Sunday, June 26, 2016


EPISODE 6The room was brightly lit in glowy wisps of golden lights beaming from 4 fancy bulbs at the 4 walls of the room.A gigantic bed with bright white sheet spread over itslimly. The room was large enough to accommodate a miniature living room and the king sized bed with a massive glass door ward rope.She motioned me towards the mini sitting room andheaded towards the bed herself.I rested my eyes all over her as she moved towards the
bed. She was clad in a mini night gown which issemi-see through, a rope-like sleeve showing someheavy boobs that rested wearily heavy at the gown hitting off some n----e shapes sharply on the material.She was tall and barely bigger than Uche Jumbo in weight, an oval face beautifully worked into a bright glowing one with an expertise touch of make-ups, guessing her age i comfortably placed her at her 40’s.The only big part of her was her waist that lay hugely behind her shaking fluidly as she walks, my d--k throbbed in between my trouser making me tangle my leg up to conceal it.“So my dear what’s your name?” She said grabbing a champagne bottle from a mini-fridge beside the bed.“Am sky”“Hhmmm sky, that’s quite a handsome name as handsome as you” she winked at me now grabbing two champagne flutes before shutting the fridge.She sat on a mini sofa opposite mine, crossed her legs and i had a pretty clear view of the blue pantie she wore infuriating my d--k more.“Here, have some drink sky” She handed a filled champaign flute to me stretching her hand to reach me to the extent of her already skimpy gown going higher up to her inner thighs.“I have heard so much about you, i must say you are far more handsome than Ebuka made you out tobe” She winked at me taking another sip from her flute.My d--k head was throbbing hard at the blue underneath show i was getting in full 3D in front of me, it was showing slightly through my trouser. I gently placed my hand on top and stylishly tried pushing it downwards to conceal it, could see her smirking naughtily and her eyes glued towards my crotch no doubt fully aware of what i was doing her champagne flute still slightly below her smirking lips.I downed my champagne feverishly, each bubbling liquor melting down my throat in soothing succession.“Sky, do you like what you see?” She asked walking up to me, dumped her frame heavily beside mine and refilled my champagne flute.“Yes ma” I nodded apprehensively pouring more drinks down my throat.“Relax sky, call me Diamond” She intoned running her fingers across on my ears tickling them slightly.“If you stick with me sky, you will not regret it, i will take extra care of you baby” Her fingers ran down tomy neck line gliding lightly on my skin.The wine was already carrying an alcoholic toll on me as i felt a woozy confidence surging through me.I grabbed the champagne bottle from the mini glasstable in front of me, poured more on my flute and downed it in one single long gulp.Could feel her hand now rubbing furiously on my chest and her lips twirling round my ears and warm breathe grazing my side cheeks.I turned slowly towards her face which has her lips still kissing my ear lobes, tilting my face towards hers brought my lips as close as 2inches to hers, her breathe now smearing all over my nose. Her breathe smelt more like a banana flavoured cake and the anticipation her breathe induced on my skinbattered my d--k hard with huge rush of blood supply making it throb harder inside my trouser.Her lips brushed past mine making a gushing tinglespark up on my finger tips, i grabbed her a little roughly round the neck and pushed her face into mine. My lips jammed into hers, her tongue delving flawlessly into mine exploring every point of my mouth and twirling round my tongue.Her hands were roughly behind me pulling hard on my shirt at the same furiously giving assaulting caressing all over me- Hope she knows i borrowed this shirt so she would refrain from tearing it.My hand strayed down to her thighs pulling the already short skimpy dress up towards her stomachwhich shows a little rump and stretch marks that looks strategically placed.My fingers brushed through her panties feeling the damp wet spot on it smear a little of my fingers and could feel her jerk a bit.Her lip work on mine intensified buttered into a whiffof heavy breathing, my shirt was already up towardsmy shoulder seeing her hands were still working tirelessly to lift shirt off i lifted my hands up for easy offing of my shirt, wouldn’t want what happened during one of my escapades with Ada my yard girl friend where she ripped the new shirt mama boughtfor me in pieces in the heat of the actions to repeat itself and worse of all not when i am wearing a borrowed shirt.My singlet wasn’t so lucky though, she ripped it off with a tearing yank and attacked my nips hurriedly. Ikept pulling her gown up to her stomach caressing her a-s which was still clad in the blue panties. Thiswoman being as beautiful as this makes me wonderhow she looked at her prime, she definitely would be a goddess.My d--k was already almost as hard as rock ready to break anytime, i squeezed her a-s furiously as mysanity has evaded me completely.“Yes i remember” my mind yelled as i threw the littlewhite pill Ebuka gave me into my mouth.I could feel her hands on my belt and her lips kissing through my stomach and chest.My hands slipped between her thighs, more juices smearing on it making me push my fingers harder against the fabrics of the pantie grazing her moist m---d hard.Gasping sounds escaped her mouth and my fly flewopen as a rock hard 8inches d--k and it seemed harder than i have ever seen before. “What exactly did Ebuka gave me?” I muttered looking down at myrock hard s---t with her hands grazing through the pubic region.“Hhmmmm sky i love what i see” She moaned into my ears resuming her nibbles of my lobes and neck.I hastily offed my already half offed trouser, draggedmyself up hearing my knee bones make cracking noise as i stretched in full frame. She looked up hornily at me then stood up, grabbed my neck and pulled my lips back into hers forcefully.Our tongues jammed again my hands running all over her boobs which lay heavily undisturbed by an bra. Moving slowly towards the king sized bed our lips still locked in a hard kiss, i slipped the tiny spaghetti sleeve off her shoulders and watched the skimpy gown slip down to her belly bringing two smooth ivy towers to view, it looked full with a large patch of dark areolas.I yanked the dress further downwards, pulling it down through her bumby hips and then watched it slip down her legs to the floor, the pantie gazing staringly at me in all blue glory a lot of mould showing.She slowly lay on the bed shifting her weight upwards towards the bed post, i lay on her and our lips met again slurping and twirling harder.I dove into her lumpy neck kissing and nibbling hard on it hands running through her inner thighs still avoiding her m---d. Her head was thrown backwards revealing more neck space to kiss, her eyes closed and mouth clenched tight.My lips worked towards her collar bone kissing down towards the ivy towers, my fingers slide up and i engulfed the boobs fully with my palms squeezing in a soft-hard mode watching the fluid movement of the soft m---d of flesh.I took her nips into my mouth, grazing them with myteeth and tongue while my hand still caressed the boobs independently.“Oooh” She sang out making me look up to see her eyes wide open looking down at me, I smiled and dove back to the meal.The slurping sound my mouth made on the n-----s got a shuddering quake in return, her hands caressed all over my back scratching and rubbing in a random manner.My hands slipped downwards again rubbing the p---y through her panties getting harder scratches on my back, slowly pulled the panties downwards and watched as she kicked it entirely off.Could feel her hand hard on my head as she grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face downwards, I went with the movement and went with the hand command travelling down through her belly and then felt her hand push my head downwards into her p---y in a jiffy moment of surprise.I had only s----d one p---y before which was Ada’s after we watched p--n together in Ada’s house, she had insisted we practised everything we watched and the h---y side of me couldn’t say “No” ended up bleeping her on her dad’s bed which was cut short when her mum surprisingly returned from work unusually early, i had to slip out through the back door while she welcomed her mum through the front.The surprise contact my face made with her p---y resulted to a p---y juice filled face, i pulled away and wiped my face off with her panties that lay beside me, she grabbed my head again and slowly this time pushed me downwards again into her.Felt a quake and rush of blood as my tongue made contact with her slit, clean shaven barely dark and mouldy labias.I s----d on her c--t and twirled around it in a circular motion then vertical lick.“Jeeeeeeeeeeez sky, baby ooooh sky wooow i love………” She moaned out louder and musically herhand still pressing down on my head.Mouth open and eyes clenched tight and her toes curling sub-consciously below me.There was no more clue i needed to know i was doing something right and probably this may increase my chances of a better wallet, i dove headlong into her k---y with more rush of enthusiasm and slurped away with reckless abandon.A more hard quake, hands pushing down my head harder than ever making my whole face seem buried into her and breathing was like mission impossible, her whole body pulsated and shivered and howling sounds pouring out from her in an unbearably loud manner only words like “yes, love, sky” could be made out.After almost a minute of hard shivering i pulled my face up and looked down as she wriggled around with her eyes still closed.My d--k was at almost breaking point and needed urgent attention, i reached down on the floor for my trouser, fetched two condoms from the back pocket, threw away the trouser carelessly and crawled back to her.Her eyes had a dreamy sparkle as she smiled at me,i went down again for a kiss getting a likewise enthusiastic reply. My fingers hastily worked on the condom packs cus the situation on my thighs was an emergency.I managed to liberate one condom, rolled it into my d--k and position in front of her using my hands to spread her legs further apart her glistening k---y laywith innate anticipation before me.Taking my d--k in my hand i positioned in front of my k---y and tried pushing in.she grabbed my d--k suddenly “Stop!!!”“Chisooos wetin na, this woman wan kill me?” I shouted in my mind as i peered into her face with a questioning look.“Baby why do you have on a condom” She asked looking down at my d--k which was shimmering as the well lubed condom shimmered under the light.“Nothing, i just felt like” I answered sheepishly trying to conceal my disappointment at being stopped just when i was almost in paradise.“No baby, i don’t enjoy condoms and am sure you will love it better without it” She sang on running her fingers on my ears as she looked at my face thistime.“Uuh but….”“Sky just do what i said, i like you my boy and i will treat you specially so no condom for you baby” she retorted“Alright” I reluctantly slipped the condom off my d--k which kept jerking up at every movement of the rolling condom on it.She plunged her lips into mine again pulling herself up to rub into mine, her boobs grazing my chest soothingly and her hands working up and down my s---t which still has some of the condom lub on it.I pushed her downwards again, she parted her legs again keeping both half way in the air.Wasting no time, i plunged in immediately. A gush of lustful wave swayed around me feeling her k---y wrapped around my d--k and every wall of it tuckingit.She was not as tight as Ada but she was averagely tight from my own perception.“Oh baby” She clenched back her eyes and gripped hard my back again digging her nails deep into my back.Grabbing her hands i pinned them down on the bed,spread my legs a little bit apart and then starting plunging in and out going down for a kiss every nowand then.Her legs danced high above my waist line and random sound tracks flew out of her mouth.After 7minutes of constant rhythmized pounding in missionary she pushed me up gently, got up and turned round grabbing the bed post and pushing her a-s towards me.Wasting no time i dug back in again from behind, a slight groan escaping my mouth as the warm fluid feeling engulfed me.I rammed her from behind for almost 10minutes , watching her a-s jiggled bouncily at every up and slam movement of my s---t.The view was out of the world and it pushed me to the edge, my breathing became hard, constant groans subconsciously sipping out, i slammed hardin long hard pounds grabbing her a-s roughly as i felt my d--k erupt deep inside her love canal.She howled again falling down into the bed shivering harder than the first time, i kept on pounding savoring the ecstatic feeling induced by the orgasmic surge on me.After 1minute of hard bout of o----m, i fell down on the bed beside her smiling hard at myself, beads of sweat was visible on her back giving out soft sparkles as the lights bathed them.She looked up, her face glowing and a hard smile written on it, she kissed me hard wrapping her armsaround my body and her head resting on my chest.“Wow this was wonderful, sky where have you been all my life” She breathed out making me laugh out shyly....continues
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