Thursday, June 30, 2016


Going back to school felt like a cold drink to me, through out the taxi ride my mind kept ruminating over the fact that i am one of the biggest boys in hall B right now, in fact in terms of having a good phone i was on top of the chat.
Washy feel of joy swayed all round me, a permanentfeeling of abandon and smile glued on my face, Dave was ringing on and on how his Mummy only gave him 50k.Mrs Douglas, a tall woman or should or should i saylady, she was young probably got married not more than a decade ago and from what i heard had only one daughter.She was the youngest of the three but surely the poorest, Miss Lola gave Ebuka 70k last night and promised to go shopping for him during the weekends.Dave’s excitement over my phone and his 50k was almost out of the world, he got the least cash yet heseemed very carefree and happy while Ebuka maintained a silent mood through out the journey back to school.Hitting hall B was like the triumphant entry, many of the boys were awake and we had an easy slip in through the fence and kitchen door back into the ever huge and dull refectory through the chilly Hall way and into Hall B.Dave didn’t waste any time in breaking the news of my new phone that got almost everybody wowed asthey took turns to touch it. the awed sounds sounded like music to my ears giving me an alien feeling on pride and happiness.“Now i am going to earn their respect”The cans of beer we bought was washed down withtales of the new phone as snack, stories of what it could do began washing out, many claiming one of their relatives from twice their fathers side and thrice their mothers side had it, Ayomide even said his dad had it and the phone had a feature that could make it read your mood and play a music to sooth you.He gave everybody a good laugh, who doesn’t knowAyo and his lies, he once claimed his Dad had two pet lions and a tiger. One day that guy is going to claim his dad is the president.The day was slipping by slowly and gracefully for me, my head has been held higher than ever before in hall B and the Mid-term break excited me more, was eager to show off my new found levels in the street.Tick Tock 4pm it was a football match between McGonalds and Stephen’s Collage right there in the football field, as usual McGonald’s students rarely miss out on a match against any school so the turn out was massive and the McGonald chants were deafening.Wearing a black track trouser with white stripes i just got new and a new original real madrid jersey, my hands in both my pocket i walked majestically to the field with Dave and Ebuka as Dave gave us a detailed prediction of how he was sure the match would turn out.“You see it will be tough for our defence to keep up to that huge forward from stephen’s collage but their midfield and defence is a joke, so our only weapon to assure victory is attack” He sang out excited demonstrating with his hands so vividly that i think i saw Ebuka role his eyes.It was understandable because for one so mad for football and can sing all the names of every player in the premier league and has an outstanding abilityto analyse a match, its almost unbelievable that Dave can’t even play ball.“Sky you will see we will be beat them 3-1” He threw at me with that confident abandon that i began to almost think that is true.“Ooook Dave i don hear make we watch am finish first, no deh count your money before you get am” I said.Agatha was the first to see me from the field, she was there already jumping up and down with Veronica and lizzy beside her as they whispered and pointed at players on the pitch, wonder what they know about football.She left them immediately she saw me giving them shouty winks as she made her way towards me witha broad smile.Then came Vincent “Sky we are going on one week Mid-term break this weekend” He blurted out even before i knew he was there already choking my head under his chubby armpit again.“Eeeeh Vincent i know, i didnt go to jupiter when it was announced” I retorted pushing his arms off my head roughly in a bid to catch my breathe.“Vincent come lets go hold the McGonald’s flag behind our goal post, Coach bought snacks and drinks for people who will do that” Okwudili threw atVincent who abandoned me without saying anymore word to me and ran after Okwidili, am not even sure he noticed my twisted angry look.“Thank God that leech is off my back” i said to Agatha’s hearing who laughed in reply.She was calm and serene, wearing a blank but yet radiant face. Princess sat just a few yards from where i, dave, ebuka and agatha stood.Her eyes were glued at me and the pink sweater spread creaslesly across her shoulder.I would have gone to greet her but yes Victor was seating right next to her glaring at me.His eyes running from Princess’ face to mine, she made it obvious she was looking at me and from the looks of it Victor doesn’t look happy about that.Agatha knew i seemed distracted and kept making unnecessary shouts and comments to catch my attention back to her or the game anyone that would work.In a while i saw Princess get up and started walkingtowards us Victor trailing right behind.Tensed up i nudged Ebuka who turned and saw the two of them walking at princess’ slow pace towardsus, gave me a questioning look and i threw an “I have no idea” look back at him.Dave was not aware of it, his mind was so in the game that he was even shouting at the players on whom to pass the ball to.“Hey sky” Princess said“Princess how are you?” I asked. Could see she wasavoiding looking towards Agatha who now had hands akimbo glaring at the obviously unwanted party.Victor’s look wasn’t too far from that but Ebuka’s presence gave me a sense of upper hand in my mind.“Have you checked your Mid-term test results, it was posted yesterday after school, you got 92% in biology” she said smiling with those dreamy eyes sparking up.“Wow really, i didn’t check them cus i was too hungry had to rush back for lunch” I said picking up a smile.“Don’t forget he got 46% in mathematics poorest mark in the class” Victor chipped in.“You know Victor i don’t recall every giving you any job to check my scores for me, why not mind your business and always check yours only” I poured outin a little less than angry tone.“Victor really nobody asked you here” Princess said calmly.“Yes i know but we have to remind him, he is not here to be watching matches but to learn. Block heads should spend more time in the reading room and not with people like Agatha” Victor said again with a smirking look making Agatha twitch a bit, could see she wanted to say something..“Alright thank you Victor can you please mind your business now, Princess am done with this” I said betraying a lot of surging anger and an almost squeezed face.“Hahaha little sky don’t want to hear the truth, keep failing you will soon fail out.. iti ” He chipped in.I couldn’t hold it anymore, could feel my whole bodytighten up in an unwanted twitch, my teeth clenched and muscles in quick spinal spasms.“Jesus sky just punched Victor!!!” was the next thing that registered into my mind, didn’t even knowwhen or how i did that. it was an outstanding quick knee jerk reaction to his unbearable idiocy.Looked on and saw Victor sprawled on the floor with blood tickling out of his nose.That felt good and i wanted more, Victor checked his nose and saw enough evidence of a bloody nose in his hands.He got up in a jiffy and charged towards me, thats what all the invitation i needed before taking it up.Serving more hot blows and slaps and punches anywhere it landed i didn’t care.The audience have now left the football game, the crowd was now on us with excited cheers and shouts.Make out Ebuka grabbing Oscar back as he wanted to separate the fight.” If you enter this fight now eeeh e go be me and you” Ebuka threatened him.“Sky teach that guy some lessons, im own don too much abeg”My angry fatality on Victor became more fierce by the minute, his blows seemed nothing more than baby punches and it got me even more angry.“Sky please stop it”That was obviously Princess’ voice almost in a sobbing tone.Even arch angel Michael cannot tell me to stop this fight, my whole body was out for the kill.A roaring baritone voice and a forceful hand yanked me effortlessly off victor who was now on the ground.Before i could say “What” i thundering blinding slap followed it sending sparks up my eyes blinding momentarily.Recovered to see BullDog holding on to my shirt firmly and another security guard picking up Victor from the ground.“What in the world is this mess?” That was the Mathematics teacher in his coaching attire and not so happy face.“Oga these two idiots deh fight” BullDog replied in his broad croaky tone tightening his grip on my shirt, the students have mostly disappeared, many have slipped back to their dormitories at the sight of BullDog and other security personnels who looked like they were looking for people to add to the offenders.“This stupid boy right, well you hit the rock this time. Disrupting a school match and disturbing the peace of the whole school” The maths teacher barked directly at me as if i was the only one involved in the fight.My face was swollen from the hard slap BullDog landed on me but an unanswered anger still swayedround me, i kept a glaring stare at the maths teacher as he whinned and rang like a bell.“Take this idiot to the disciplinary room” he motioned Bulldog who yanked me away like a piece of cloth.“Take this one to the hospital wing and bring him tothe disciplinary room afterwards” he said pointing at Victor..Had a feeling i was in a for a long thing right now…....continues
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