Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The journey finally came to an end at exactly10pm after so many lost minutes drivingaround the remote village trying to locateour supposedly accommodation.I was so tired and so was the other students,i noticed it was
a huge compound with two buildingsone was a duplex and the other a bungalowand all of us are supposed to be shared evenly in the roomsbut it was too late for that, they were students from awkawho were already there before us and just as usualthe girls were more than guys. ‘wow more girls!!! i heardmy self say. nawa ooo i don deh fear oo.i took my backpack and headed to one room just toget some sleep my body needed it morethan anything now.The next morning, the rooms were shared out5persons in one room, nze and i already paidthe owner of the lesson center who by the waywas named o-mpa to give me one room all tomyself cus it was part of the conditions i gavehim on accepting the task of writing the exam.after the shuffling and sorting out students to their assigned rooms, we were only 11 guys that didn’t get a room cus the rooms were not o-mpa had to hire an isolated bungalowjust a stone throw from the main compound.he shared the rooms among the boys and gave meone room. woow this is sure gonna be the best daysof my life.we named our little isolated lodge THE NEW YORK LODGEi took time to arrange my room well, washed, cleaned,bot a carpet, a little mattress dat culd accomodatetwo comfortably, got pillows, plates and pots. after allsaid and done i made sure i pimped it to my tasteobviously the best among the rest tho.the next day exams started in Ernest, it waspractical chemistry, we went to school for the first time,it was a mixed school but girls too were obviouslymore. the day’s paper went by uneventful and the day ended.The next exam was on thursday, physics. i woke upby 8am hurriedly took my bath and skipped breakfasthitched a bike and rushed down to school,names were already been called out as i enteredluckily enough they havent called me yet, UZOMMA EZEthe invigilator rang, “present sir” i shouted raising my hands as iscrambled thru the maze of studens eagerly waitingfor their namesto be called. the invigilator took a questioninglook at me and re-adjusted his specs, he probably knwi was impersonating someone, a gul for thatmatter but who cares.the exam kicked off, i hurriedly went thru mypaper i needed to finish up so i can helpwrite for more people inside the hall to getmore money, nobody should blame meam an igbo guy…lol.i did my thing wrote for a couple of guys and got readyto go home. someone tapped me on my backi turned sharply only to see chinwe lookingsquarely into my eyes with a pinch of sadness“tallest pls help me out” she managed to say with heranswer sheet on her hand, i didnt need any soothsayer totell me she was desperate. i said nothing, collected herbooks sat down and started writing for her, she just stood therelooking as i wrote as fast as i could. within a short while i wroteeverything down for her , handed it back to her with a smile andheaded out of the exam hall, av had enof of thr booksfor one day.the exam ended and i waited for my lodeg-matesto come out from the hall when i saw chinwe walking towardsme with a broad smile accross her face.“Tallest thank u very much” i smiled and tapped her.she offered we walk home together and i obliged.we talked abt many things, told her abt me n she told me abt herin getting to the main lodge i was about diverting tomy own lodge wen she called me back.“I want to cook for u today to thank u” she said blushing.“hahaha noo u dont have to thank u ” i heard masef say.u deh madt?? my hrt countered common shut up andinvite her.“Just tell me anything u want i will bring it to u” she cintinued“ok just get me anything u like ” i said just to close the talk.alright i will be at ur place this evening, sheey na im be dat house over there? she asked pointing at my lodge which was clearly visible from d main lodge. i nodded and we said our goodbyes with radiant smiles across our faces…....continues in episode 4
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