Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 16)

waking up, my vision was a little bit blurred, my head hurting, and twitching. i was tired and thirsty, the electric bulb was shining brightly giving my room a yellowish glow. is someone sitting beside me??? i opened my eyes wide and chidinma was seated calmly on my bed.. my hurting head vanished immediately as she threw her arms warmly around me.. my face beamed with smiles, but wait what da bleep am i doing? i am supposed to be angry at this girl, why dah bleep am i smiling like a christmas goat na.. JOHN PLEASE AM SO SORRY, MY MUM TOOK ME ALONG TO MY AUNTY’S PLACE, AM SO SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU WAITING her soft angelic voice rang into my ear. my heart sank immediately, was i even
angry??? lol…chidinma held me tight for another 2minutes before leaving me. i looked out of the window and it was pitch black, my gazed at my phone and it was 8:45pm… wait which day be this exactly i asked myself again…i checked the date again, hahahahahaso i take vex sleep for almost 3hours.DINMA YOU KNOW ITS LATE, AREN’T YOU GOING TODAY??? i asked praying silently for her to say she will sleep over. NO AM NOT GOING TODAY, I TOLD MUM I WILL SLEEP AT MY GIRL FRIENDS HOUSE she said mildly… haaa i nearly do that kind football celebration weh dem deh slide for field. i took her face in my hands and smiled looking directly into her eyes.. our eyes met and i could feel her heart was beating fast, her eyes glowed, i could see a lot of love in these eyes. this girl is seriously in love with, i have never seen this type of affection in dorisor even chinwe. i slowly brought my lips to her with my right on her cheeks and my left hold her left hand tightly, she was shivering as our face came close. our lips locked in an angelic kiss, the passionin the kiss was much, our tongues met as she s----d on my upper lip then my lower lip.. i slowly laid her on the bed. our lips still locked together. herhands were recklessly caressing my back. i took mykiss to her ear lobes and s----d gently on it and her eyes shut tight. i slowly brought my lips down to her neck, kissing, suckling and nibbling away at it. he shivers were becoming more noticeable and her mouth slightly open letting out little moans. i lifted her top and she was left with a white lacy bra which barely covered her b----t. i attacked the bossom as i undid the strap of her bra. i think i have feelings forthis girl, no maybe not that I’m in love with her but i could tell she was special and is starting to occupy a special place in my heart as well which i hated.the bra came off and i could see those n-----s i have fantasized about many times. her bossom wasfirm as i imagined. wow what a beauty. i went to work on her bossoms, sucking and squeezing simultaneously. i nibbled at her n-----s giving her soft bites and sucking. i slowly traced my way downto her waste as i pulled off her black pencil jean trouser which she adorned. she had a white flimsy pant on which wasn’t enough to cover everything. i rubbed her p**sy thru the pant and she jerked and alittle moan escaped her mouth. i removed the pant entirely and then started kissing down from her bossoms to her stomach and belly button then down to her thighs. i kissed her inner thighs almost touching her labia majora with my tongue, i could see her eyes were shut tight, i slowly took my lips tothe promise land, licking and kissing her k---y-kat as vigorous as possible. she was sqimming and whimpering. i slurped and licked at the c--t channeling my energy towards it. moans of ecstasy were escaping freely from her vocal cavity.i teased the c--t with my tongue lick in an up and down motion and side ways motion. she grabbed my head and pushed down into her k---y as her thighs came crashing together against my heading, her hips bucked and her teeth clenched. i knew she was cuming and i licked her c--t more to give her allthat beautiful feelings that comes with it. she removed my head as she recovered from her o----m. i brought my lips up to mouth and our lips locked again in a kiss more explosive than others.**advice to guys: if a gul cant kiss u after sucking her then she doesn’t even trust her own p**sy neva try it again** her tongue explored my tongue as i sub consciously yanked off my polo t-shirt i had on.i stood up and freed myself my my trousers and boxer. grabbed one condom from my bag. she took my d--k in her hands and started stroking furiously, then brought her mouth and engulfed my d--k with it. it felt warm and wet. she s----d with much vigor, could tell she was a novice, maybe am even the firstshe sucking cus probably the first to give her head. she was a novice but yet it was pleasurable. my hormones couldn’t let me wait for her to finish her novice sucking. i slowly laid her on the bed, spread her legs and took my now condomized d--k to the beautiful land. she was incredibly tight, maybe too tight, but her k---y was dripping wet as my d--k stretched her k---y. she gasped and held my a-s inching me deeper. i started thrusting slowly at first then slowly increased my tempo just as i had fantasized. ” i fink am in love with this girl” i hissed under my breathe as the pleasure her k---y gave myd--k engulfed my body. taaaa u are in love with her k---y! my wicked mind corrected. i beckoned her upas i had her turn with her a-s facing me perfectly and i entered from behind. “s--t!!! i caused under my breathe as i began thrusting wildly and hard. d--n k---y too good. i could feel my o----m buildingand it gave me new desires. my thrusts became long and hard, she was the while calling my name ina most beautiful way. my whole body quaked, shookand melted as my d--k erupted. my spine went numb as i experience one of the best orgasms of my life.i removed the condom and she fell on the bed, i could tell her legs were weak. i smiled as i took her in my arms. we lay there naked in each others arms.I LOVE YOU she said looking directly into my eyes.I LOVE YOU TOO i heard myself say. i kissed her forehead as we slipped under my blanket and went to sleep stark naked in each others arms......continues
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