Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode8)

my heart skipped a beat as i practically sprang up from bed, my heart was thumping hard against my chest threatening to reap it open. “which kind wahala be this na” i cursed under my breathe. i was breathing hard and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to run down my body even tho it was somehow cold. its not that am in love with any of these girls i just dont want anybody creating a scene in my room or receiving unwanted slap and curses,
and as u know na it will means i will start looking for new pussys which i no even get time for now make i just deh manage d one i get. but seems both of them are about to be ripped from me now. i looked down at doris who was sleeping naked deeply on my bed with her whole body glowing under the light of the electric bulb. the view of her naked hot body gave me a hard on, i was jolted back to consciousness when i remembered my predicament and that was when i realized i too was naked. i hastily slipped into my boxer and covered doris naked body wif my bed spread as i shakily headed towards d door.i cracked d door open expecting the worse. GUY WETIN DEH DO U NA I BEEN DEH HIA DEH KNOCK SINCE i heard a loud barriton voice say. d--n it was ajebo. my friend staring at me… i couldnt speak i gave a loud sigh of relief as i smile. IDIOT NA BY THIS TIME DEM DEH COME PERSON HOUSE??? i defended. i noticed a gul behind him and knew he myt have hooked up wif a gul at d party and since he shares a room wif 5 other guys in the main lodgedecided to come n f--k her in my room.ajebo gave me naughty look as he dragged me into d room, he saw doris on my bed sleeping and one kind evil smirk filled his face and at the same time a little pinch of disappointment. GUY I WAN COME ARRANGE THIS GUL FOR UR ROOM OO BUT I SEE SAY U DEH BUSY. he intoned wit a whisper. GUY U DON SEE AM NA, BUT WAIT MAKE I ARRANGE ANOTHER ROOM FOR U NOBODY DEH USE AM BUT NA MAT U GO USE OOO” i sed mockingly. NO PROBSGUY I WAN CURE CONJI JAREE he replied. just den doris turned in my bed and i noticed a change of expression on ajebo’s face as he looked stunned and surprise “JESUS, NA DORIS EWOO DIS GUL WEHDEH FORM SAY HER PARTS NO DEH FOR MARKET NA IM U DEH F--K??? … HAHA SHUT UP IDIOT COMOT HERE , GO THAT ROOM THERE GO CRASH THERE(pointing at d room just opposite mine) i saidwif a evily smile eyeing d gul dat was patiently waiting for us outside.ajebo left but not before giving me a slap on my back. i went back to my bed locking the door behindme.i and doris had 2more rounds of hot s-x before day break after which i collapsed on my bed exhausted and satisfied.
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