Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 26)

AM SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY GUYS I HAVE BEEN OFFLINE FOR DAYS, OUR LIGHT GOT SPOILT AND I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MY PHONE ALL THAT WHILE..*continues*when did i come to this, how did i get to this. turning around on my bed, sad, pitiable, dying, terrible and almost crying.i still could not believe what just
happened, i still don’t understand how it all happened. the first i remember was chidinma yelling and slumping on the floor crying, bisi pushing me and hitting me on the chest as she wore her clothes and stormed did it all come to this??? i knew i was in a tangled web of lust, that i would actually boomerang back to mind was still blur over what happened but let me try and remember all i can.after my wonderful session with bisi, i hurriedly got up and ate the indomie i made even tho it has gone terribly cold.i drank a cup of hot chocolate after that and my strength came back, i took a quick survey of my provisions in the cupboard and it was already near to finishing. i gave a loud hiss, anyway it ok, i only have igbo to write and this exam is finished for good” i assured myself. igbo was only 3days away, my escapades and sexual adventures are about to come to an end and i was a bit happy and sad about it.meanwhile i crawled back to bed beside bisi who grabbed hold of me again and we went thru 2more hot sessions of brutal s-x which left both of us exhausted and satisfied. i slumped my long 6’9in frame beside her on the bed naked and fully stretched as she moved in her beautiful body of frame of 5’8 into mine as i clasped my arms around her and we both transcended into dreamland happyand weak.i was running around in a dark field, a black ferocious dog was closely behind me with gnarling teeth and dripping tongues wreaked with wicked saliva. my legs were heavy and my strides useless as the dog kept gaining on me. i ran as fast as i could muster, trying to shout but i couldn’t. . . i could hear my name faintly from somewhere but where was it? who was calling me and didn’t that person see this dog chasing behind me threateningto rip me apart.the voice kept getting stronger as the environment changed, couldn’t see the dog again and the field now what seemed like a room with bright yellow paint. i rubbed sleep off my eyes, gave a loud hiss “thank God i was only dreaming” i felt my body and it was drenched in sweat. i could make out a figure standing just beside my door, with my sleep ridden eyes i turned my gaze towards it and chidinma was standing beside my door with tearful eyes gazing atme.with flash reflex i sprang up from bed only to bumped into bisi who was still lying on my bed came back to me that i was naked too as i rushed to wear my long basketball shorts while bisi weakly waked from sleep.“jesus, corper??” came a shrieking voice of chidinma who slumped on the floor with hot tears now streaming down her eyes. bisi who looked bewildered all that while couldn’t make out exactly what was happening. my lodge mates were already gathering one after the other in front of my room looking on with dismay and pity. i rushed down to where chidinma was sprawling on the floor with tears trying to get hold of her and explain. towaaaaaiiii came a cracking sound, followed by another and yet another. i stood like a statue as chidinma delivered packages of hot slaps on me.bisi on her own part now had a clear picture of whatwas going on, she has been caught bleeping a guy who was supposed to be her boy friend but turns out had many in the picture, and now she is the cheat and the w---e. what was worse is that it was her own student that caught her with her supposed man or should i say their shared man.bisi slowly and neatly wore her clothes and looked me squarely in the eyes. i could make out that “you b-----d” type of look in her eyes. i could hear her broken heart sobbing underneath her massive chest. she tried so hard to hold back the tears but itbetrayed her as it ran down her cheeks like a stream, she pushed me as hard as she could muster giving it her best, i only moved a few steps backwards of course but i was sure she intended for me to tumble and fall probably land on my head judging from the kind of strength she used on the push. she walked briskly out of my house, still trying to hold her head high as she scampered thru my lodge mates.chidinma was still on the floor sobbing, i moved closer and held her again with “am sorry” escaping my shaking lips. i was met with another hot resounding slap, then she suddenly turned gentle as she took my face in her arms holding it gently, looking directly into my eyes. those looks i recognized filled with genuine affection and fierce love. tears were already threatening to form in my own eyes and chidinma slowly stood up and left myroom without another face turned pale even tho i was dark complexioned. i stood up as i watched her walk out of the door with my lodge mates moving aside for her to walk thru. i looked at my lodge mates again who didnt even know what to do at the moment, they were all as confused as i was.chidinma disappeared out of sight and the guys filled my room with concern written all over them. “johny how did dis haopen” “johny i cant believe u just bleeped corper” came yet another voice which icould swear was loco. that mad man after all that he just witnessed all he cared about was the fact that i just bleeped corper.numerous questions and words of encouragement kept pouring in from the guys who were worried about me.i weakly stood up, slumped back on my bed “its over” i moaned.TO BE CONTINUED… THE GRAND FINALE
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