Monday, June 20, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 22)

what type of life be this one na, i came here to write this waec and enjoy myself buh i have now managed to complicate things. what type of thing isthis na… i have succeeded in breaking chinwe’s heart and Doris’s too… what type of human being am i, breaking hrts anyhow.. but i never meant to hurt any of them, the crossroads of fate just crashed there
last thoughts disturbed me as rolled all over my bed,couldn’t sleep as the events of the night filled my mind..could still hear the resounding slap chinwe gave to doris, i could still remember the look in her eyes as she turned her gaze towards me, the tears in her eyes, the betrayed trust, the sadness and visible sorrow.. could still see as she left me and ran out of the party. i could see Doris as she pushed me out ofthe way making her way out of the party too with visible tears trailing down her eyes. . . could see d gaze of many eyes on me, some guys wif glee, some scorn and most pity. i couldnt party anymore, i went inside ma room, asked anoda guy and his girlfriend dat nw used ma room as a charlet to vamoos.. i was angry, i was weak and tired of girls. who am i angry at??? was angry at chinwe for showing up at d party cus a bitct told her she saw me wif another girl, i was angry at doris for pulling that kind stupid stunt she pulled, most of all i blamed the bitched dat gossiped d info to chinwe… iwish i knew who she was i would av killed her wif ma bare hands, she caused all dis s--t. i was angry at myself.. y did i get myself involved in dis type of mess in d first place.i tried chinwe’s number and got no answer. i kept on trying but she switched her fone off.i felt like the ceiling of my room was crashing down on me.i was angry at everything and everyone around me.“what dah f--k, s--t dis idiots have soiled ma bed sheet wif sperm or p---y juice or any s--t” i sprang up as a wet spot in my bed spread visibly showed. i am never gonna let any stupid idiot wif raging hormones, bleep any girl in dis room” i cursed as i forcibly removed d bed spread from my head as if i was fighting with it.6am in the morning i was still sittin at a corner on ma bed, finking abt nothing in particular tho my present predicament made me pity myself… phone rang. maybe it was chinwe i rushed and picked it up… wait what is dis??? the name Doris registered in my mind as i watched it being displayed on ma screen.“what does dis b---h still want from me na??? i cursed.. after all d problems she has caused me.i cut d call and she called back, i cut it again… “idiot if u like call me 100times am neva gonna pick dis call… i yelled at my fone.after abt 30 minutes ma fone rang again.. oooohm dis idiot should just leave me alone na, i looked at my phone and a different name displayed visibly on it. it was bisi.. mtcheeeew i ignored d call, she called like 7more times i just ignored and hummed d song dat served as my ringing tone nodding ma phone rang yet another time after bisi finished her own call disturbance, this time around it was chidinma. “why wont dis girls just leave me d f--k alone..” i yelled in my heart.. grabbed my phone and switched it off… i fell back in my bed and tried to force myself to d sleep i couldn’t get in d night.....continues
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