Monday, June 27, 2016


The orange-gold lights from the towering street lights flickered into the taxi as our taxi tore the road sending an endless stream of tall standing street lights behind us.The shadows casted by the light smeared through my face sweeping past us at the same
speed with the car.My face was stuck out of the car window, my breathe deep and heavy, and the wind bathed my face making my eyes blink faster.I still can’t believe what i did just a few hours ago. her voice still echoed through my mind, the way shemoaned my name, her gasping grips and my raging lustful energy while on the business.“Baby, my baby your friends are here” I was having agood dream when those mild voice woke me up, She was still stark naked and her body glowed under the light.“Ebuka and Dave are waiting for you in front of the door” She announced getting up to tie the bed spread around her body while i still struggled to clear sleep off my eyes.“What time is it ma” I yawned out.“Its 4:30am, you know you guys have to go so as to get to school and slip back inside before activities resume in your school”she said looking at her phone.Couldn’t believe my ears, she knew we were just secondary school students and yet?I sluggishly dragged myself out of bed slipping into my trouser and shoes, hands a bit weak and shaky, eyes heavy and body still yearning for sleep.“Sky do quick na, you be girl? – aaaah!!!” Thats was Dave’s voice from the other side of the door sounding as impatient as always.I spent almost 10minutes fixing my shoes all the while contemplating how to tell her i expect payment or anything. it was total conflict of confusion and desire.“Emmmmh ma, am going now” I announced keeping my eyes fixed on myself.“Hhhmmm baby you were wonderful, i hope i will be expecting you next time” She smiled out.“Yes ma, definitely” My heart was racing; what if thiswoman doesn’t give me anything now, that one go be serious gobe oooo.“Dave!!!” She called out to the door and dave’s face popped in almost immediately, his eyes as white and as bright as a baby refusing to sleep in a bid to keep it’s mother awake.“Please make sure you bring my baby here next week” She winked at him waving a passive hand and a childish laugh.Dave forced out a laugh “Yes na, na my boy im be na” he sang back.She dragged her frame out of the bed, Grabbed me again and pulled me into her taking my lips on into a morning kiss crushing me deeper into her.“You will never regret knowing me if you stick to me alone” She whispered into my ears.Slipped her hand into the bed post and threw two neat crisp bundles of 1000naira notes into my hands with a smiling kiss.“I will see you again baby” She said falling back down into the bed.“Jesus!!! Sky she gave you 100k!” Dave intoned in a whispery shout as i closed the door behind me.“Wooow sky not bad for a start” Ebuka said in his usual ‘always in charge’ tone.My face lit up on realizing the amount of naira i had on my hand, I had only seen this amount of money in nollywood movies and it looked so unreal to me even when its real.I kept gazing at the money in my hand and the two figure on the naira note gazed back in all seriousness, this has turned out to be the best night of my life.The journey back to school was as soothing as it was nerve wreaking, i was feeling good of myself, i was happy i mustered up courage to go with them and it has paid off.My right hand rested on my lap pocket feeling the bulged texture of the material due to the bundle of minty cash on it, i had to be sure the money doesn’tjust disappear when i look away.“Sky that your mummy na badt oo, she deh settle wella” Dave said excitedly in the taxi.“Don’t you know who her husband is?” Ebuka chipped in.“And she is wickedly pretty” I sang out naughtily. . They both burst into laughter, could make out the taxi driver taking a slight peep at us through the rear view mirror.We slipped into the school through the hole which we covered untraceably well by the expertise hand of Dave, we tip toed to the back door having to crawl one after the other past Bulldog who was dozzing noisily on a chair with the huge sweater he wore giving him a more threatening and ferocious figure.We slipped into the hall way leading to our hostel after having to dodge the Kitchen staffs as they went to get the breakfast running.Laying motionlessly on my bed my mind lay bleak and a feel of terror engulfed me at the thought of what would have happened if the night turned out unsuccessful, yet again the mints i had made withinthe hours formatted my mind for good.The day lay gloomy cold, an untold anxiety hung in the air and the classrooms had less noise than usual. I was restless on my seat my mind glued to my wealth like super glue every little thought provoked a fear that i might not find it again when i get back to my dormitory, the chair felt like a burning charcoal and i needed to head back and make sure i was still 100k rich as i was last night.Princess looks kept falling towards me but i ignoredthem and fixed my eyes on the blank white board, no teacher was in class so everyone was busy with whatever that rocked their boat.I watched Victor drag himself up from his desk, grabbed a huge further mathematics text book and headed towards princess’ desk while his face took an evil smirk and an eyeing look. I could swear he winked at me but my mind was too occupied on my prize and everything else was history, he can teach her the whole world for all i care.My eyes scanned through the class through the class, Agatha as usual was singing dreamily not minding that some were trying to read, mary the catholic reverend sister was curled at a corner,eyes closed and her lips moving slightly it was obvious she was saying the rosary as usual, i shook my head and moved on jumping the direction that Victor sat with Princess.My eyes caught with Sharon, her eyes were fixed onme and those long lashes seemed artificial and the light mascara made her eyes seem like that of a p--n star.She smiled and threw a slight wave at me with a bold look, i looked behind to be sure i was really the person getting the gesture the only time Sharon ever spoke to me since i came to McGonals was theday the biology teacher instructed i collect the biology assignment from everyone and her words not even that friendly.I mopped back at Sharon who still was smiling while she looked at me, i kept a straight face and move on then i noticed Sharon stand from her seat and walked towards me adjusting her skirt up a bit.I swallowed hard and looked on at the figure drawing nearer and nearer, she was quite tall at almost 5’10, a busty chest and slightly decent hip and bum size.Two tribal marks ran at the two sides of her face blemishing an almost flawless face marked by a small perky mouth that she seem to always pout.“Sky, can i seat with you? ”I could only get myself to nod and shift a bit for her to seat beside me.Turns out she came to propose we read together this coming friday during general reading time, i stillcouldn’t audibly say “yes” kept nodding like a glorified agama lizard while my mind was on a goose chase wondering why the sudden friendliness and i could swear i saw princess looking at us.“Sky!!!” Dave rushed into the classroom looking all tensed up and sweating profusely, his school uniform had some patch of dirt and they looked ruffled.“Sky!!!” He yelled again heading straight towards me, his eyes flashed towards Princess and Victor who were pointing and solving whatever it is they were solving in the text book and victor’s left hand expectedly on her shoulder, he shrugged and moved on to where i was.“Dave ogini? (what is it)” I threw at him in Igbo peering into his face.“Sky we are in trouble” He washed out looking round the class then dragged me up and we headedout of the class.I was turned into a ghost. “What sort of trouble, let itnot be that someone saw us last night” I was muttering some prayers to myself, Dave’s hands were visibly shaking and it betrayed the fear he harboured within.At the back of the block, it was secluded and was rarely used by anyone.“Dave stop this na, what is the matter?” I sang out sounding throaty the fear was already forming a lump on my throat.“Sky, we are in trouble, We are going to be expelled” He said sounding like he was pleading.“Expelled kwa? for what na” I asked still trying to maintain my feet on the ground.“Dave talk naaa, what happened?” My anxiety and fear was betrayed, sweats were already forming on my face and my feet was not steady the floor.“The school knows!!!” He blurted out, his voice shaky as always and eyes peering deeply around.“school know what na dave, talk naa” i was almost crying as reality was coldly but slowly dawning on me.“The school found out we went over the fence last night, i over heard some teachers discussing that the Bulldog saw some students last night sneaking into the school this morning and he identified them but didn’t bother stopping them” he paused for a while and looked into my face, my two hands already flew up to my head and my jaws dropped in a feverish pensiveness.“Sky didn’t you wonder why all the students were told to assemble at the general hall this afternoon? The principal wants to call the students out in front of everyone and possibly expulsion. Sky we are in trouble ”A tear dropped from my eye, hands still resting heavily on my head and mouth still agape.“Papa warned me, what will i tell my papa now? ”......Continues
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