it against her c--t furiously. she moaned a bit loudly this time around.i grabbed her two bossoms with my hands as i rammed my d--k into her soaking wet slit with fluid movement. she moaned, her face and mouth wearing a look that made it seem she was gasping for air, as she grabbed my back and wrapped her legs behind me.i kissed her more as i began going in and out of her in a gentle way. her hands were all over me as she was now looking straight into my eyes and i went in and out of her. i slowly increased my tempo as i drilled her in missionary for more than 12minutes till i felt her legs tighten more against my body and nails digging into my body as her whole body quaked.More p**sy juices spilled on my shimmering d--k and i knew she already had and o----m and that sent me on a quest to achieve mine. the walls of herp**$y gripped tight against my d--k as i increased my tempo to full speed.pounding her furiously with that energy used in pounding yam, her moans were becoming louder asi took my lips down into her to bring down d moans of ecstasy. i could feel my o----m building as i kept ramming into her sweet love canal.In about 3 or 4mins i blew my load , waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure running down thru my spine to my whole body as my d--k spurted wads ofc-m into the condom. i was satisfied and tired. i removed the condom wrapped it with a paper and dropped it somewhere in my room.she took me in her arms again and gave me a long appreciative kiss. i smiled that kind evil smile. come feel like James bond.slid into my trouser as she wore her panties and my basketball jersey only cus i threw the short out of reach. she retired into my waiting arms and held meas if am running away. i had a feeling this was just a tip of d iceberg. she closed her eyes as we both drifted to dream land.....continues in episode 6
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