Monday, June 27, 2016


“I swear to God, one day i will smack the grin off that idiot called victor” I raged out to Ebuka and Dave who wore rather amused looks.“I am sure he was the one who went to Princess fedher those nonsense she came yapping about” my fist was clenched into a blow and my
teeth grinding into each other.“Sky forget Victor, he is not worth your troubles” Dave chipped in munching down his share of jollof rice and friend plantain in a severe manner.The rest of the school day was bleak and quiet, every activity seemed stale and pale and everyone moved with caution and suspicion of every school guard that lurked around.The fear and order the expulsion of the three students instilled hung on for quite sometime before wearing off and the loud carefree activities resumed.Friday morning Dave and i are supposed to be going over the fence later in the night.I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a thudding headache, a severe strange feeling that i couldn’t explain and i had the strangest dream before waking up.Class was slow and cold, made worse by the cold look princess wore on seeing me.Dave’s constant reminder of the nights escapade which left chilly fear stuck in my mind.“Johnysky” The incredibly hot biology teacher called out after her session.“Yes ma!” i answered standing straight like an important member of the army, her presence in this class had straightened things up a bit and i would put up my best behaviour to impress anytime she has a session with our class.“Hmmm class please give Johnysky a round of applause, he scored 100% in our last quiz” she addressed beaming down white teethy smiles on me.The look on Victors face was the best part of the day, i could savor this victory forever i have scored above the almighty Victor in a quiz, nothing could better this day more than the huge grin that smeared all over my face.“Johnysky please after school session, bring this stack of books to my house in the teachers quarters” she laid out before leaving the class.“Alright ma!” I answered dreamily like a pro.My mind was stuck to the deal of the night, the though of grabbing those luscious bums and boobsof Mrs D, those outstanding shape and the cash i could be heading home with gave me both a hard on and a watery mouth.Dave reminded me of Biology teachers instructions just as we were finishing lunch and playing ludo on my bed.“Jesus christ!!!” i blurted out on remembering i was supposed to take the books to her immediately after school but it is already hours since school session closed for the day.I stormed out of our dormitory running through the hazzy golden rays of the afternoon sun pass the football field that is always filled with football addicts, i headed towards the classroom clad in a combat jean short and a whit t-shirt -my ward rope already got a testimony of my works.Grabbing the the stacked books on top of the table in the empty classroom, i dashed out immediately ignoring Victor who threw a cold greeting at me, dodged Vincent who passed on his way to the field stuffing some poor biscuits into his mouth.Walked past the library block, agricultural lab and farm, indoor sports gym building i headed towards the teachers quarters.The quarters was a white painted small flat buildings that stood side by side in a long graceful rows with one a short gauze fence demarcating them.This was my first time of ever coming to the teachers quarters, the farthest i ever gone was the indoor sports gym.I was counting the bold black numbers on the flats, she had dropped a note on top of the books that said “HOUSE 12”.I passed the wire gauze and moved towards the flat,the books in my hands growing heavier by the minute. Standing in front of the door which was slightly open at the edges, i could hear loud thumping hip hop music sipping out from inside thehouse drowning my knocks even though they were hard.Gently opening the door after growing tired of knocking, i went in with my head first looking round the immaculate clean lounge that seemed deserted except for the loud music that banged out of 4 towering home theater speakers.Opening the door a bit wider i stepped inside fully closing it behind me. A chilly dry air smeared all over me, fresh rose-like smell lingered in the air.Started hearing a singing female voice from inside the small rooms, made it out she was bathing and i needed to drop these books and head back to the dorm.Lowering the volume of the music i called out towards the singing voice.“Aunty! Aunty Anita” I called out peeping into the short hall way that led to the rooms.“Jesus!!!” Came a startled voice…“Who is that?” She threw at me, the water stopped running.“It’s Johnysky Ma” I threw back almost standing at attention like a parading soldier.“Oh Sky it is you, you startled me. Please give me a few minutes” she laughed out.I dropped the books on a miniature table at the center of the room, dropped my whole frame into a small cushion and waited in a very tensed mood. If not for one thing i hate associating with teachers they wouldn’t do much than remind you how bad you are and how you need to read your books more in the name of giving you advice, i simply need to hand these books over to her and be on my way.In a little less than 10minutes i heard gentle footsteps approaching the sitting room, my eyes tilted to the direction of the hall way and miss Anita was walking towards me in a white towel that barelystopped half way through her thighs, water still dropping down her body and she was wiping her face with the upper edge of the towel.Hairs packed into a transparent shower cap, her face looked flawless in this default state and i couldmake out a bit of the cleavage above the towel.“Jesus!!!” My mind rang! A hard member was already assaulting my shorts making twitch uncomfortably.“Sky i told you to bring this books immediately after school, what kept you this long” She asked standing at the ede of the hall way leaning a bit towards the wall.“Nothing ma, i was hungry so i went for lunch first” Iemployed the timid sky shenanigan.“Alright give me a few seconds, you have to take something then since this is your first time of coming to my flat” she said as she turned and returned back into the hall way, the luscious thighs showing more because the towel was a bit shorter at the backside, my eyes couldn’t unstick from the gravity of the bumz that bounced slowly away.My whole body went uncomfortable, my d**k pulsated within me and my head was hot. i could give anything to leave this building now at least to recover my fading wits.soon after she emerged wearing a U.S flagged Bum short that was a bit shorter than the towel level and a matching top that gave me quite a view of n-----scaressing the fabrics of the top as the boobs restedunrestricted on it, she handed a cold bottle of malt to me and sat in a similar sofa opposite.“So sky i noticed that you exceptionally good on biology, whats the secret?” She blew at me opening the pile of books that lay on the table fixing her gazeon them.I was clutching the bottle of malt with both my hands resting it right on top of my thighs make surethe guy in between refrains from castigating me here, am already tensed enough as it is.“Nothing ma, i just love biology” I replied“Really, you know it is said that when a student loves the subject it is because he loves the teacher,am i right sky?” She smiled to herself still looking at the books.“I don’t know ma”“Sky say the truth you are a christian oooh, who wouldn’t notice the way you fix your eyes on me instead of the board when i am teaching, i am still surprised you always still manage to top the class in biology regardless always been distracted in my class” she was laughing as she said this only looked up for a second to look at me and resumed what she looked through the books.I grew quite mopping at my malt, i had a feeling thatwhatever i say was going to be used against me in this court of law.“so sky tell me, which one do you like exactly. Is it the subject or the teacher” The mischief in her voicewas clear.“Uuuhm i….” a loud thumping knock on the door interrupted immediately.“Who is it?” She questioned the door.“It’s me Segun” a croaky voice brayed out with impatience.I noticed her face grow from the naughty mischievous look she seemed to be enjoying to a dry indifferent one.“Come in the door is open” she said as a male figure sipped into the room.“Ewoo it’s the maths teacher” my heart raced.His face twitched and squeezed a bit filled with untold surprise and question. His face traveled fromher to me looking brownish red.Dropping a fancy bag he came with beside her on the miniature table he ran his hands slightly on her shoulder as her made to seat at a double seater sofa at the left side.The glaring looks of the Maths teacher was piercingand clear not to notice. This awkward situation could not get any worse than this.“I am going ma” I announced standing up with my hands in my side pocket holding down the throbbing s---t in between my thighs that has grown restless from everything that my eyes saw and the ones i didn’t see but imagined in my mind.“Oh sky alright, thank you very much ok” she said smiling at me as i moved in tensed steps towards the door.“And sky, please don’t forget to come anytime you are free to help me with recordings and bring more books down here from the staff room” She added just as i was at the door.“Ok ma i will” i replied before dashing out immediately not to waste anymore time or see the face of the Maths teacher again.Outside was an intense relief, the air felt hot but it was better than the air conditioned room that bore avery stale feel to me.“What is the maths teacher doing there and why was he looking at me like that?” I queried my mind.Anyway what ever it was it wasn’t my business but iwas glad am out of that room now but somehow i had a strange feel that i was in a long thing with thismaths teacher.The way he looked at me said it all, he never liked me but i think my sins just doubled now.....continues
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