Monday, June 20, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 23)

for two days i kept to myself. . . no phone calls and didn’t answer any even tho calls kept on coming especially from chidinma and bisi and a few times from Doris.its not that am in love with chinwe, but somehow deep inside i blamed myself for hurting her, she didn’t deserve that. . .Monday morning, i rose early from bed, the golden ray of the sun filtered into my room casting a dusty gold beam in my room which had a bright yellow paint.i had a cold bath and prepared for school. it was Econs day. i picked my phone and called bisi for
thefirst time in 2days, she snapped at me immediately demanding to know why i have not been picking hercalls and never cared to call, i brainwashed her as usual and told her that i had been very sick and it was very serious. n m her angry voice changed to that of concern.WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME NA, BABY HOW ARE YOU NOW? she asked wif a lot of care and concern in hervoice.AM OK NOW, I WILL BE IN SCHOOL SHORTLY . i saidfaking my voice to sound as sickly as possible.i called chidinma and tear her own portion of lie andgave her. i sent an apology text to chinwe and Doris,i fink i owe them that.i was feeling a little bit better with myself, what can ido what happened has happened, i will just move on. after all its a beautiful morning and two beautifulwomen are waiting for me in school.i walked to school with my lodge mates, chatting and laughing as we went. the whole world seemed to be new to me and i forgot what happened in the past. **actually it was just two days ago**….i met with chidinma in school and bisi later on in the day after exams. chinwe walked past me many times and in school eyeing me and i could swear i caught he rolling her eyes.. doris on her own part was sharp and jovile as always. one can never tell she just had a heartbreak, she obviously was d least affected between the three of us. . d--n i admire that girl’s strong heart. . .i needed to find a way and heal chinwe’s broken heart, but let me just free chinwe for now she is obviously still angry.i got home, had a sumptuous lunch of rice and beans. i was playing pes2012 on my phone. . . my phone rang, shine bright like a diamond by rihanna blaring thru its tiny speakers… who is dis idiot interrupting my match naaaah!!! now that i don use real madrid trash barca.. i looked at the screen, the name bisi looked back at me.BABY PLEASE CAN YOU COME TO AMAOBODOH CENTER NOW, I WANNA GIVE MY BABY A TREAT TODAY ” her voice rang excitedly as i picked the call. . . OK I AM ON MY WAY’ i replied..i reluctantly got up.. “everytime this girl will just be disturbing person” i hissed as i made my way to thebathroom.i had a quick bath and wore a blue jean with a black ankle shoe and white skin fitted polo. . i rushed down amaobodoh center to meet her.i met her in the midst of 3 other girls.. “this girl is mad gan, why she carry me enter in the midst of some bunch of girls na.i approached them, masking my contempt with a fake smile.HELLO LADIES” i greeted on getting to where they were.bisi hugged me tight in front of the ladies, JOHNY MEET MY FRIENDS FROM ORIENTATION CAMP, GIRLS MEET JOHNY THE GUY I TOLD U ABOUT..*so she now even tell friends about me…nawa o** i exchanged pleasantries with the ladies, young fine beautiful girls with big booties and boobies showing a lot of cleavage. *mehn see heaven**the girls took me out for a treat, to some eatries i never knee existed in that local government as a whole. bisi never let me out of her sight all thru… i guess she no wan take chances with any of these girls weh deh shine eyes like touch… we had mad fun and i totally forgot all my worries. who wouldnt???after everything, the girls went home and i took bisi to her home.getting to her house, she opened the door and insisted i must enter her house which i hastily agreed to. .the house was peach black, it was 7pm already. the room smelled of strawberry air freshener. she lit a candle and sat down beside me on her bed.THANK U FOR THE TREAT BABY, I ENJOYED MY DAYTHANKS TO U” I said tilting my face towards her. she smiled shyly and looked me back into my face. itrailed my hands down at d side of her body, my left hand brushing her boobs slightly. my face moved down to hers as our lips locked, she kissed with much gusto and expertise. sucking on my upper and lower lips simultaneously. my hands found her full b----t as i gave it a gentle squeeze. she moanedinside my mouth and she gently lowered her body onto the bed. i kissed down to her neck line as i licked and nibbled on it still squeezing her boobs. her hands subconsciously caressed my back roughly.BABY I HAVE TO GET GOING NOW” i said as i broke d kiss and got up from the bed, i could see she was a bit disappointed… BABY ITS GETTING LATE I NEEDTO GET GOING” i said again kneeling beside her giving her soft kisses on her lips.BABY SLEEP IN MY ROOM TONIGHT PLEASE” she pleadingly said.NO BABY I LEFT MY DOOR OPEN PLEASE I NEED TO RUSH HOME NOW.. i countered. OK BABY, BUT I JUST WISH YOU STAYED, I WILL MISS U.. she kissed me deeply one last time before i got up and headed for the door.i smiled that evil smile again **teasing thingx, am gonna make this girl run mad with anticipation** i thought to myself as i whistled home. i knew the volcano i have awoken in bisi must erupt soonish…hehehehe am gonna play this ludo till e finish......continues
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