Monday, June 13, 2016


it took like what seemed like forever for the stupid bus drivers to arrive with 12 toyota hiace buses. i was tired already and my face looked dull from the tormenting hours of waiting. it was already 3pm andwe had a long journey ahead.I tiredly dragged myself into d bus, the front seat to be precise cus of my height i cant stay comfortably at the back. a gul sat at the middle chair on the frontseat, i climbed on the bus, threw a weak greeting at her which she
just waved in reply. i no even mind i was too weak to send anybody at that time and i seriously needed this stupid bus to start moving already.I relaxed on my seat and closed my eyes i needed to rest, i was hungry like mad but wasn’t in the mood for any snack.after what seemed like an eternity to me, the whole students were all sorted into the buses and the journey started.The atmosphere was filled with much anticipation and anxiety, i could make outmost of these girls were going awayfrom home for the first time, i smiled at myselfits all better shaa.the journey was smooth traffic-wise cus we didn’t encounter even one trafficjam on our way except for the girl that led the prayers in my own bus, she went on and on for more than one hour until i lostinterest in the prayer.i covered my ears with my ear-phone as Shania twain songfilled my ears, i closed my eyes “if this yeye girl want make she pray till Jesus come again e no evenconcern me again”…I stayed like this for like 30 mins when someone tapped me onmy shoulder, i turned and it was the girl, sitting beside me at the front seat. i did a very quick scan of her ; she was fair, her bossom was quitelarge, looking down to her waist line i could see howher huge a-s rested on the soft seat, she had a beautiful face but was not the slim type neitherwas she fat.Could make out her massive laps from the tight leggings she wore. wow those lustful glances almost gave me a hard on down inside my trousers.I managed to look squarely on her face “What is it” i blurted out. part of me angry cus i was hungry, some cus of the rude way she responded to my greeting.“Tallest please can u give me one ear-phone, this girl is still praying o” she said almost laughing… i look surprisingly at her, shrugged, didn’t utter a word just removed one ear-phone and gave her, Senorita by don williams was playing through the ear-phone, she came a bit closer so the wire would be enough.Her boobs was crashing against my left arm but i tried my best not to think about it. the journey continued till 8 in the night we were still on the road, the exciting chats and songs students were making have now gone down most of them were now just sitting wearily, wearing hungry gloomy faces looking out of the window, you could tell they were all tired and needed this journey to end quickly. me on my own part was just resting my head on the seat with my eyes closed and the girl beside me now had her head resting on my shoulders as she slept or so i thought. and by the way she already told me her name it was chinwe.....continues in episode 3
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