Saturday, June 18, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 17)

GOOD MORNING MY LOVE a beautiful voice woke me up, i opened my eyes slowly adjusting to the bright golden sunlight that filled the room. chidinmawas smiling down at me, she was wearing just my big polo t-shirt which barely covered pass her a-s, i could see under the shirt from my lying
position and my eyes fed on the pink panties she now wore..she was prepared oo even carry personal effects come … chai this girl is beautiful’ my heart rang. BABY YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL THIS MORNING i said with a smile.. she bent low and rewarded me with a kiss. i slipped out from under the blanket and was still on my birthday suit. i wore a basketball short and made to brush my teeth.BABY CORPER BISI CALLED chidinma’s voice met me as i entered my room after brushin my teeth. “what dah bleep? corper bisi chisooos ooo dis yeye yoruba corper wan spoil my show for me ooo” i was clearly alarmed but i kept my cool. WHAT DID SHE SAY SHE WANTED i asked trying to act as normal aspossible so she wont decode anything.NOTHING O I JUST TOLD HER YOU ARE NOT AROUND AND THE LINE WENT DEAD she replied with a questioning look on her face. OKAY MAYBE ITS BECAUSE OF HER CHEMISTRY BOOK I BORROWED i said with a shaky voice.chidinma carried on with what she was doing, preparing breakfast. i sat on my bed thinking whether to call bisi back or not.what if she asked me who picked my call what will i say?but i have nothing going on with bisi she cant ask me that, i assured myself.but why exactly is bisi calling me this early morning???question for the gods.chidinma prepared custad and beans, we ate happily, chatting and joking over the food. i totally forgot all the other girls bisi, doris and chinwe.what am i doing with this girl? if i dont cut this whenits still young it might escalate into something too serious. but no this girl is an angel, no i mean she was a b---h before but this one in front of me is totally different and loveable, i cant fall inlove na amhere to enjoy myself i kept on reminding myself but looking directly at this angel in front of me i might have to rethink that.later in the day, my lodge mates filled my room as we played whot and ludo. making noises and cracking jokes. chidinma just clicked with the boys as she played and laughed with them. i for one was happy but yet couldnt help a pinch of jealousy wheni notice how the boys would steal small glances at her body and smile evily. i knew they think am a lucky son of a b---h to be bleeping this beauty in a phone beeped and it turned out to be a whatsapp message from bisi. it clearly read: JOHN I CALLED YOU THIS MORNING AND A GIRL PICKED UR CALL WHO WAS THAT??? nawa oooo what is this girl thinking, which kind jamb question be this na. i could detect a lot of jealousy from the message and it made me smile.SHE IS JUST A FRIEND OF MINE i replied via whatsapp.WHAT WAS SHE DOING IN UR HOUSE THIS EARLY MORNING? came another message almost immediately.hiaaaaa nawa ooo see me see interogations ooo.NOTHING OO JUST THAT I BEGGED HER YESTERDAY TO COME THIS MORNING AND HELP ME PREPARE FRIED RICE, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE THAT S--T. i bombarded back.bisi>>>LWKMD SO BIG BOY LIKE YOU NO SABI COOK FRIED RICE?me >>> YOU BLAME ME???bisi>>> YOU FOR CALL ME NAme>>> aaah amu sorry i will next time.i talked intensively with bisi and managed to set a date with her on tuesday.what exactly am i doing, going on a date with bisi, what if chidinma finds out, what about chinwe, doris.. i knew i was entangling myself in a web of problems consorting with all these girls and the consequencies scared the s--t out of me, i knew one day i would be caught in my own game, but not this day moreover the p**sys were worth it so enjoy it while it lasts. my evil side preached as that same evil smile filled my face.....continues
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