Tuesday, June 28, 2016


“Guy come here!” The ever commanding Ebuka called out from this bunk which were almost 7 bedsaway gesturing the call with his hand.I was seating on my bed sorting out what to wear for the night’s escapade over the fence having quitea decent ward rope now,
have joined the cool guys in terms of fashion and Ebuka recommended something light like chinos instead of jean but should also be black, we had an errand to run for Miss Lola Ebuka’s pie as he put it.I still am yet to understand why Ebuka called her just mummy and to make matters worse use Miss for her name title, seriously i know she is not married but let us say the truth here that woman should be his ancestor.Left my clothes on the bed and headed towards Ebuka’s corner. “Ebus you called”“Yes sky i got a message for you” He was fidgeting with his phone in clear abandonment not even looking up to look at me that was standing right in front of him.“Is it about tonight’s run?” I asked“No sky we still have a few hours before go time” hesaid still not looking up“And beside we have some extra errands to run today like i told you both earlier, this will yield a lot of cash if it goes well”“Hhmm more money opportunities, McGonals is really the best thing that ever happened to me, Thank God for sending me here” i whispered to myself looking up in a prayer-like fashion.“So what’s the news then?” I asked growing a bit impatient and his bossy attitudes isn’t just what i need right now.“Eheee yes, Rose sent me a whatsapp message now” he looked at me for the first time.“Who is rose again?” i asked baffled.“Rose is a girl in the female dormitory hall E, she’s inthe same dorm with Agatha and she asked me to tell you Agatha would be meeting you at the readinghall tonight” he hadn’t finished before he glued his gaze back to the phone.“Oh yes i remember setting a reading date with Agatha, this should be fun” Thanked him and went back to my cloth sorting with Agatha’s busty boobs invading every thought.9pm i packed my books and headed out to the General reading hall, the night was deep but the flood lights bathed crisp gold light on every angle.“Sky eheee sky here you are”“ewooo, what is Vincent doing here” i moaned in mymind having recognized the goofy voice.Turning around Vincent was already this close, before i could say “hi”A blow has landed right on my shoulder in a playful manner but utterly very painful.“Hahahahaha boy where have been” he laughed outgrabbing my head under his flappy chubby arm and chest.“Haaaaa vincent did you bath at all, your armpit smells like an Armageddon” my voice was almost like a cry struggling to free my head, a surge of anger flowing through me. This guy has absolutely no idea how to play.My walk to the reading hall was torture as Vincent kept talking and talking all the while throwing biscuits into his mouth.“Sky what is this guy doing here with you?” Agatha whispered to me about Vincent who had stuck with me since he saw me to the extent of seating next tome on a desk i intended to share only with Agatha.I threw my hands open in an “i have no idea” gesture almost beaming down with tearful eyes on the chubby pile of meat beside me who seemed more concerned about stuffing biscuits in his mouth than reading the book in front of him.Wish i could just tell him to get out of here and leave alone but my voices fail me and Agatha’s facebetrayed her disappointment and contempt at Vin who doesn’t even know notice how people around him feel.“Please i am going to bed now” I announced standing up and packing my books back into my pack throwing out long hisses.“Me too” Agatha threw in standing up to adjust herself.“Sky but we just got here na” Vincent intoned looking rather surprised at my sudden move to go home after being in the hall for just a few minutes.“Bia Vin i said am going to bed, i am feeling sleepy or should i sleep here?” I retorted rather coldly.I waved at Dave who was in his usual corner with Angela which he replied with a laugh knowing fully well Vincent just murdered my night of expectations.At least it better to leave Vincent and go to bed thanstay there in a miserable state.“Lets hope the rest of the night goes better than this” i sighed out as i dumped my weight on my bedto wait for our go time.* * * * * * * * * * * * *11:30pm came faster than i anticipated having wornmy clothes in readiness already, a black chinos and a body-hug t-shirt.We crept out of the hall into the passage, the refectory was deserted and so was the kitchen backdoor.Slipping out of the the fence was seamlessly easy and we hitched a ride to our destination.“Now remember guys we are running some delivery errands for Miss Lola today” Ebuka addressed us asusual.“Delivery kwa?” I asked still skeptic about what exactly we need to deliver or to go through with it.“Isn’t it better i just meet Mrs Diamond as usual tonight” I added.“Sky Diamond travelled to Lisbon with her husband, don’t worry this one pays even better” Ebuka said ina plain face.The inside of the house as usual was dimly lit, crisp smokes hovered around the air.Miss lola approached us and led us through the lounge into a straight corridor that turns into another room, it was dark only a small LED bold cast a bit of a silvery shadow glow on the room and it was impossible to make out human faces.“I said it, these guys have finally decided to sell me to ritualists” I lamented in my mind hearing my own heart pound in overwhelming fear.“Skull, here are the boys” Mrs Lola spoke into the darkness.“Honey are you sure these boys will deliver?” A shadowy figure that lurked in the darkest side of room intoned in a croaky shade of deep baritone.I could make out a cowboy hat on the figure, wild puffs of smoke and a flickering red Ciga light.“Yes na, i trust them so well and you know too well that these kids will be less target for any body to suspect and this will lessen the chances that we will run into the same block as we did last time” Shesaid edging us on to step further.“Yes sir we can deliver” Came Ebuka’s voice.I hate and love that guy’s gut.“Deliver what exactly?” I whispered to him“I don’t know sky miss lola told me we are not allowed to open or know what it is and this delivery pays much, now shut up and listen” He whispered back.“Ok boys i am ready to give you guys a chance, a car will be waiting outside to take you guys to the location. I require a neat job and report back here in less than 1hour with a feedback, the recipients will have a small bag for you to bring to me”We collected a pack of piled tied brown envelopes with puffy textures, packed them into a black pack and boarded a mini white bus with “BIBLE STUDENTS MINISTRY” written boldly at the sides.The journey was smooth, no traffic or humans strolling at the side of the road.“We don deh reach delivery point o” the driver of thebus announced after about 45minutes of driving.“Make una park there” Came thundering roars from a few feet away beaming blind torch lights at our bus.“Na police oo make una maintain well” The driver said in a pensive tone.“What exactly have i gotten my self into?” I kept asking myself, what if the police men take us in for questioning for driving at this lone hour in a lone road way.“The bus taxied to a slow halt and floods of torch lights beamed into the bus from both sides not minding the faces.“Where una deh go and who be una?” Came the voice again, it was a tall dark man will a long lookingrifle, he was very huge and had a flowing kharki coloured leather jacket on.“Aaah officer i am taking this Student pastors to a quick distress prayer call” the driver said pointing atthe three numb bodies that sat quietly on the bus running our eyes all over the torch directions.The police man flashed his light on the bus side and then opened the window to where we sat.“So you boys are from?” He asked bringing his face a bit into the bus oozing of cannabis smell breathe which was strong to my perception because i sat beside the window.“Uuuhm……..”“We are from the Bible Students Ministry, we just going to pray for a sick man. it will only take a few minutes before we head back to Church” Ebuka chipped in before i could go on with more “uuuhms”making sure he showed a bible he held which i still wonder where and how he got to know we would beneeding kt.The police man scanned more of his light to the boot of the bus and then gestured us to move on which was appreciated deeply with a deep sigh from me once our bus was tarring away from them.We got down just in front of a gate, black and gigantic with the bus driver leading the way.“He knocked just once on the gate and a small pigeon hole opened almost immediately.“Yes?” a voice came from the other side of the gate.“DV” replied the driver.In a while the gate flew open and we walked into a fairly large compound with just a small house in it.We walked towards the house through the dark compound, was stopped just before the door and searched by 3 huge almost 7foot bouncers that could slap heaven into anybody if they so will.Walking into the house, we were greeted with a weird dry smokey smell that wasn’t cigarette or any smoke i was familiar with.“Seat here” One of the huge men motioned us to a sofa in a dirty looking lounge.In about 20minutes of waiting, seating blankly on the dirty sofa with a stale atmosphere around us, allthe while i was muttering silent prayers to myself might have already completed more than 40decades of rosary since this journey started, it is really turning out to be a prayer mission for me literally.A shabby dirty looking old man in a 70s coat, a smoking pipe and a ridiculous looking hat, who everadvice these people to be wearing hats to feel like boss really deserves to be shot in the head becausethey end up just looking silly.“Ok young men skull sent you right?” He addressed in an almost faint voice.“Yes sir” Ebuka replied.“I see skull got some fresh smart hands this time” He nodded to himself.“Ok young man drop the delivery on the table”Ebuka reached towards me and i handed him the back pack i had been carrying since we got down from the car, he dropped it on an almost useless oldtable.The 7ft thug that entered with us reached towards the back, opened and tore out the brown envelopes revealing neatly packed white substances.He took out a pocket knife, drilled a little hole into one of the packs and tasted it then nodded to the Shabby old man.“Alright boys everything seem to be in order, FLYER get them the dough”In a while we have repacked the back pack with transparent stacks of dollars, boarded the bus and was on our way.I still can’t believe i was involved in this that i just found myself in, this wasn’t what i signed up for....continues
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