Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 11)

The rest of the week went uneventfully. i had no paper for the rest of the week and just spent most of the days in my house. chinwe made sure i didnt lack food and p**$y, that girl is heaven sent she sometimes even wash my clothes. i kept my distance with Doris i didn’t want chinwe to find out ihave ever had anything to do
with her. i liked chinwe more so i kept her close.Sunday afternoon, we came back from church and started cooking stewed rice, we use to cook sundaylunch generally and so we all contribute for it.i was just lying down in my room as stone who was the best cook amongst us was arranging the stew. the Sunday was hot and the sun was harshly shinning as if its a competition between it and another star. TALLEST!!! i heard my name being yelled out. am sure it was nonso judging from the voice. YES WETIN BE THAT, FOOD DON DONE? i asked.. HAHAHAHA NA YOUR MAMA DONE IDIOT, COME COOK AM NA U DEH INSIDE ROOM DEH ASK WEDA E DON DONE… ABEG COME OUT HERE PERSON DEH LOOK FOR YOU. nonso teasingly mocked. THUNDER FIRE YOU THERE MUGU.. i fired back as i stood up to go see who is looking for mind was wondering who that could be, it cannot be chinwe she would walk straight into room, or is it doris? no she too would knock on my door. my curiosity was taking the much as i hurriedly wore my trouser and t-shirt and went outside. i got to the extreme part of the compound where nonso mentioned she was waiting for me. as i approached, i could make out the girl was wearing a pink top and jean trouser. woow those long legs are killing, she was actually backing me as i approach, she turned round when i was still half way to the spot… What??? Is this….? No it cannot be…How did she..uhm??? my mind raced as i come faced with chidimma now beaming wit smiles as i approached.HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE??? i asked immediately on getting to the spot. IS THIS WELCOME THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TELL ME??she asked wit smiles. ANYWAY HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT THIS IS MY VILLAGE she added.i shrugged and notioned her towards my room, she followed me as we both headed into my room.i bot malt for her and we talked till just a little after twilight.maybe this gul is not that bad as i made her out to be” i thought to myself as i headed home from seeing her off. anyway shaaa time will tell.
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