Tuesday, June 28, 2016


“I love you sky” Some silky slim voice found its way into my ears sending some blushing wave down myspine.The air was cold and i could hear slight humming ofthe air conditioner echoing in the large hall, the large hall was scanty as today was another champions league game.I could feel her hands on my shoulders and the warmth of her breathe smearing on
my cheek skin sending chills through my body.It has been more than 3 weeks after our delivery errand which saw me open a bank account as our accounts were credited with 200,000 each, i somehow am starting to look forward to delivery deals now.Mrs Diamond has not been in town since she travelled to lisbon with her husband so didn’t go with Dave and Ebuka on the last over the fence escapade.The mid-term test a few days away and i had to update in order to make good grades on my text.The alarm rang for 9:00pm i got up from bed, grabbed my books and dashed out into the night towards the general reading hall. Windy air slappingon my face as i walked briskly towards the hall passing most students that who made their way to the hall.inside of the hall was shiny as usual as i made my way through the maze of scanty desks to find my usual reading spot.Just right in the middle of the hall on the usual spotsat Victor and princess.My heart froze a bit, the sight of victor infuriates me and it worsens anytime i see him around Princess with his hand usually seeking for a spot to rest on her body.“Aaaah our famous sky is here” Victor threw at me just as i made to pass.“Sky come naaa” he teased “Princess wants to talk to you”“Ok what is it Victor?” I asked hardening my face a bit.“Sky calm down na, you know i was just talking to princess here about your continuous stay in this school” He said wearing that smirk again.“What do you mean by that victor, you have started this again!!” I blurted out tightening the grip on my books.“Haba sky, even God knows it is impossible for you not to get an F this term. You are just not serious with yourself like Princess here affirmed”I cast a sharp look at princess who had her face tilted towards the floor.Felt like flashing her a very sharp slap at this moment, i simply cannot fathom what gives this girlthe impetus to always discuss matters concerning me.“You were even caught the other time sleeping during class” Victor’s voice came again it was the night we went on the delivery errand, was too tired the next day that i had to catch some drift right there in class.“What exactly is your business with me Victor” i asked.“I want you to buckle up and start being a little moreserious about your studies like me or do you think i always stay on top of the class by just being a sleeping dog?”“Hey please Victor it’s ok” Princess interrupted standing up, her eyes were dreamy and cold as she slowly made to look at me.“Sky i want to…………..”I heard my name being called out from the end of the hall, it was Agatha and the constant call of my name from her drowned what princess wanted to say.Princess turned and looked as Agatha kept calling and hissing at me waving to show where she was.“Sky you see what i mean, you only come here to frolic with girls and………”“Victor can you please let me talk” Princess interrupted him again like a mute button.“Sky about the other day i…..”“Please excuse me” I blurted out cutting her words short right there in her mouth and walked towards Agatha who was getting more and more impatient by the minute.I was already too angry as it is and spending any more minute there might make me worse than i wasalready.* * * * * * * * *“Sky kiss me” Agatha whispered again into my ears brushing my ears with her lips.I looked around the hall which was scanty as it is, the part of the hall we sat was poorly lit. The surge of cold lust swaying inside me has washed the anger i held on to in the first place.Tilting my face towards her my lips caught hers in one fluid movement.Her tongue delve deep into mine tangling up with mine and her breathe oozing into mine.I could feel her hand slipping down my lap causing a tingling sensation down my d--k.“What are we doing?” I breathed out to Agatha as her hands still caressed my laps moving towards my d--k in every passing second.“We are doing what i have always wanted to do withyou from the very first day i saw you” She said in a breaking type of breathy words almost touching my d--k.“Agatha are you sure this is safe here” I asked looking around the hall which seemed like everyonewas busy with their work.“Sky relax, nothing is happening.. it’s dark here and everyone in the hall are busy” She whispered beforedragging my lips back into her mouth intensifying the assault her hands now carried on my d--k.“My toes curled as she unzipped my fly and buried her hand deep into my trousers and revealed the throbbing hard member beneath which struggled and hustled to get to work.I could feel a warm hand wrap around my s---t as her breathing intensified in my mouth, her tongue wrestling with mine in total abandon.Closing my eyes i stretched my frame and savored the heavenly treat i was getting.I could feel the warm hands caressing the length of my s---t up and down in fluid movements throwing me into a shivering utopia of my own.Could feel her lowing her weight as her lips kissed past my chest and slowly sank towards my s---t.In less than a second i felt her lips wrapping aroundmy d--k slowly sinking every inch in, slippery transition of warm paradise. I was in another universe, my hands toes were creaking as they curled harder.Grabbing her by the head gently i slowly lowered her into me pouting my mouth in a subconscious manner.My hand gently glided slowly to her back pinching every inch of slowly could feel the friction caused by the warmth and texture of her skin on the soft fabrics.Going further my hands slipped to the front brushing the two outstanding boobs that stood within, in a little more than a second i had grabbed them like it was a competition squeezing hard in response to the toe curling treat she was giving me.Tingling sensations rose from my toes up towards my crotch region and journeyed up through my spine up my brain and down in a flash.The tempo of her lips and hands around my s---t had increased and i was feeling my self nearing the edge faster than light. Gripping her hard my whole muscles twitched and hardened in anticipation to the hard c----x that i was going to hit any moment.Right on the middle where princess and Victor sat, i saw her in the blurry vision of my half closed eyes.She packed up her books, adjusted her skirt and turned sharply towards where i sat with Agatha, could see her leaning forward a bit peering her eyesinto the shadow and i knew she was having difficulties making out my figure in the shadow castcorner.“Ewoo this girl is coming here” I blew out tapping Agatha vigorously as i watched princess walking in her usual slow but graceful manner towards where isat with Agatha.Victor now sat on the desk maybe waiting for her or something related to that, i have never seen a person take up a “body guard/ teacher” work so seriously even when he is unpaid for it.Agatha got up and adjusted her creased top trying to maintain a steady look.I watched with unset wit as princess drew nearer and nearer towards Agatha and i, twitched and shifted severally to make sure i seemed as normal as possible.She reached the spot i sat with Agatha standing just in front of the desk, felt someone’s hands go right on top of my shoulders and it was Agatha’s.“Sky!” Princess said calmly pretending not to noticethe eyeing looks Agatha gave her.“Yea” i answered.“Am done, going to the hostel now” She said almostimmediately.“Ok goodnight” i threw out.Watched as she walked in that usual slow strides pass Victor who got up and followed her until they were out of the hall.“Baby she interrupted us” Agatha said bringing back her lips into mine and hands on my chest and deflating s---t.“Agatha please its almost end of study session, i want to go now” I blew out getting up immediately to pack my unread books and walked out of the hall with Agatha trailing silently behind.Walking into the Hall the boys were all gisting and arguing over the football match huddled round Ebuka’s bunk.“Sky how was your reading session?” Ebuka said amidst the salad of voices arguing over the match.I knew his question was more like “How was your session with Agatha” moving past Ebuka without replying, i drew to my bed carelessly dumped my pack on the floor and fell into the bed.I don’t know what sudden sour feeling invaded my heart, my mind was tired but restless, blank but filled with bleak feelings of untold sadness.This good day couldn’t have gone worse …....continues
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