Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 9)

exams went on smoothly as i made my money without much stress just write and get paid. i only had two problems at school ; one was a student and the other was a corper. both of them females.. no wonder they say woman na witch lol.about the student she is one of the original students from d school, u know all dis kinda neat
intelligent guls dat always wear small glasses deh form. she was actually the deputy senior prefect of the school and i think one of the most intelligent. her seat was just two seats away from mine in the exam hall and i winsh i could just change the seat cus the gul would always keep giving one evil look like that **look at dis fool type of look** she is pissed off at d fact dat many students actually relied on me for answers and that i collected money. small pikin wetin she know about waec and its troubles. this was her first time writing waec na. u know that kind secondary school feeling we all have na I GO PASS THIS WAEC ONE TIME. anyway things got so bad at a time that she even snap at anything i do or say. their was a day she flared up and was like WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ? WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW SEF. MTCHEEEW JUST FORMING NONSENSE HERE IDIOT… aah aah guys were like wetin tallest do this gul na. me on my own part just bone am na small pikin she be.mathematics day arrived. i got up by 7am and prepared for school. u go fear maths na. i enter school before 8am in readiness for the maths. i knew this was one of the main reasons i was here and shouldn’t take it lightly. students were hanging around some even deh read. smh reading mathematics for exam day, even devil sef deh laughu.the exam started as always but with a new fear and anticipation. i just package my self managed to answer 6 out of 10 questions then cunningly manipulated the remaining 4 with the help of a key point text book. but i made sure i do am codedly ooo bcus this students weh deh see me like say i know everything i go just loose business if dem catch me key point. i finished my paper to my utmost relief i went over it like countless time den surveyed d hall. d whole scenario was wreaking of chaos. 90% of the students were running here and there copying answers anywhere they can find it. the invigilator was just seating unconcerned with a plate of fried rice and chicken on his table. a black fat looking man wearing an old pair of glasses. haaau go fear niger na. my eyes went round d hall expecting business anytime until i was caught up by the most unlikely view. someone was just seatedmoping around without writing. it was d gul.. i took a closer look and saw that her answer sheet was near to empty she no even write anything. ” i think say dis winch no know everyfin, she go write maths today tire. *smh** her pride wont even let her get upand hussle for answers like d odas, she wan save face among her class mates” i muttered to myself. i got up nd slowly walked up to her and gently tapped her on the back “what??? she shouted at me. i boned pretend say no be me she tell am. “why are u not writing” i gently asked. “and what business of urs is that??? she hurles back to my utmost dismay. i was pissed off.. what da bleep does dis gul fink she is. i just left her there with anger clearly visible on my face. “if she want make she fail wetin concern me, na dis gul ego go soon kill am” i cursed under my breathe i walked away in anger. back to my seat i tried occupying my mind with other things so i can just ignore the idiot but my yeye eyes still deh carry me go deh look am. shewas in dire need how could i seat here and watch this gul fail like that evn tho she is a big jerk. i couldn’t hold it any longer. i got up headed straight to her seat grabbed her paper and went straight back to my seat. she just sat their suprised but did not make a move. i went back to my seat and started writing for her to the detriment of one asaba guy that paid me 1k to write his. i copied down all my answers to her correct or not e no concern me. i finished returned her paper to her and went off. i rounded up for the day, passed my paper and went out of the hall. after the exams i was sitting in front of the school canteen eating buns and coke as isaw her heading towards the gate which was just beside the canteen. she was looking at me as she approached den rolled her eyes and passed went outside d gate n headed home wards.“this gul na pure arrogant idiot” i cursed. anyway nobad i just help her to satisfy my conscience; i assured my self....continues
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