Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 14)

chidinma made me a delicious indomie garnished with egg, tomatoes, sardine. i ate with much gusto after which i took panadol.THANK YOU FOR UR KINDNESS DEAR i said eyeing her..she just smiled and tapped my back. i felt better… we washed my clothes together, she tidied my room and pots… i was so happy, this girl just saved me a whole lot of house work.we went out for a walk. she took me around d village, the village hall, the village stream where we had a little swim there, from there we went to other places,
she even showed me her house and other stuffs. we had fun walking round the village, stopping one or two places to visit her friend or something.we entered a bar where we ate pepper soup and agidi with malt, then she went home and i went to mine.i got home exactly by 6pm, hungry and tired. my guys were just looking at me with much surprise written all over their faces.WHO COULD TELL THAT TALLEST AND THIS GIRL WILL ACTUALLY BE CLOSE LIKE THIS nonso intoned..LEAVE JOHN, HE GO SOON SEE WIII gozie added. IDIOTS!!! I yelled as i walked past them heading straight to my room to crash, i was tired and happy.crashing down on my bed, my brain started playing a replay of everything that happened during the day.i smiled as i remembered swimming with her. i actually had a hard on but the river couldn’t let her see it cus i my waist down was under the water, but my hard d**k clearly bulged in my pants as we swam…who go blame me na, swimming with a sexy gul nawa o am not a catholic priest na.i was still lost in the oblivion of my sweet thoughts wen i heard my fone ringing from a distance dat sounded like jupiter. i jolted out of my ecstatic thought and picked up my phone. it was chinwe shewanted me to come over to the main lodge. i tiredly got up and left for the main lodge. “y exactly is this b---h disturbing me nw na” i mumbled as i went down there. i got to the main lodge, sat down at a isolated part of the corridor which served as an abode for couples. some of which with raging hormones would make out there.chinwe was looking hot, adorning a beautiful jean short and white top. we talked and laffed, she wouldsteal kisses from me sometimes. phone rang again, i looked at it CHIDINMA SCHOOL was boldly written on the screen. i could tell chinwe saw it judging from the changed expression on her face. how is that my business???i talked with chidinma for barely 30seconds she justwanted to know if i was home already.i continued my talk wit chinwe who was talking as iftomorrow no deh, telling stories aftee stories. my phone beeped and i hastily looked at my phone screen. it was chidinma… hmmmm wat culd be dis guls problem, if na call me sms eehn na thunder go fire am* my heart cursed i opened the message.. it read:JOHN I CANNOT CONTROL THE YEARNINGS OF MY HRT, MY HRT YEARNS FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE, I LOVE YOU JOHN…..dagaaan !!! the message rang in my mind as i re-read it like countless times. this gulhas fallen in love with me?? choi thats really a big deal. i closed the message and tried to get back to my discussion with chinwe but i couldn’t. the message kept on ringing on my mind, chinwe noticed how distracted i was and tried to put me back online with a sudden kiss.after a while i excused myself as i made to go home. i will reply this message when i get home, but am not really sure what my reply would be…....continues
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