Saturday, June 18, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 18)

chidinma stayed with me till the next morning before going, we had s-x like 4more times, in fact this girl was nothing but perfect and was just my type. she was tall, beautiful, with great curves, wonderful a-s and boobs, i on my
own part is freakytall towering at 6’9 that’s why people call me tallest.with a broad shoulder and chest evidence of basketball, have a slim frame but ruggedly handsome as chinwe once told me..hehehehehe not bragging abeg .chidinma was just perfect for me, wouldn’t it have been ok to forget all the other girls and concentrate on her?, but i have never been a one girl boy so why would i start now?noo i equally cannot fall in love like that!!!My date with bisi approached fast and i very much looked up to it, a night before the date i was gisting with my lodge mate, i announced to them that i wasgoing to bleep corper bisi… come see laff.. they all laughed like i have said something funny. IDIOT I SEE SAY U DON CHOP WEED loco intoned amidst laughter. LEAVE AM HE THINK SAY CORPER NA THOSE GIRLS HE DEH BLEEP ANYHOW pascal supported. GUYS BELIEVE ME, I EVEN HAVE A DATE WITH HER TOMORROW i added pleadingly. the second round of laugh was even worse than the first round.. DATE KWA ?? IN UR DREAMS!!! loco chipped in…my heart sank i just wish they would believe me, we all were play guys most of them even bleep more p---y than me but they never thought about corper bisi, somehow they all thought she was high above us, but not me all i see was a young girl on khaki.i left them alone and closed the topic when i saw they would never believe me, the only that will change things now is when i bleep bisi…the next day( date day) i woke up and did some clean up on my room hoping maybe i would manage bring her home.i couldn’t wait for evening, was constantly checkingthe time. we had agreed to meet by 5pm.4pm i had a cold bath, brushed ma teeth and you know na pimped well. rocked my black pencil jean and all stat shoes with a nice versarc t-shirt..i went down to amaobodo center which was the center of commerce in the village and our agreed meeting point.i got there just almost immediately she called telling me she was there, she described her locationand i found her.she was wearing a pink long gown, her bossoms were really struggling to escape thru d opening on dtop, a lot of cleavage but you know na, we know na push up bra deh help guls package booby.i got her, took her face in my hands YOU LOOK STUNNING…WOW THANK YOU she replied visibly blushing.I JUST FEEL LIKE KISSING YOU NOW i teased… she laffed and slapped my chest. HAHAHA YOU KNOW WELL she fired FOR PUBLIC?I just love her cute queens english mixed with a little yoruba accent.we entered a bar and had a drink and pepper soup, talked extensively and a lot of flirting and almost kiss…lolwe walked a bit around the village and then i took her home exactly 8pm.JOHN THANK YOU I REALLY ENJOYED MY DAY.. shesaid as we stood directly in front of her house.I ENJOYED IT TOO, THO I WOULD AV ENJOYED IT MORE IF I GOT TO KISS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I EVER SAW i teasingly intoned.. i could seeher face beaming wif smile even wen d environmentwas peach black.ALRIGHT GOOD NIGHT i added LET ME START GOING HOME BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.she hugged me tight and held on for a long time, i brought ma face down immediately as she looked up and our lips found each other. it was a long energetic kiss and i slowly savored the wonderful feeling.i bid her good night and went home with a heart full of rejoicing and a sense of fulfillment but deep down a little fear of what i am into.just on getting to my door my phone beeped and it was a message from her I AM AT PEACE WHENEVERAM AROUND YOU, NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. I LOVE U SWEETHRT…i smiled at myself, shrugged and entered my room. fell flat on the bed, i managed to type a reply I LOVE YOU TOO. . . as i entered dream land happy and optimistic.....continues
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