Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 12)

“TALLEST THIS WAN DIS GUL DON DEH FIND YOU COME HERE I HOPE NO BE TO GIVE PERSON POISONSHE DEH PLAN ” loco said winking with an evil smile.“HAHAHAHAHA OLODO NA U GO FIRST CHOP THE POISON” i said laughing… this guys shaa dem no gokill me.On our agric day i refused to contribute the #300 they collect every exam day to settle the invigilators. how i go still pay for common agric ni if i don write maths finish. na only
english and chem i go pay for again” i decided within myself.when the corpers found out i refused to pay they flared up like knock out, especially the female one weh no deh take eye see me. wetin concern me kwai just bone.the female corper made sure she did everything possible to frustrate me during the exam. she madesure i wrote for nobody and that nothing like expo came my way. i just ignore am *agric ko even nativedoctor fit write am na mtcheeeeeew*the female corper kept on eyeing me wickedly..u go fear angry woman na… she kept on monitoring my movements and making unpleasant remarks the most frequent being WOMAN WRAPPER. hahahahaha i wonder y dis gul just brand me woman wrapper like that, maybe she has noticed the flirty eyeing i use to eye her… hehehehe naughtyme.after the exam i waited for the after exam commotion to quiet down before i approached the corper.CORPER EXCUSS ME i said walking briskly towards her. YES WHAT IS IT she said with a cold look. she was a yoruba girl, by my guess she must be in no older than 22. i guess she must be one of those lucky ones that get admission immediately after school. she was dark complexioned like taribo west kinda black buh her face was too beautiful and her shape was surely mercy Johnson’s category from both the front and back perspective. d--n this Yoruba guls shaa de make sense.I JUST WANTED TO ASK Y U ALWAYS SNAP AT ME, HAVE I DONE ANYTHING WRONG TO U? i asked wif all seriousnes. NO JUST THAT YOU ARE TOO STURBORN AND BELA BLA BLA… i took time to engage her in a full time conversation and we introduced ourselves.. her name was bisi from ondostate.. i told her i was an engineering student at the university of Nigeria nsukka that i was in my level 300 and that i sponsor myself thru school by doing exam runs. that i write waec and gce for people to get enof school to pay for my stuffs. i could see shenow have a different kind of respect for me. i wasn’t actually a student like she thought, i was an under graduate struggling to see myself thru school.. hehehehe nice lie .I SHOULD GET GOING I NEED TO GO AND COOK i announced. SO U CAN COOK??? she asked amusingly. OFCUS NA UNLESS NA YORUBA DISHES i joked. HAHAHAHA MAYBE ONE OF THESE DAYS I WILL COME AND MAKE SOME YORUBA FOOD FOR U she added… LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY i replied… i left her and returned home. i announced to my lodge brothers that i was going to screw corper bisi. dey all laughed. idiot fink bisi na all doz small small guls u deh f--k anyhow. dey mocked. i just bone dem.the thought of bisi just kept on popping into my head sometimes invaded by chidinma’s or chinwe. itook another glance at my fone displaying bisi’s number boldly saved as BISI. i nodded and smiled to myself. with the kind respect this gul now has for me i think am actually gonna get somewhere. only time!!!.....continues
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