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night became heavier as we delve into the night, the bus stop was deserted and the golden light threw off more lights than needed.hitching up a taxi for 6000 we headed towards the house, ebuka answering short calls at similar intervals filled with just “Yes” “yea” “ok”.The taxi packed just in front of the gate and we washed down without waiting for a second inside the taxi after paying him.A feverish excitement swayed all around us making me jerk with anticipation and expectations of the nights turn out.As usual the huge compound lay still and a gloomy darkness covered it.Walking straight ahead into the house, the usual reddim shadowy light in the lounge was replaced by a sharp crisp golden wisp of lights around it, i like the look of this lounge better than when it rocks that sinister red glow specially during the weird parties Miss Lola organizes.“Oh my baby!!!” Came a voice from deep inside the lounge, peering into the position of the familiar voice was Mrs Diamond walking briskly towards with a lusty grin.She was clad in a tight black leggings that wrote out all her contours and outstanding hips to the very little detail, a shouty camel toe.A black white large circle spotted flowy shirt with a whole lot of gold chain running at the side of the shirt, a bold gold necklace with a shiny green eye sat on her neck with similar ear rings and a perfect touch of light make-up.I could swear “abroad” was written all over her bodyand the shimmering tone of her skin affirmed this.Getting to me she threw her hands around me and planted a sensual short kiss on me betraying a lot of bolted in lust and desire, her shaky breathe sent louder message that she could say out.I closed in my arms around her back allowing my imaginations run wild, seeing myself being bathed in some hard foreign currencies.“I missed you so much sky” She said pecking me this time.“I missed you too ma, sorry Diamond” I let out.“I know you did my boy, kept asking after how my baby is doing. maybe one of these days i will take you to have fun outside this country, anyway let me introduce you to some friends”she said.“Friends?” I asked in surprise.“Yes sky, friends. I want to dip you into societal connections, it may come in handy for you in the future.She took me by hand and took me deeper into the lounge, the table was over occupied with huge expensive wine bottles and like 9 women, richly dressed with an extra large proud aura was gossiping.“Hello girls, meet the young man i told you about. sky!!” She threw at them.The heavy expensive jewelries they had on said it all, could feel heavy lusty eyes resting on me as sheintroduced each one after the other.“Wife of chief this” “Commissioner of that” after the long introduction and assessment session where they all kept complimenting my looks at the same time throw in sassy jokes i quite don’t get but it makes them all laugh.She whispered something to Miss Lola who laughed and they had a Hi-five.“Sky, common follow me dear” She said opening out her hands towards me.I went forward and took her hands, she looked towards Ebuka and Dave.“Ebus, davo, sky will be staying at my house tonight. He will be back before dawn alright” she threw at Ebuka and Dave.The night got colder as the Mercedes G-wagon turned towards a huge gate after we have being on the road for no less than 20minutes.A shabby looking tall hausa man ran out, shakily opened the gate after taking a peek through the pigeon hole.A humongous palace lay before us, scattering lightsgave it crisp sparkles of white and gold shades.we got down from the car and she took me by the hand again as we headed into the house with my head tilting all around taking it much of the outstanding edifice.Just as we got into the living room, a chilly cold air poured on me from the standing large air conditioner that you can barey hear it’s singing hums..Closing the door behind us she jumped on me delving her lips into mine in a surprised fashion, i fell down into one of the largest sofas in the living room subconsciously grabbing the two bums that rested behind.The amount of lustful energy she put into the kiss got enough blood gushing into my systems and i returned the kiss.Felt her tongue twirl from neck down my chest, she lifted my shirt gently off me almost tearing the singlet out as usual but i had to take it off myself to avoid tearing this one too.Her lips smacked on my chest, twirled round my tips and graduated downwards towards my stomach.My member beneath my trouser was already mad with unsaid lust and the intensity of her lustful passion set mine on fire.“Wait ma” I blurted out taking a peek round the house that had a huge silence resting heavily on it”what it sky” she asked peering questioningly into my face.”what about your husband is he not back ?” i asked trying to maintain a steady wit and not sound as suspicious and scared as i was.she tore a laugh sighed and looked at me with an amused face. ”baby my husband is setting up a new business in lisbon so he will be there for much longer ok”before i could acknowledge the affirmative she has delve back into my lips with full force, the impatience made her body shiver in unsteady hands strayed and grabbed the luscious boobs that rested heavily assaulting the flowy fabrics of her shirt. a soft moan sipped out from her mouth as her twirling lips on my tongue intensified its twirls and turns.slowly undid her bold gold necklace throwing it out into an opposite sofa, grabbed her neck a bit roughly and sank my lips into them. laying tiny kisses and nibbles on her neck, could feel her raging mad with lust with an agape mouth and a shaky hand brushing on my d--k through my trousers.slowly lifted out the chainy shirt she wore, the two heavy twin towers lay graciously before me resting on a lacy white bra.i buried my face into them in a reflex of uncontrolleddesire, my hands travelled to her back to find the hooks, i undid the bra in a jiffy and the free boobs stared heavily into me, huge dark aureole making a bold chocolate patch round her nips that stood out pointed and dark.i could swear this woman looked far younger than agatha in having a firm body. i took the dark n-----sinto my mouth in a slurpy fashion, twirling my tongue all around it while my hands pinch and squeezed through the other.”thats why i love you baby, you are the best” she moaned out grabbing my head and pushing it deeper into her boobs. my enthusiasm knocked over as a heavy lust bathed me.could feel her hand trying to undo my trousers to free an already impatient s---t, i took my hands down towards her waist, grabbed the hem of the tight leggings and drew downwards revealing a sparkly white thong.she got up and pushed the leggings out entirely all the while beaming down lustful smiles at me gleaming in a teary spark.She grabbed my trousers with both hands and slowly peeled it entirely off my body and my boxer too leaving the ever impatient s---t to the shimmering rays of the light bulbs.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her soft hands grasping my D sliding up and down the throbbing D getting it more furious than it already is.“Sky if you are asked to, which country will you like you visit” she whispered at me still mesmerizing myd--k furiously.“I love paris, i will like to go to france” I moaned out pouring out a groaning response to the sensational treat i was getting on my crotch.“Alright baby we will work on that, i told you if you stick with me there is nothing i cannot do for you” She breathed out dragging her body upwards to stride across my lap.Placing each leg at the side of mine, i was fully stretched in my seating position watching her seating on top of me and slowly lowered herself into the ever ready young member .My whole body quivered at the outstanding sensation it induced, warm gripping feel of a slippery soft P---y overtook me making me subconsciously in a rough manner grab her bumz as she went up and down on me with youthful power induced by an outrageous grip of lust.Within minutes i could feel myself nearing the edge faster than the speed of light, creaking bones and curling toes i shut my eyes shut and surrendered tobe used.Could feel that warm tingling sensation travel up and down my spine is fast paces and then a gush ofecstatic feel into my D--k and i erupted deep in an out of the world orgasmic bout.She slowly lifted herself off me and took me by the hand.“Lets go up to the room baby” she said leading the way with her massive bumz jiggling as she walked up the stairs with me trailing behind like an obedient servant.We ended up going through 2more bouts of hard e----c laps before she collapsed under me, exhausted with a silly smile on her face.“Sky, are you awake?” She asked“Yes i am, i just woke up now” i lied but in the real sense i have been awake all through the night, lyingdown here on her matrimonial bed gave me a lot of untold stale feel of concern and disturbed me a lot, a bold family portrait of her and her husband with 2kids hung just opposite the bed, one of the girls i could guess was within my age bracket.“Ok good, its 4:00am and you know you have to go back to school baby” She said.“Yea i know”“I will miss my baby so much, cant wait for you to come again” she said kissing me hard.“me too” I faked a smile.“Alright let me get you what i got for you from lisbonso we can head back to Lola’s place”she slipped out of bed, rushed into the bathroom and had a fadt showed then came back still oozing of naughty mischief headed towards her wardrope and pulled out a small black travelling bag.She threw it at me and asked me to open it… It had a brand new samsung galaxy s5 on it, a simpack, shows and clothes with a little pack of gold chains.“Jesus!!” I blurted out in joy jumping up to grab her again in another round of happy kiss.“Thank you so much ma” i said laughing shyly.“I told you i will take care of you, baby i love you so iwill change your life. I bought this phone so i wouldn’t have to call Lola to call Ebuka in order to get to you anymore”“Thank you so much ma”“Take this 20k, i have need for money this week so i should be crediting your account with some amount before the week runs out ok” She sang out.“Ok ma”She gave me two fancy bags with some clothes inside and i asked me to give them to Ebuka and Dave respectively as their own gifts.We got dressed and drove out again towards Miss Lola’s place where Ebuka and Dave were already kitted up waiting for me.“Jesus sky, oh my God!!!” Dave blurted out after i showed them what she gave me.“Ebuka this woman spent like 400K to buy these things and she even got sky an s5, that you phone is like toy compared to this machine… Guy, sky you are so d--n lucky” Dave rang on excitedly looking atthe phone and other things in the bag..“Sky are you sure this is the only thing she gave us?” Ebuka said holding the small fancy bag like a piece of shabby rags.“No she gave you her car” i joked laughing..“Dave she even asked me to pick any country i will like to visit” j relayed excitedly at Dave.“Wow, guy you are luckiest of the three of us” Dave said .“Please lets go before the time passes, we need to get back immediately… ” ebuka said in his usual bossy tone leaving i and dave and making to the gate.Dave looked at me, i shrugged and we followed him clutching my bag tightly like a soul......continues
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