Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 21)

i went back to the party, Doris came back some minutes later and resumed her dancing and rockingwith guys.i on my own part tried to start up conversations with some random girls in the party. so far the party was rocking and thrilling.i watched girls dance and twerk, bouncing their huge assets like pros. i could also
see some with flat a-s shaking an invisible a-s they think they have… chai ringing tone jolted me out of my state of surveillance. i turned my gaze to my phone as the name chinwe clearly displayed on my screen.what exactly is she calling me for.???me: HEY BABY WHATS UPchinwe: JOHN WHICH SIDE ARE YOU??me: HOW DO YOU MEAN DEAR…chinwe: AM IN THE PARTY. WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU ???chisoooos… chinwe in the party??? what dah f--k is she doing here…and the cold tone she was talking wit, am sure someone told her of my meandering with Doris at the party, or could it be she saw me goto the back yard with her?my mind was flooded by thoughts.i told chinwe my location with a shaky voice, doris was just a few meters away dancing and would lookat from time to time and smile.. chai see gobe ooo…in a jiffy chinwe was with me, she was not smiling and th expression on her face wasn’t encouraging… “o boy i don enter one chance today be that na”CHINWE!! BABY COME AND SEAT DOWN ..i said, forcing out a weak smile.she sat down beside me still wearing that long face..JOHN WHY ARE U DOING DIS?? she intoned.. “chisooos am busted, my own be am today”DOING WHAT??? is said trying to sound confused as i looked at her.WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME YOU PEOPLE WERE HAVING A PARTY HERE???she asked, i could make out sadness from her voiceand face.BABY NO ITS NOT LIKE THAT… I THOUGHT U WOULDN’T LIKE AN ALL NIGHT PARTY …i defended.AND WHO WAS THAT GIRL U WENT INSIDE WITH???daaaang!!! that one rang on my head.WHAT WHO TOLD U DAT, DID U SEE ME WITH ANY GIRL? my voice visibly shaking..JOHN PLEASE JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION, WHO WAS THAT AND WHAT WERE U DOING WITH HER???“ewoooo this gul don catch me red handed.BABY I WAS NOT DOING ANYTHING WITH ANYBODY, IT WAS JUST PASCAL’S GF THAT POURED DRINKS ON HER BODY, I TOOK HER TO THEBACKYARD TO CLEAN HERSELF UP. BABY BELIEVE ME.. come see lie of the century.the expression on her face changed, i could see shehas relaxed a bit, dat means she was buying d lie… hehehe d person weh give am info no give am well.i used the opportunity to fabricate more lies and flattery garnished with sweet talks.. the beautiful smile God blessed her with returned… my mind relaxed but i still gat that Doris problem…i can still see her glance at me one or two times but it was not a smile now but a look filled with obvio jealousy.i didnt even send… i knew she was still thinking i would take her in after the party but i knew it was impossible…doris started walking towards me, she left her twerking and rocking and started moving towards i and chinwe..“what??… where exactly is d gul going??.. ish she coming here?.. no to do what??? my mind was racing with questions..Doris came to where i was, sat on my laps. ” chisooos whats is dis idiot doing” before i could react she planted a hot kissed on my lips and smiled.. omg am dead… i looked at chinwe who wassuprised, angy and wif teary eyes nw looking at me. i looked at doris, an evil smile filled her face… chineke m oooo….SEE GOBE!!! ...continues
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