Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 25)

“God abeg not this witch again”… my heart lamented.“BABY PLEASE I WILL RIGHT BACK” i excused myself from bisi as i opened the door to my room and she made herself comfy on my bed.WHERE ARE U GOING NA? she asked, eyeing me suspiciously. am sure she knew i had something to do with the girl
outside cus she noticed the look on my face as we met her.PLEASE AM COMING” i said again not in d mood to face any jamb questions.WHAT IS IT U WANT DORIS? i asked almost immediately on getting to where she was.JOHN WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND THIS CORPER SELF, WHAT IS SHE DOING IN UR HOUSE? she countered my question with another, surprise and jealousy written all over her face.“DORIS I ASKED U A QUESTION, WHAT DO U WANT? i fired back, obviously displaying my anger.JOHN PLS I JUST WANT US TO TALK” she said, and she was surprisingly meek.“OK I WILL CALL U WHEN AM LESS BUSY, AS U CAN SEE I HAVE A VISITOR” i tried maintaining my angry voice but the couldn’t. . . she left soon afterwards and i returned to bisi who was expertly inspecting my room and nodding as if she is a waec zonal inspector.i was hungry, i cant believe i havent eaten since morning. i quickly arranged my stove and started making indomie.she watched me with keen interest.. “HMMMM I NEVER KNEW MY BABY IS A GOOD COOK OO” he commented.. “HAHAHAHA GOOD COOK FOR INDOMIE GAN? i replied trying to sound as yorubaish as possible.she got up from my bed and moved towards me just as i brought down the indomie and snuffed out the stove.she grabbed me by d waist with both her hands as she turned me a little bit roughly.. grabbed my neck and pulled down my head from my long frame as her lips found mine. “BABY AM HUNGRY” she whispered into my ears. “THE INDOMIE IS READY SWEETHRT” i whispered back.“NO, I WANT TO EAT U” came d over sweetly melodious was as if a sudden impulse overtook my joystick as it sprang up to life almost immediately.i roughly yanked her head into mine, her tongue twirled and caressed mine in an e----c bliss. we slowly made our way to the bed as she pushed me down onto the bed and jumped squarely on me wif both of her legs at each side and her a-s brutally laying a pleasurable siege on my d--k.she dragged off my shirt as her lips attacked my chest and neck with nibbling and shiver-filled kisses. the speed that she went about it was breath taking. she flew off her top and bra and i met her bossoms wif hard squeezing and sucking.. twirling on the n-----s with utmost care.her moans sent me head knocking over the bar, those soundtrack can make a man go numb.she slowly moved down to my hip region and my belt and trouser came off in a matter of minute, my boxers followed suit and my huge member sprang up to life hard and throbbing. i could see her eyes widen and her hands slowly pulling down her pink three quarter trousers revealing a white slim pantieswif tiny pink flower designs and pink edging.. “WOW PINK LADY HUH” i moaned in the heat of the action and she chuckled in reply. her lips slowly engulfed my d--k, sucking on d tip and swallowing as many of its length as possible. my whole body went numbas toe curling pleasure surged thru my body. my fingers sub consciously went to work on her p**$y, teasing her c--t furiously as d wetness filled my fingers. i roughly turned her on her back with her a-s protruding in the air, i condomized my d--k almost immediately as i roughly t----t in with every energy in my body. she jerked hard and her sound tracks returned even more loudly t----t became more wild and my hands squeezing her bossom thru d back squeezed even harder.her sound tracks were sending me over the edge. my t----t were becoming harder and longer with each passing minute. my o----m was long and intense surpassing what i anticipated.i slumped on the bed with her, weak and the hungercame with a thousand forces… “s--t my indomie, it must have gone cold by now”….!!!!!.......continues
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