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Adventure of Johnysky ( finale)

Remembering all the events of these few weeks thati have spent in amaobodo community, it has been both a lesson, experience, adventure and most importantly an event that will forever remain fresh inmy memory.i woke up this morning with a new self into a
new day. . . the beautiful greenish natural view of pure bright vegetation of amaobodo was booming with life and beauty. the birds enjoyed their lodges on the trees chipping and nodding to their tunes, the ever lazy agama lizards busy chasing the female lizards around. i smiled as i rose from bed with a new hope and life. after staying awake almost all thru the night, i have decided within myself that i would and must make peace with everybody and allthe girls i have offended, i have decided to untangle myself from this web of lust. this igbo day was the perfect day for it, everything was looking up.i prepared for school but not as if i was in a hurry, i treated myself to a huge meal of egg and bread garnished with sadine and indomie washed down with a bottle of malt. i adorned my uniform and got ready to go before someone walked into my room, i turned sharply and saw doris smiling down at me also in her school uniform. i couldn’t smile or even talk, i could see her eyes sparking with concern andquestions. “I AM SO SORRY FOR EVERYTHING, IN ANYWAY I HAVE OFFENDED U DORIS PLEASE I AM TRULY AND SINCERELY SORRY” i said taking hold ofher shoulder and looking directly into her eyes. she was silent and i was wondering what was in her mind but i knew that she must know that my apology was sincere.Doris wrapped her arms around me as she took me in for a long and passionate hug, it was a forgiving hug and it was worth more than all the s-x i have had all this while. “i forgive u john and i hold nothing against u” Doris said still clamping me in a hug. after a while Doris left and a long smile filled my face. some part of my heart was at peace but some wasn’t their were three more people i had to make my peace with.on getting to the school i walked straight to bisi, she was still forming mad and angry at me, but afterseveral minutes of begging and even kneeling downshe pulled me up, kissed me straight on the lips and said “JOHNY I WAS NEVER ANGRY AT U, ANYWAY I FORGIVE U AND I WISH U JOY IN EVERYTHING U DO IN LIFE” i could make out her voice was teary as she spoke. i thanked her and shewent back to her duties.. today was turning out to be a good day and i prayed to have similar luck withthe two remaining girls chinwe and chidinma.i met chinwe before we went in for the paper, i begged and she forgave me and we agreed to be best of friends. i knew in my heart that sooner or later she may turn out to seek we get back together again or maybe never but i was resolved in my heartthat if that be the case i would do the right thing.finding chidinma was a heck of a challenge it seemed she was avoiding me like plague, in the exam hall i tried to establish eye contact with her but she avoided that too and seemed to mind her business and paper more than ever. . . * so na for igbo she wan form professor abi??*igbo went by easily as everybody wrote to their satisfaction, the invigilator, a rusty lean old looking lady did not even mind what went around the hall i dont even think she saw any importance in igbo language.after the exam i arranged myself and made to dash towards chidinma inside the hall i didnt even mind kneeling down for her inside this hall what ever that will make her forgive me, deep down my heart i knew i cared for this girl more than anyone else, my feelings for her was becoming more clearer in my heart but too bad i chose to realize that now we no longer in good terms. i was determined to make my peace with her whether she comes back to me or not i dont care all i care about is that she forgive meand that is enough to give me peace of mind.“chidinma” i called out walking toward her. . she turned and gazed upon me squarely then turned again and walked out of the hall increasing her steps on getting to the door and surprisingly culminated into a full blown run.what is the matter na?this girl hates me this much ?i walked out of the hall tilting my face right and left scanning thru students, excitement filled the air as students rejoiced and hugged each other snapping pics and all that.“mtcheeew if u see them now u will think they just passed Cambridge, some no go even pass waec but dem deh rejoice” i coldly exchanged pleasantries with many people as i walked past them heading towards the field still no sign of chidinma. i scanned the environment with my eyes almost penetrating classrooms with bare naked eyes…lol.i turned my view towards the mango tree at the extreme end of the field, i knew she wont find her there but i decided to check anyway.on getting to the mango i saw her sitting behind it with her face in both her hands, i almost ran to her as i hurled my self on my knees in front of her and place both of my hands on her laps.she looked up with surprise in her face and traces of tears in her eyes looking at me with that same face. my mouth was open but found no words, this was a girl that loved me more than i deserved but i was so much of a jerk not to realize how much she meant to me on time.i was ashamed of myself as my head sagged down looking down on the ground still trying to bring myself to apologize. . my face slightly tilted up oncemore as i muttered “chidinma please i am so…..” myapology was interrupted by the sudden invasion of her lips on mine. the kiss was so real and it left me bewildered.“chidinma please forgive me, i am so sorry” i managed to say in between the litany of kisses.“baby i love u” she said still delving her tongue and lips into mine.i was dumbfounded, how could this girl still love methis much? do i even deserve to be loved this way?“chidinma i love u too please come back to me” i found my voice.she kissed me one more time and said the words “i never left u johny”This was it, my chance to love and love better, my chance to make myself worthy of love and shed the useless folly not being a one girl guy.“baby u know i am going back to Enugu tomorrow” i reminded her that waec just finished.“i know and i will be coming to Enugu soon to stay with my uncle”i smiled as i kissd her evn more freely once more. she promisd to come spend my last night in amaobodo with me. . . i feared tomorrow, i feared to leave not knowing if she would actually come to enugu as promised, i knew i would wait and i was willing too, somehow deep down me i knew LOVE WOULD FIND A WAY.THE END…..
This story is written by the author as an unrelated continuation of the first story bearing this name.
Episode 1
FLYING HOPES“Sky your daddy is back” Vincent announced blankly to me, wearing an abandoning look with those dark pair of eyes peering directly into mine asif expecting a feed back from me any moment.My eyes was flown back to the play station potable on my hand within a milli-second as i was about to complete the Contra final stage and needed all the concentration i could muster.“Sky, you didn’t hear me?” Vincent sang again as hecould see his news seemed not to have any effect on me. I looked up in a flash again, disbelief was written all over his face seeing the slight drop of his mouth as he mopped at me this time around.“Am coming abeg” i blurted out my gaze already dragged back to the game on my hand.“What are you even playing self” He went on, shifting the topic seeing how uninterested i seem tobe.“Let me see” He was drawing my hands near so his short neck could make out what i was playing, a tinygrunt flickered out of the speakers, an end game tone followed immediately and i looked on with horror as my game character lay dead just moments before i could complete killing the boss seeing the boss life was almost spent.“Jesus Ooooooooooooooh!!!” I yelled out in dismay casting a deadly glare at Vincent who had an almost laughing look.“See now i have to start this game all over again, see i don’t like it oo” I barked out near cry, the gamein my hand pointing at Vincent with a crisp shade ofunsure threat.Just when i thought nothing could hurt me more at this moment seeing that my last attempt on the final level just came to a futile end on the last seconds but then Vincent sudden outburst did the trick. His large stomach vibrated and bounced up and down as his body vibrated, cracking sounds of an uncalled laughter.Vincent was sprawled on the floor laughing his stomachs out, maybe i didn’t get the joke but it had something to do with my face seeing as his finger was pointing at my face while a tear escaped his left eye, the laugh seemed unending and did more to Triple the raging anger that surged within me.It’s not bad a enough that he just spoiled my chance of winning this game, he is finding it funny and laughing the Be-jesus out of me.Vincent; a partly big fat boy, he is comfortably bigger and fatter than any of us in our age group, his chubby porky body always seem too soft and flappy.His uncanny nosiness in dabbling into your business is legendary.The day he will see anything you are eating and pretend he didn’t is exactly the day Jesus will come. if there is anything i have learnt, it should be to get anything am eating as far away from him as possible. His lust for food is unmatched and his greediness when dealing with food was out of the world.He is always seen eating one thing or the other.The day he almost ruined my life is still very vivid in my mind. Had returned home tired, worn out and hungry after a severe bout of football game that extended well pass twilight.Mama had made egusi soup which left me mouth watered as i rushed out of the bathroom wearing my clothes without wiping my body dry with a towel. I was too hungry for ceremonies.A decent plate of Garri with the egusi soup letting out hot steams was passed to me with mama warning me that the garri was finished so no need asking for another around. I didn’t have to, what am seeing on my plate can be managed.Just when the first lump of garri coated richly in soup slid down my throat in a slow journey giving me time to savor the heavenly taste. I heard my name ringing from outside, before i could say “who”Vincent was already in front of me wearing an evil grin beaming down at the food.Had to look on in near tears as he sat comfortably opposite me, washed his hands and dove into the food without invitation.Looking at him now laughing after disrupting my chance of winning the game, my torment was was doubled. “why is this guy always around to torment my life” i cursed under my breathe.“Johny, your father is calling you!!” Mama called out, i cast a hard glare at Vincent- who didn’t even mind seeing how his body still quaked with laughter- walked in to answer daddy.Papa sat tiredly in our small sitting room, our outdated large t.v taking even more severe toll on the available space than the sofas with strategic holes here and there from our co-tenants; Rats.A bag lay in front of him basking in the rays thrown by the electric bulb.Mama sat across the side looking down on me with an almost gloomy eyes.“Good evening sir” I said making papa open his eyes a bit, groaned as he rose slowly to seat up andheaved a hard sigh. He was tired, you didn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that.“Nwam (my child), here are the materials for your school” He said in his heavy Igbo dialect pushing the bag a little towards me.My name is John but my friends seeing the priest did a terrible job during my baptism took it upon themselves to rebaptize me and gave me the name Johnysky mostly sky , a 17 year old teen who have been introduced into the jungle of life in the ghetto iwas born in.Slender body built into a tall frame, dark complexioned and innocent-look face.The first out of three children born to my parents. Ugo is the second, 13years old just entered secondary school, Miracle was the third and last and the only girl, 5years old. She came when everyone thought mama was contented with the two children she had, i too had been surprised cus it was unexpected but yet a welcomed development.Papa was a mason and mama was a trader. Was born into a typical low class Nigerian world.A brain that can be classified to be decent as i have never failed any subject before in my primary and junior secondary school days.Now i will be in senior secondary school 2 when theacademic year starts in September.Being from a poor background had not made education an easy one for me.I had to finish my primary school days with only 2 pairs of uniforms. I used the first from my primary 1 to 3, and it was changed when the short was a little more than a pantie due to growth. i managed the new one from 4 to 6, and the number of shoes i used too wouldn’t fill an average polythene bag still.It was the community government school where most of us kpakos were packed.Comfortably pass my entrance exams and was admitted to the a government secondary school a bit far from home, having to go with a bus #50 everyday and sometimes have to trek home.It’s not that bad, its just exercise.Paying the little school fees required was still a problem to us, as papa’s work wasn’t the money flow type and mama’s trading business was just an attached stall.An unexpected turn of event had taken me to the world of the elites and introduced me into a whole new universe that would change my life forever.It was the last term of my s.s.1 class, the usual noisy typical class ladened with baseless noises that can be classified as chatters.The back benchers are huddled together, singing and using the lockers as instrument.The principal walked in, an air of authority swayed accompanied by the English teacher with a large poster.The whole class went as mute and quiet as a grave yard. The principal announced that a scholarship exam was to take place before the term runs out and anybody interested should submit their names to the English teacher.As usual the front row geeks were over excited, submitting their names almost immediately the principal finished his speech gaining a weak smile as a reward from the principal.The back benchers as expected were not even perturbed by the information, some already were looking out through the window while some whistled music mildly to themselves.I submitted my name with an indifferent attitude. “Na try i go try, them no go kill me if i do so”The exams was held within the term, it was held by McGonals collage. one of the, if not the best secondary schools east of the Niger. No wonder only the rich men enroll their children, the goliath-like school fees was absolutely impossible for any David to kill.Believing my eyes was impossible for me, watching the notice board with my name on it. I unleashed some slaps on my face to be sure i was not hallucinating.had to drag Collins down to the notice board, He blew up pointing frantically at my name boldly written in gold letters on the notice sheet, i had come second right after Victor Eke of course, he was the brightest mind in our class, his intelligence can only be matched by his arrogance which has made him my number one enemy in class.I didn’t mind, my name towered above other students seen to be intelligent in the class. That’s something to be proud of, unexpected as it seemed but here it was ‘I had gained a scholarship to study at McGonals collage’I watched on at the polythene bag containing the things papa had bought, it was the personal provisions for my use in school, the school will be responsible for my feeding as generally done in the school and my educational materials.“Thank you sir, Thank you ma” i said picking up the polythene to arrange it alongside other bags i was going with.I was happy i was finally going to the first good school in my life, happy about the turns my life was taking and happy my father didn’t have to worry about my school fees anymore.I whistled outside inter changing between hums and whistles wearing a heavy smile and met Vincent still seating on the floor where i left him but was no longer laughing.“Ehee sky you i wanted to tell you something beforeyou left angrily” He said giving me a light punch which usually would be annoying if not for my present mood.I grinned hard my eyes feasting on his bulged cheeks and the way his teeth worked on something in his mouth.“What is it Vin” I asked still smiling fidgeting with the game to get it back on so i can give the level another shot.“You know my father is the Uncle of McGonals collage principal, i told him you got admitted to it and he talked to his nephew who added my name tothe total list of 15students awarded the scholarship, I have been admitted too” He said taking a rather wild bite at a large chunk of bread hetore out of his pocket.“Hhmmmm that’s nice” I said again with smiles still on my face still trying to get the game back on.But wait, i think Vincent just said something now, something about McGonals collage.“Wait, You what?…McGonals!!?” I blurted out with dropped mouth and bulged eyes. He nodded feverishly excitedly still stuffing bread into his mouth.“Oh Jesus, Please not him!!!”....continues
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