Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 24)

my days flourished, my relationship with bisi exploded like a bomb.she now calls almost every hour, pings me almost everytime even in d mid nights.. chidinma who has been more of a wife figure to me, always advising and cooking for me, sleeping over when ever she is chanced, her company made my life bearable while bisi’s obsession and disturbance made my life unbearably terrible… **hehehehe na who i go blame,na me carry myself put dia**tuesday; commerce day, i was not in school cus i was a science student, i knew
nothing about that s--t commerce.the day was chilly and foggy, dews made the ground and leaves wet and the environment had a humid look. everything was greener today, the bird chipped and sang in the trees. i was lying down in my room, most of my lodge mates were art students so they had all gone to school except for loco, i sometimes wonder how that guy chose was the kind of day i called lazy day.. i am hungry but to get up from this bed na wahala. it made me remember chinwe, this was one of d days she would come over and cook for me and we would spend the whole of the day playing and bleeping. . am sure she was at home now, she is a science student. . . an alien sadness over came me, i felt like calling her but i knew it was futile she might even abuse me. “stupid Doris, unadulterated biatch” i ranted directed to nobody exactly, maybe doris or maybe the unknown girl that gave chinwe the information.10am, i was still in bed eating cabin biscuit that i had in my cupboard. shine bright like a diamond rang thru my fone, it was bisi… “ooohm wat is it again today kwa, wont this leave me alone for a while” i cursed under my breathe as i picked the HELLO BABYbisi : BABY GOOD MORNING, HOW UR NIGHT NA?me : AM FINE O JUST DEH WEAK THIS MORNING SHAA.bisi: WHY ARE U NOT IN SCHOOL NA, I BIN DEH LOOK FOR U SINCE TODAY NA COMMERCE NA, WETIN.CONCERN ME AND COMMERCE..bisi: HEHEHEHEHEHE OLODO I THINK SAY U BE COMPUTER, COME WRITE COMMERCE GAN!me: NA U BE OLODO JOOR.bisi: AM COMING TO UR HOUSE NOW, PLEASE U WILL COME AND PICK ME AT AMABODO WHEN I FLASH U OK?me: OK NAchoi bisi wan come my house? chai this room dirty abeg.. i sprang up from bed, didn’t know where i take borrow energy, i swept my room, arranged my clothes and bed spread… mehn am very hungry but time no deh.. i sprayed perfume, my teeth deh smell.. i rushed outside ti brush my teeth, hurried over a cold shower tho i nearly died cus d weather was a few degrees centigrate away from freezing point.nobody cleans up like a guy expecting a girl. less than a jiffy bisi called and announced she was at amaobodoh,i took a bike down to amaobodoh, saw her waiting by a kioske.. she was adorning a pink three quarter trouser and white top wif flat slippers..“wow baby u look stunning” i complimented on getting der.she rewarded me wif a smile and hug… we jumped back onto d bike and headed home…on getting to my house, i received a shocker… doris was seated in front of my house obviously waiting for me!!!....continues
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