Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Adventure of Johnysky (episode 10)

the next day was geography day, i watched movies the previous night till 2am in the morning before i reluctantly shut down my system and went to sleep. it was a seasonal film called iris, i was so engrossed in the film that i forgot i had break, i could faintly hear hens quaking and the little chicks chipping merrily in reply. was hearing what sounded like my name as i sleepishly
opened my eyes. nonso was tapping me furiously TALLEST WAKE UP YOU WONT GO TO EXAM TODAY??? i took another sleepish glance at him, he was already cladin the school uniform of red and white. i quickly checked d time on my phone it was 9:15.. chisoos i shouted as i sprang up from my bed and made to get my towel and brush. PLEASE LOCK THE WHOLE HOUSE WHEN YOU ARE THRU nonso instructed as he briskly walked to school. i managed to get ready before 9:35, hastily locked the whole house and flew out of the compound. i hitched a bike so as to get to school no later than possible. i knew the exam has already started and going in now the invigilator will certainly notice i was bearing a female name and that one na casting. i jumped down from the bike, squeezed a 50naira note into the bike’s man waving hand and dashed into the school compound with lightening speed.inside the school compound, the environment was serene, students were hanging here and there, some reading geography text book, while others were gisting. you could see couples here and there engrossed in what ever they were talking about. i scanned my eyes thru the compound and saw nonso. TALLEST NA NOW U DEH COME? U ARE LUCKY THE MUMU INVIGILATOR NEVER SHOW he blurted out. HAHAHA NA AFRICAN TIME THINX NA i laughed out. “God bless Africa” i muttered to myselfas i made for the canteen to arrange eating stuff. i bot a bottle of pepsi from the canteen, sat down under an isolated mango tree at the left flank of the school and was sipping my pepsi as i chat on whatsapp.WHY DID YOU DO IT. i heard a female voice ring. i removed my gaze from my phone as i looked upon a female figure standing in front of me. it was that witch of a gul. my brain started taking her exquisite figures. she was tall, with a beautifully built Genevieve’s type of figure. her face was angelic, round a-s that crashed on the tight school skirt shewas wearing, firm bossom that actually showed sign of uprightness. i could swear if you remove herbra those bossoms will still stand as it was. i took a sheepish glance at her, pretended she was not talking to me and continued with my chat acting as if i was chatting with bill gates. she dumped her selfat my side seating on another root running beside the one i was seating on. AM SORRY she intoned. FOR WHAT??? i rudely asked. FOR MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU she answered meekly.. ITS NOTHING, I HOLD NOTHING AGAINST YOU AND PLEASE DONT CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME BECAUSE I HELPED YOU, I JUST DID IT TO SATISFY MY CONSCIENCE i preached to her as i gotup and left her there. as i was walking i can swear i could feel her gaze was on me even tho i was backing her. my head come deh swell as i begin deh feel like oga at the topafter the exam, she approached me again and apologized again, i didnt want to be rude again so i cooled down and we got talking. she told me her name was chidimma, last child in a family of 5 she was the only person still living with her parents and they were from that town and lived there too. that i could have guessed because when she wasn’t speaking english while we talked i could make out her igbo was a mixture of central Igbo and their local dialect. we talked for a while then i saw my lodge mates waving at me signalling its time to go. ibed her farewell and ran along to meet them.WETIN YOU AND THAT WITCH DEH TALK ABOUT? loco mocked . NOTHING O JUST GETTING FAMILIAR. i replied. CAREFUL O THAT GUL HATE YOU DIE SHE FIT POISON YOU. loco came again as we all laughed. NA YOU SHE GO POISON i defended as we made our way home.
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