Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 13)

Saturday morning, i woke up from the wrong side of the bed, having gone out with the guys the night before we killed ourselves wit booze and beer and i had gone to bed very tipsy and h---y with an unbearable headache. i woke up in the morning after a sleep that felt like working all thru the night. i was having terrible hangover and their is nothing we all hate about booze if
not the hangover in the morning.i sluggishly got up from bed with my head terribly knocking in a bid to rip open. i hissed as i groaned in pain. i hurriedly made some very hot cocoa drink to see it can help make me feel better, it actually helped a little.this is weekend and i have many things to do, wash my clothes, clean my room, wash pots and still have no idea wat i was going to eat for breakfast talk more of lunch.i just laid on my bed tired over nothing with an annoyingly persistent headache. “thunder fire alcohol” i cursed under my breath. “am Neva gonna drink that s--t again” we all know thats a lie, i mean all of us make that promise all th time. am i right???my phone rang and i lazily picked it. chidinma school was boldly written on the screen of my tecno phantom A. i hissed and DEARchidinma: GOOD MORNING DEAR, HOW WAS UR NYT?me: WAS FINE AND URS?chidinma: WAS OK… ARE U AT HOME?me: YESchidinma : OK AM ON MY WAYthe line went dad and it dawned on me chidinma is coming here. i took a tired look around my room, it was unkept. clothes littered the floor and my disheswere dirty. i was too tired to muster any emergency clean. i lay there weak and angry at myself for drinking.according to my estimation, it wasn’t up to 30minutes before chidinma got to my house. knocked on my door and pushed d door open at thesame time. i looked up with a weak smile on my face which she replied with a look of surprise on hers.JOHN WATS WRONG, Y IS UR ROOM SO UNKEPT? she asked with concern. I AM NOT FEELING WELL i said. she moved closer and touched my fore head asking WHATS WRONG WITH U?…AM JUST NOT FEELING WELL. i said closing my eyes and resting my head down on the bed. she got up and started arranging my room, packing the clothes and washed the dishes. HAVE U EATN ANYTHING. i hardher ask again… NO NOT YET i said wit my eyes still closed. i could hear her scampering stuffs in my cupboard and i knew she wanted to cook something for me.what exactly is this gul playing at??? my mind kept acting.. isn’t this the same girl that despised me.???why is she now coming to close. this girl is really turning out to be a blessing to me… y am i even thinking like this. no matter how good she turns outnow, she is a bleeping b---h.. dats all i said to dismiss my invading thoughts of her....continues
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