Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I got home tired and hungry, was too tired to cook but i needed to eat something.i went straight to my cupboard took some cornflakes and milk. hurriedly took a coldshower and slept off.i woke up by 4pm still feeling more hungry than ever, i was still on my bed was tooweak to get up, i went straight for my phone,logged on to 2go and chatted for a while with some friends
who were like asking me where I have been. i heard a knock on my door, i stopped what i was doing and took a sharp long gaze atthe door not getting up to open. “who is dat” i asked in a commanding tone. the door slightly opened and a female face popped in with a smile. “chinwe”i blurted out standing up immediately to wear a trouser cus i was wearing just a little boxer. she stepped into the room while i was struggling Witthe trouser, her eyes broadened as i noticed a naughty smirk on her face. i managed to slip into the trouser and faced her wif a smile. “how are u na”i managed to say. “am good, can see you were sleeping before? she replied with a question. i smiled glancing my eyes all over her; she was wearing a little knicker that can easily pass for a bum-short with a pink top. her bossoms were resting on the top heavily,her a-s was round as i brought my eyes down on them,it was round and firm. wow her face was radiant with her pink lip gloss and a beautiful smile adorning herlips.i was a bit speechless as i sub-consciously rested myeyes on her. “tallest! here take” she said jolting me offmy state of oblivion. i smiled as i took a polythene bag from her, hurriedly opened it to reveal a stainless foodflask which i opened, my mouth watered as i was facedwith a plate of well prepared egusi soup with enough meatand fish with yellow eba. chai where this girl take get moneyto cook this kind delicacy na’ i thought.. anyway na girl she bena for her pocket.I dove into the food with much gusto, no timeto form jaree i was very hungry. she was sitting beside meon the bed smiling as she watched me devour the food with relish......continues in episode 5
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