Saturday, June 25, 2016


PALE MINDSIt has been 2weeks since my arrival to the school, i have been a little accustomed to the life at the school at least i wake up with the alarm now after having to stay 2 extra hours after classes mopping the floors of the class cus i was late.The teacher wouldn’t take “i overslept” as an excuse, in fact it seemed that excuse made matters worse and he gave me 2hours instead of 1 hour likeDave said was the usual duration.Nothing much interesting had happened through out this couple of weeks except that i finally met theBiology teacher, Miss Anita. many times of course during her sessions on biology.She was obviously fresh out of the university, rocks a foreign accent, flawless face and body,
her figure was typical hour glass shape and i enjoyed looking at her more than what she wrote on the board.A couple of times though, the second and third teachers that also taught biology had our class instead. I nearly fainted, having been waiting for biology class since morning with much anticipationto have a fat black complexioned lady walk in instead.Spent half of the class duration hissing after Dave explained it was the second biology teacher and they were like 5teachers covering biology for all senior classes.Princess still haven’t mentioned my name or tried talking to me since the day she said that nonsense to me.She avoids looking at my direction, or so i thought or maybe she is now minding her own business andleave her nose out of people’s business.Today, biology class was the last session and the biology teacher had given us an assignment on Hereditary, I wouldn’t miss doing this assignment for anything in the world.I had hurried back to the dormitory after several attempts to establish eye contact with princess who seemed eye proof, her eyes never drifted to where i was.I couldn’t talk to her. Maybe it was fear or maybe i still haven’t gotten over the blunt way she talked to me. I mean, who does she think she is to talk to me like that? My mum?.Dave was already in his corner, wearing a white short and t-shirt. He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide across it, his note open in between andhe flipped the pages in fast succession.I have never seen Dave read anything, even when we go to the General Reading Room he’d rather playthrowing the crumbled book pages with others or his usual meander with Angela than spend the greater part of the night reading.The alarm blew at 9:00pm, it was time for general study. Any student that choose to can freely go to the general reading room to read every 9pm- 10:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.It was the only time girls and boys were allowed to interact together after 6pm.The general reading hall was huge and shelves filled with books bordered it all around.Dave never missed a session of it, it was the only time he freely talked with Angela and many a times ihad seen his hand stray naughtily disappearing under her skirt while his eyes peeled sharply checking the hall to be sure he wasn’t noticed.I packed my biology text book and Assignment exercise books and headed to the General Reading Hall with Dave who kept a smirking face all through.The hall was humming with buzzing whispers and little chuckles.It was not as filled up as it use to be because today was Champions league game between Real-Madrid and Barcelona, no sane guy would leave their housedormitory where there is a t.v for soccer games and movies and go waste time in the reading hall.I wasn’t much of a soccer fan, i’d rather give this Aunty Anita a flawless work on hereditary than watch soccer and Dave who even though was a die hard football fan, am sure would rather miss all the soccer matches in the world than miss out a night to see Angela.As we headed into the hall, it wasn’t hard to spot Angela who was exactly on the same spot she usually sits with Dave, dimly lit from the bright whitelight of the florescent bulbs being in the far corner of the west side.She threw an excited wave at Dave and I grinning hard, Dave grinned back and nudged me hard and made to rush on to her before stopping abruptly.In the center of the hall where the lights are most intense sat Princess, she was clad in the usual sweater though it was a yellow one this time thrownover a tank top and three quarter white trouser.Seating beside her was Victor Eke, the same rude intelligent guy that toppled me in the scholarly exam in our school.They were both focused on the pile of books spreadon the desk, it seems Victor was teaching her something but he had his left hand over her shoulder.My face twitched as i looked on at them, princess scribing busily on her books while Victor ushered her a lot of instructions and corrections obviously very proud of himself now.My heart sank hard, anger and another untold feeling surged through me. Could see Dave shrug and get on his way to Angela who already was getting impatient.“So sky you decided to come and read today” I heard Victor’s voice sip into my ears as i made to pass and head to a corner to work on my assignment.“Victor i come here a lot” I said, My twitched face was almost a full glare.“Sky we all know you are among the un-serious students who are here on scholarship, i even wonder how you managed to pass that exam and earn a spot” He said again smirking at me and tightening his grip on her shoulder.Princess looked up a bit then looked back down again and continued what she was doing. It was a sum in mathematics ‘Pythagoras theorem’ from what i see, and from the way Victor instructed and corrected her, am sure he was feeling like Pythagoras himself.“Idiot” I cursed under my breathe.“Sky you better start reading now if you want to pass any subject this first term at least with a ‘P’, you know am always the ‘A’ guy” He intoned again chuckling mischievously and throwing me a sharp wink.I wonder how anybody could cope with this guy’s rude attitude and the way he always blows his own trumpets.It took a lot of restraint to stop myself from throwinga nose breaking punch on his smirking face and nothing in the world could have made me happier.“I hate this guy with passion” I cursed on moving toa fairly lit corner to get on with my assignment.Could see Dave and Angela fixed on one open book on their desk. Dave’s left hand was missing while Angela’s right hand was also missing.My eyes drifted towards Victor and Princess, He stillhad his hand over her shoulder and still pointing at the exercise book.“How did he even make friends with her this fast sef, we have both only being in this school just 2weeks”am sure all those ‘i too know’ stunts he pulls in class was in a bid to impress her and it seems it was working really well.Princess tilted her eyes suddenly towards my corner unexpectedly. I quickly removed my eyes from them but i could swear she saw me looking.Hissing hard, i tried to focus on my assignment andwipe that stupid smirk on Victor’s face off my memory.It was way past 10pm before i headed back to the dormitory. Angela had retired for the night so Dave already rushed out to catch up with at least a little part of the football match.I had finished my assignment many minutes before 10pm but somehow was glued to my seat peering at Victor and Princess hacking through series and series of works and his hand now behind her back this time. I left 5minutes after Princess, something in me always gets angry seeing Victor’s smirking face and his hand resting on Princess.The night wore a cold gloomy look, the skies were starless and a misty stillness in the air.I entered the house still cursing and swearing at Vincent, was met with an image of Dave sitting on his bed in his usual position, Ebuka- a tall fair complexioned boy who always visited the school barber every week – also sat with him several cans of beer lying on the bed.Dave was holding a shiny white android phone observing it keenly.“So you went over the fence last night” He asked Ebuka dreamily who nodded and took a wild sip from his beer.“How come you went over the fence and i didn’t know and we are both in this hall eeeehn?” The always curious Dave insisted on Ebuka peering suspiciously at the proud elegant guy that passed for Ebuka.“Taaah sharrap you weh deh sleep like dead meat, you were even still sleeping when i got back sef” Ebuka aired out.“Abiola of Hall A went over the fence last week and his mummy gave him 100k” Ebuka went on still gulping down beers.“Sky, you are back, How did it go?” Dave asked still fidgeting with the phone.“That Victor is a b-----d” I cursed out with clenchedfist.“Dave where did you guys get those?” I pointed at the beers on the bed looking at the door suspiciously.“Oh, i have some inside my luggage and Ebuka wentover the fence today and also bought some” Dave said getting me even more confused than i initially was.“what if someone or one of the hall supervisors comes in now and see you and what exactly is over the fence” my eyes were popped with questions stillpeering deeply at the door expecting it to open any moment and a supervisor stepping in.“Relax joooor, Hall supervisors don’t visit Halls after10:30pm and don’t worry about the boys here, whatever happens in Hall B stays in hall B” He smiled mischievously opening another can of beer.“Ok, what is over the fence?” I went on still tensed atwhat was going on.“Aaaaah sky you too deh ask questions. See, over the fence is what we students from poor families doto meet up to needs, if you roll with us you will be leaving school every term far more richer than you ever dreamt of” Dave’s voice was bold and loud, his eyes sparkled.“What did he mean ‘we poor students’. . does it mean Dave is not from a rich family like i thought?, how was i supposed to get rich with this over the fence thing and what exactly is over the fence still???”I mulled in my mind seeing that Dave only told me the benefits of over the fence and not what over the fence really is.“Dave i don’t understand” I intoned“Sky don’t worry we will fill you in later, shak beer jaree” Ebuka said throwing me a lone can of Heineken that lay on the bed....continues
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