Sunday, June 19, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 20)

God please why this girl na…. I gaspedshe came and sat beside me, collected my drink and started downing the content…i was not that happy to see her, but looking at her volumptous (is that a word??? lol) sitting inside a pink bum short and a white top that showed much cleavage.. it reminded me of how we met and my raging horniness got more intense.i apologized for not keeping in touch, gave
her a flimsy excuse which am sure she didn’t buy.she stood up and started dancing, rocking her waistlike it was twig. i just watched. d--n i need this p---y again” i confessed.she started rocking me, grinding her a-s hard on myg---n as she twisted and twirled her d--k got so hard that it threatened to cut, it was throbbing seriously inside my pants, i knew she knew she was doing me bad thing.her rocking got intense as she even caressed my laps with her hands as she twerked.i couldn’t control it anymore.. i grabbed her boobs in my hands and squeezed so tight that she jerked..i realized we were still seating in public which brought back some sanity.i took her by the hand and led the way out of the party. i couldn’t take her to my room, Vincent a friend of mine was already bleeping someone hormones raged as my d--k kept throbbing in my pants.i led her to the back of the house, i sat down on a lone back chair, she s-------d me and our lips found each other. our tongues twirled and caressedeach other.. her hands were all over me. my lips found her neck as i kissed and squeezed her boobs like tomorrow no deh.i took her top off and revealed a pink bra holding theboobs tightly, could tell that bra worked so hard to hold those massive boobs, i freed the bra from its misery as the boobs dangled heavily as i free it. wow i took them in my mouth as i s----d and slurped around the n----e. my hands strayed down to the bum short as i unzipped it and she removed it. i pulled down her panties and took my fingers down to her p---y.. d--n this girl was already as wetas river Niger. i too on my own part was too h---y for any long thing.i took off a condom from my pocket, its a party so all guys gat that s--t in their pockets. i slipped it gently on my throbbing d--k which is now standing freely from the zipper space.she s-------d me again as my d--k slowly slid into her wet p---y, i closed my eyes and curled my feet as the p---y walls clasped my d--k and gave me utmost pleasure.i grabbed her boobs and caressed them while she rode and twirled her a-s as if she was dancing… there was no doubt my d--k was in heavenly bliss from the treatment this girl is giving me.. she kissedand s----d on my tongue with utmost seriousness..i couldn’t wait any longer, i needed to get off quick. igrabbed her a-s with much force and grinded my d--k into her with speed and roughness. she jerked and moaned a little bit loud. i didn’t care i was close. i slammed hard and harder… my o----m was close and it gave me much enthusiasm to go for it. irammed her with sweet speed and kept caressing her boobs.i could feel an intense wave of pleasure rise from my feet up to my head and down again, my toes curled hard as my eyes shut tight. . . my spine was filled with pleasure as i c-m hard.i gently pushed her up, i could tell she hasn’t c-m yet but i don’t care,my main objective has already being accomplished which was just to get off. i kissed her warmly on the lips and whispered. . . its along night and the party is still young, let go back tothe party and we can continue later… she nodded and kissed me again this time long and wet.i zipped up my fly with a sense of fulfillment, i went back to the party, could hear her wear back her clothes, and i smiled mischievously to myself… i knew i have ignited a fire in her which we would extinguish later in my room. it wasn’t what i plannedfor the night but this night have proven to the what we call. SO FAR SO GOOD....continues
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