Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 15)

i entered my room, it was pitch dark “nepa don do dia own”. i switched on my electonic LED lamp, slipped out of my clothes and slumped on the bed shutting my eyes for a while. then something occurred to me, i haven’t replied the message. i reached for my phone and opened the message again. read it like 10 more times..“there is no doubt this gul is really in love with me. but LOVE!!! that’s huge am not here to fall in love, I’m here to bleep and not to enter into anything serious with anybody”. but chidinma is beautifully sexy, i have
fantasized many times about having her beautiful slim figure naked in my arms with me thrusting ruggedly. i have jerked off at this thought…the light from my phone glowed on my face giving ita silvery whitish spark. i read thru d message again then i typed a reply.ITS AMAZING HOW THE WORLD WORKS, AMAZING HOW STRANGERS BECOME DEAR TO US, AMAZING IS THE NEEDS OF OUR HEART. MY HEART NEEDS YOU… I LOVE YOU…… i hesitated before pressing thesend button… what dah f--k are u doing john, love isa big deal… nooo this gul done enter ur hand fully just play ur game well and enjoy… these thoughts filled my heart until i heard my phone beep again.. i knew it was chidinma… the messgae read FROM TODAY I PLEDGE MY HEART TO YOU…I LOVE U JOHN… i smiled as i read thru it.. hehehehe this small pikin don fall totally in love ooo… very good.i called her, she picked my call but i could tell she was happy and shy… hahaha it was so obvious. we talked extensively before saying good night with thenormal I LOVE U weh supoz follow am and she promised to come the next day.i couldn’t sleep thru out the night, i had many thoughts surging thru my mind like waves of water on a beach. she is coming tomorrow i was both happy and optimistic about it. the next morning i excitedly woke up, brushed my teeth and did some chores… i was singing as iwashed plates and tidied my room, i knew the guys knew somefin was up cus they all had that kind amused look on their faces. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME TALLEST WOKE UP AND START DOING CLEAN UP josh asked with silly smiles on his face. AM SURE HE IS EXPECTING A GUL loco chipped in… i looked up wif smiles.. IDIOTS UNA NO GO MIND UNA BUSINESS??? HAHAHAHAHA MUMU DEM i caused teasingly… we all laughed. i arranged my room carefully and slowly had a hot bath cus the morning was cold. i was whistling as i bathed picturing all i had in mind.9am i had a sumptuous breakfast of rice and stew i made that morning.i put on a black pencil jean that would be easy to pull off, spread perfume all over my room and made my bed well.. then i laid on my bed awaiting her coming.10am she was here yet,12pm i called and she said she would be coming by1pm. i needed to while away time. i played games on my phone, read some forgotten books but none could save me from the boredom. after what seemed like eternity i checked my phone and it was 1:30pm, ok maybe she will he here before 2pm i assured myself.3pm she wasn’t there yet but i knew she would come.. 4pm i was already fuming with small anger. this gul is not coming gan after all i prepared.wait is that a knock on my door? noo maybe… come i think someone is knocking… haaa its already obvious someone was at the door. i hurried up and went straight to the door. usain bolt cant beat the speed, i pulled the door open with reckless reflex wit a broad smile all over my face. GUY THIS ONE U DEH SMILE LIKE THIS i heard a male voice… haaaa itwas ajebo… why would ajebo always do this kind thing na.. mtcheeew i hissed loudly with the look onmy face changing from broad smile to obvio frown. HAHAHAHAHA THE GUL DON DISAPPOINT YOU ajebo shouted cracking his ribs open with laughter. his laughs tore my heart into shreds, i walked into my room banging my door behind as he laughed away wif his stomach in his face turned red as i fell on the bed.. causing under my breathe. i continued checking the time. 5:46pm haaa she is not coming anymore.. if dis yeye girl call me again eeehn mtcheeeeeew i hissedas i went into an angry sleep....continues
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